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Liverpool,arapova irina7b


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Liverpool,arapova irina7b

  1. 1. Liverpool Arapova Irina 7B School №196 Saint-Petersburg 2014
  2. 2. City in the UK Continent:North-west banks of England Language:English Currency:Pounds
  3. 3. Tourism In Liverpool you can see a lot of sightseeing,museums,theatres, cinemas,cathedrals.
  4. 4. Homes Many people live in houses.
  5. 5. Transport The main transport is plane, train and ship.Most people travel by taxis and buses.Liverpool has a system of underground – Merseyrail.
  6. 6. Leisure Liverpool people also enjoy going to the theatres and cinemas.Football and basketball are the most popular sports.
  7. 7. Food English food is very taste. The restaurants serve delicious local food like roast beef and kejery.
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