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HR interview


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This presentation includes only practical cases and helps to conduct effectively interview from the beginning to the end.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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HR interview

  1. 1. HR Interview
  2. 2. Be prepared  Send invitation letter (day, time, phone, map, documents)  Create meeting and book room  Ask about changes  Be available  Never be late Each candidate is special and unique!
  3. 3. Before interview  Take CV + HR form + company brochure  Small talks  Make a cup of coffee  Check the room/ DND sign Be polite and open-minded!
  4. 4. Interview structure  Acquaintance  Competency-based interview  Personal details  Company overview
  5. 5. Let’s go  Create comfortable atmosphere  Start with the schedule  Explain why “you are here”  Be a good listener Remember: candidate should trust you and be relax! Forget about stress interview!
  6. 6. Biographical interview  Different jobs  Reason for changing jobs  What enjoy and did not enjoy etc.
  7. 7. Competency-based interview  Skills = problem solving teamwork leadership customer service  Traits  Qualities  Behaviour Best predictor of future behaviour is past performance!
  8. 8. Important  Know what we are looking for (JD + person specification)  Ask right questions (relevant skills, experience, motivation)  No judgment  Not related to the job
  9. 9. Closed questions “yes” or “no”  To probe details  Help to relax  Control of conversation
  10. 10. Open questions No “yes” or “no” answers  Comment on experience, opinions, feelings  Lengthier responses  Candidate control the conversation
  11. 11. Questions  Ask reflective questions: “ It sounds as…”, “Would I be right…”, “If I understand you correctly..”  Ask challenging questions: - I never made any mistake. - Never? Could you please think about any small mistake that you have made in the last 10 months?
  12. 12.  Focus on action “What exactly did you do?” “Tell me more about meeting and what you say exactly?”  Separate I from We  Ask about weakness  Avoid poor questions
  13. 13. Telephone interviewing Pros:  Lower rate  Do not compare with face-to-face candidates  Fair to all candidates Cons:  Save your time  CV verification
  14. 14. Salary expectations  What kind of salary are you looking for?  What kind of salary progression would you expect in this role?  What non-cash benefits do you receive? Notice period Answering candidate’s questions Selling job Explain next steps
  15. 15. After Technical Interview With Candidate:  Ask opinion and feedback  Deal about next steps  Give feedback With Technical people:  Get general feedback  Get feedback and matrix via e-mail With Hiring Manager:  Send all feedbacks  Deal about final interview
  16. 16. General tips  Check TI quality  Check soft skills  Be sure about evidence not feelings  Check your skills / invite your colleague
  17. 17. Anastasiia Serafyn Senior Recruitment Consultant at Ciklum E-mail: Skype: oranzhevoe LinkedIn: