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A day to remember толстошеева анжелика 6б


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A day to remember толстошеева анжелика 6б

  1. 1. A DAY TO REMEMBER. Tolstosheeva Angelika 6B Gimnasium 196 Saint-Petersburg Teacher: Krylova A.N. 196 Saint-Petersburg Teacher: Krylova A.N.
  2. 2. It was a usual day. I walked in the park and fed birds. The streets were sunny.
  3. 3. I took my phone and called my friend Lera. She replied and we started talking: - Hello - Hi. Lets go for a walk? - No, I can not. - Why? - I went to the lift and got stuck. And I am standing in the lift with a boy. - Ok, I will come and wait until you go out. - Ok!
  4. 4. I came to Lera’s house. The lift was on the 4th Lera floor. She was in the lift and suddenly it started working. I was very happy.
  5. 5. The doors opened and I saw Lera. But there wasn’t wasn anybody else! The boy disappeared. - Look here’s the boy. -Where? - Here, it’s Kevin. - What on earth are you talking about? Kevin died long ago. - OH MY GOODNEES!!!
  6. 6. The End.
  7. 7. The End.