ConceptDraw powerful eLearning tool


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This presentation will show you how ConceptDraw MindMap eLearning solution for Skype provides a simple, yet robust set of features, designed to augment and simplify the training process.

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ConceptDraw powerful eLearning tool

  1. 1. ConceptDraw eLearning forSkype - Powerful eLearningTool ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 integrated with Skype provides a dynamic and economical eLearning solution. The ability to deliver all materials in a single map provides a supportive learning environment.
  2. 2. ConceptDraw PowerfuleLearning Tool • ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a great tool for any eLearning environment • Lecture Preparation • Lecture Delivery (online and classroom) • Learning is stimulated because of ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s powerful visual toolset • Works on Macintosh and PC computers
  3. 3. ConceptDraw is Well Suited to eLearning Environment• Preparation Instructor – All materials are contained and organized in one file – Many options on preparing materials for students • Embed files related to subject matter – MS Word – MS Excel – MS PowerPoint – Graphic files – Files related to subject matter • Hyper link to content – Web – Documents – Mind map objects• Access to ConceptDraw Solution Park• Low cost
  4. 4. ConceptDraw Solution ParkExtends Product’s Capability Word Exchange Solution Presentation Exchange Solution Import Export PM Planning (Project Documents) Solution Send learning content to Evernote with single button Many other available solutions are free, increasing product utilization
  5. 5. ConceptDraw is Well Suitedto eLearning Environment• Single file keeps all academic information in one spot Student• Notes can be added directly to map• The visual nature of mind map improves learning experience• Learning experience is incorporated into mindmap – Class presentation – Support materials/resources – Supplied notes – Student notes – Syllabus• Supports Macintosh and PC• Low student cost
  6. 6. Online Lecture PreparationFlexibility • Master map – Self-contained online presentation from mind map – Supporting class materials embedded in map • Many round trip file options – MS PowerPoint > ConceptDraw MINDMAP > MS PowerPoint – MS Word > ConceptDraw MINDMAP > MS Word – MS Project > ConceptDraw MINDMAP > MS Project
  7. 7. Lecture Delivery Mechanics Over Skype Open ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7, click on Skype tool Set up Skype Conference Call At the start of presentation, all materials are downloaded to participants computers Screen content synchronized for presentation, great to use on slower networks At lecture conclusion, all participants have a copy of lecture materials
  8. 8. Learning Supported byConceptDraw Map Features• Map content container saves time when reviewing materials• Students automatically have a roadmap of the class• Visual organization structure of material engages students• Supporting notes can be placed directly into the mind map and shared in the current session• Mind map encourages creativity – Notes can be added to any topic – Link topics together – Drag and drop to reorganize – Make use of clip art and graphics – Symbol library can be used to mark the status of any topic• ConceptDraw as a presentation tool can be used by: – Lecturer – Students – Class projects
  9. 9. Why ConceptDraw MINDMAP• Easy material preparation• Conducting online sessions• Encouraging student participation• Highly engaging• Structured learning environment• Powerful mind mapping functions• Easy to learn interface• Shallow learning curve• Low cost for academia
  10. 10. What Subjects?Suited for any subject matter at any level – Management – Science – Creative writting – Project management – Literature – Law – Leadership – Economics – Coaching – Self-Improvement – etc.
  11. 11. To Find Out More About theConceptDraw eLearning Solutionwww.conceptdraw.comUS, CA, 441-1150 x3, (408) 441-1150 Plan. Do. Communicate .