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Liverpool .герасимова


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Liverpool .герасимова

  1. 1. Presentation of the student 7 "B" class Gymnasium №196 Daria Gerasimova teacher - Krylov A.N. 2014
  2. 2. Liverpool • City of UK • Population :468,945 people • Language : English
  3. 3. Tourism • Many tourists want to visit Park Sefton in Liverpool. This is one of three city parks ,a place for relaxing walks at the weekend. • There is a lot of place for tourists in Liverpool .For example: World Museum ,Reserve Fresh field Squirrel ,Farm Rice Lane. .
  4. 4. Homes • Many people live in cottages with gardens. Others live in block of flats near the city centre.
  5. 5. Transport • Liverpool is a difficult city to drive. In Liverpool's metro has 5 lines , it is very cheap transport.
  6. 6. Leisure • Football ,horse racing and golf are the most popular sport in Liverpool.
  7. 7. Food • In many restaurants you can eat great local delicacies such as Liverpool ,beet stew «Scouse or fresh seafood.
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