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Brian may сергеев даниил 6б


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Brian may сергеев даниил 6б

  1. 1. Brian May Sergeev Daniil Gymnasia №196 6B class Teacher: Krylova Anastasiya Nikolaevna Saint-Petersburg 2014
  2. 2. Brian May started playing the guitar since the age of 7. The guitar of his dream was famous as Frender Stratocaster. But because the lack of money Brian and his farther constructed their own model - Red Special, they used mantelshelf, cut with fireplace XVIII century, parts of the old motorcycle and some pearl buttons.
  3. 3. Brian started and continued the musical carrier in the «Queen» band and conducted scientific work in theoretical physics and mathematic. In 2007 Brian finished his masters dissertation on the subject of “astrophysics” and passed the oral examination. In 2008, at the suggestion of sir Patrick Moors in honor of May was named asteroid No52665 “Brianmay”.
  4. 4. The «Queen» songs written by Brian May: - 39 - We will rock you - All dead, all dead - Dead on time - Hammer to fall - I want it all - Scandal - The show must go on - Mother love
  5. 5. May can play the guitar with coin of 6 pence, which came out of use in the early 70s, however, in 1993 the mint produced a small quantity of these coins for Brian specially to use it as a mediator.
  6. 6. Brian May is a founder of a foundation «Save me», which deals with the protection of animals from inhuman treatment and banning hunting with dogs on foxes, hares, deer's and other animals (bloodsport).
  7. 7. In October 2010, Brian was awarded the “International Fund for animal welfare” for the contribution to business of protection of animals. The award ceremony was held in the House of Lords. Brian is the highest member of the «Queen». His height is 188 centimeters.
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