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джон дикон сергеев даниил 6 б


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джон дикон сергеев даниил 6 б

  1. 1. John Dikon Sergeev Daniil Gymnasia №196 6B class Teacher: Krylova Anastasiya Nikolaevna Saint-Petersburg 2014
  2. 2. John Dikon was born in August 19, 1959, Odbe, Lesershir. When he was 7 years old he had received a gift from his parents – his first guitar. But he was not interested in music, he spent his free time fooling with his favorite recorder.
  3. 3. Dikon was very good in electronics. He was invited to London for further training in a technical College of Chelsee. During his living in London John regularly read the newspaper «Melody maker» because he was looking for a vacanciy in bands.
  4. 4. In February 1971 John visited disco, where Brian May and Roger Tailor both guitar players were. They were in an active searching of a new bassist (the last missing place at their band). Tailor, May and Mercury appreciated the musical talent of Dikon, his quiet manner, skills in electronic. So he became a bassist in the band «Queen»
  5. 5. John was responsible for equipment and all economic calculations, he was the most quiet in the group. John knew how to play various instruments (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards), but almost always he played the bass guitar.
  6. 6. now John living in the town Patni, South London with his wife Veronika. For the period of 2009 the state of the Dikon was estimated by the summ of 50 million pounds sterlings. in one journal stated: " it is Enough simply to say that the total product drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Dikon is a huge power volcano eruption of which forced the Earth to tremble "
  7. 7. Queen songs, written by John Dikon: - You are my best friend - Another one bites the dust - Cool cat - Friends will be friends - The game - I want to break free - A kind of magic
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