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Social sourcing (For Trainee)


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Where and how to find IT candidates

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Social sourcing (For Trainee)

  1. 1. Searching
  2. 2. Sources • Social network, forums, groups (Ln, fb, twitter,, google+, odesk/elance, stackoverflow, slideshare, • SaaS (Branch out, bullhorn reach) • Job site (, • Data base (Jira) • Referral (ext/int) • Commercial site ( • PR activity (community/conferences) • Software (Skype)
  3. 3. Linkedin • Develop and expand a personal network of professionals • Stay in touch with former, valued, trusted colleagues for potential future employment relationships • Actively search for candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywords • Develop a complete, keyword-rich profile for your company on LinkedIn • Search for potential employees by past or current employer • Search for employees based on references from recommenders you trust
  4. 4. • Can ask your current employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential passive candidates for jobs • Can use Inmail, your internal inbox at LinkedIn • Can join groups at LinkedIn • Can post jobs on LinkedIn • People seeking employment can search LinkedIn free of charge
  5. 5. BranchOut
  6. 6. Bullhorn Reach
  7. 7. Twitter • Create you account (photo, bio) • Tweets (articles, vacancies, interesting facts, events) • Following and followers • Search: o Advanced search o
  8. 8. Google search operator
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Google+
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Stackoverflow
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Position title • Java/Python/C/C++/PHP: Junior/Associate-Middle-Senior Java Developer • Java, Java Engineer/Software Developer, Back-end Developer. • Front-End: Web UI Developer/Engineer, Front-end Engineer/Software Engineer, UI Developer. • QA: QA Engineer, Quality Assurance, Manual QA, Manual Test Engineer, Test Engineer, QC. • AQA: Junior-Middle-Senior Automation QA/QA Automation, AQA, AQA Engineer, Automation Engineer, Test Automation Engineer/Lead, Software Automation Test Engineer, QA/QC. + Name/Surname + Company + Technology
  15. 15. Useful Information 1. Maxim Ivanov’s blog 2. Victor Soroka’s blog 3. Laurence Hebberd’s blog 4. How to Recruit Using Github 5. Boolen Black Belt 6. Use LinkedIn for Recruiting Employees 7. The Beginner's Guide to Twitter 8. Twitter & Facebook Guide Books 9. Google search operator & li x ray