A love for charity


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A love for charity

  1. 1. A Love for Charity By: Anastasia Bridgers
  2. 2. Prologue Charity and Mary was having tea time at Mary's house after Charity's doctor's visit. Charity was 6 months pregnant with her second husband, Brian Johnson's child. She was glad that she had a second chance to have a child, in spite of losing her first husband, David Williams where she didn't bare him any children. Mary has been a wonderful mother to her. She is not just a mother-in- law, but she became her mother when she married David. In Charity's heart, she is sorry she didn't have any children by David, but any children she has will be her grandchildren because she adopted Mary as her mother. Charity's parents died when she was 12 years old in a car accident when they were on a getaway, and she stayed with her Aunt Sally. Aunt Sally raised her to adulthood and she left home when she was 20 years old to move into an apartment. Her Aunt Brenda made it clear not to call her “mommy”, but she was her aunt and nothing more. Aunt Brenda didn't mistreat Charity, but didn't show much affection towards her. Charity spent most her time in meditation, hobbies; such as reading romance novels and journal writing and school activities to fill the void of being loved in her life. Also, she had a strong relationship with God which her parents taught her to love God with all her heart at an early age. She made it through high school and was on her own with a job, as a cashier at Care mart; she met David, later they married and the rest was history. Charity had a second chance of love with Brian. There was a love for Charity.
  3. 3. Chapter One Charity Williams was up cooking breakfast for David and her as they both were preparing to go to work afterward. She worked as a customer service manager at Care mart, a super store in Greenville, North Carolina. David, her husband was a doctor at the Metro-Health Clinic. He worked long hours and sometimes came home from work late. “Breakfast is ready.” Charity shouted as David was still getting dress in their bedroom. He came out of the bedroom, and they both sat down to eat breakfast. Before David ate his meal, he was looking through the morning paper. “Baby, how did you sleep?” Charity asked David. “Like a champ. I didn't hear the alarm clock ring. Babe, thank for waking me up.” He replied. “You are welcome. Eat your breakfast. It's getting cold, Babe” Charity told David. “I'm going to grab this piece of toast...I got to go. See you, tonight” He kissed Charity good-bye and headed out the door. Charity washed the breakfast dishes and afterward left for work. She is blessed to have a man in her life like David. They have been married for 5 years and still no children. David and she are in good health, but they work schedules permits them to spend much time together. As a result, there are still no children. She is 30 years old, and she is not getting any younger. “When will it be the right time for a baby?” Charity would think to herself, sometimes. She would wrap herself with church attendance, meditation and other activities to try to keep her mind off of having children.
  4. 4. She prayed to God that in His timing she would have a child. Charity is now at Care mart. Another long day at the job, she was glad to be going home. She will have dinner alone because David has to work late at the clinic. She is going to knock this day out, so she can rest and enjoy the comforts of home. Charity now home watching TV. She was waiting for David to come home from work. He was going to pick up some burgers from Burger King, so they could have dinner together. The telephone rang.... “Hello.” Charity answered. “Hi sweetheart, it's Mommy. I called to see how my children were doing.” Mary, her mother-in-law replied back to Charity. “I am glad that the two of you are doing well.” Mary said. “Mommy, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I want to have a baby. David works a lot. We don't discuss this, but I want children. I am not getting any younger. David is good to me, and I don't have any complaints about him, but I want to have children. “Charity told Mary in a tearful tone. “Sweetie, I know how you feel. I had David in my early forties, and I couldn't have any more children after that. His father, rest his soul, is just like David in every way. Hold on. With the help of the Lord, you will have children. God will give you want you ask for if you just believe. Focus and look to him because He will direct you path. Children will come. Wait on God; He will make it happen for you. “Mary told Charity in a sympathetic tone. “I have talked to God about it, and I know He will answer my prayers...David just pulled up in the driveway. I will have Dave call you back...Bye, Mom. “Charity and Mary got off on the telephone. David came in the house, and Charity had dinner waiting for him. David was glad to be home.
  5. 5. Chapter 2 Charity was off work and was relaxing on a Friday afternoon. Charity and David was going out to dinner and dancing when he got off work. She was lying across her bed, and then she decided to do her meditation. She was meditating on the goodness of God. She released all the negative things and started to proclaim positive affirmations. Also, she focused on prayers of praise and thanksgiving. Charity knows that God would give her everything that she asked for. God knows what best for Charity, so kept her faith and trust in Him. The evening came and there was still no David. A knock came on the door. Charity opens the door. Two police officers were standing outside. “Hello, Mrs. Williams...May we come in.” “Yes, of course”, Charity said. The police officers came inside of the house. “Mrs. Williams, there was an accident on the freeway and your husband was in it. It was a collision. I am sorry; He didn't make It.”, replied one of the police officers. A terror came inside of Charity, and she burst into tears. “Thank you, officers”, she said sadly. The police officers left the house after they told the news. Charity had to pull herself together, and call Mary, David's mother. After her telephone call to her mother-in-law, she went to the hospital to see David's remains. Her date night ended in a tragedy. What is she going to do now? A part of her is now dead, and what now? It was the day of the funeral. Everybody said their good-byes as they paid their respects after the funeral at Charity's house.
  6. 6. Mary was sitting on the couch in the living room where Charity was sitting beside her. “Mommy, I am going to clean the kitchen up. It is a mess. We both had a long day”, Charity said. Mary took Charity hand. “Sweetheart, I am leaving for Brooklyn and you are coming with me. All we have is each other. You are my daughter, and I won't let you be in this world alone.” Mary told Charity. “Mommy, I will go because I love you, and I don't want you to be alone either.” Charity replied. Charity hugged Mary then went back to the kitchen to clean it up. The two women lost someone who they loved dearly. David was a son and a husband. Now, the two women have to cope without their loved one. Time heals all wounds, but sometimes it is easier said than done. The next day, Charity packed up everything and put into storage. Later that night, Charity and Mary are going to take a plane to Brooklyn, New York where Mary lives. Charity has to start a whole new life without David, but what bothers her the most that she didn't have any children by David. She wonders if she will love again, or remarry. All she has is Mary. All the family, she has is dead and she was the only child like David. Her meditation and faith in God is what is helping her deal with her loss. God is the only one who can heal her heart. Charity is on the plane with Mary; she is meditating while Mary takes a nap. “What am I going to do now? I am going to a new place, starting a new life and I am alone.” Charity thought to herself. “Lord, you are right here for me, and I trust you”, she also thought to herself. There was an announcement on the loud speaker. The plane was about to land.
  7. 7. Chapter 3 Three months has past, and Charity's funds are getting low. She put a transfer of employment from the Care mart in Greenville, North Carolina to the Care mart, in Brooklyn, New York. She had been put on a waiting period for employment for a customer service manager position which will be open soon. She is on unemployment and the money of David's estate has run out. He was in debt because of the clinic he owned, and the clinic was not making much money, so she sold it. Charity has been at Care mart for 8 years. One weekend, Charity went back to get her car in a garage in Greenville. It hurts Charity's heart that she didn't have any children. She feels emptiness inside, and God is the only one who can heal her heart. She thanks God every day that she has Mary in her life. She don't know what she would do if she had to deal the loss of David alone. Two women who are now mother and daughter have to face their lost together. They cry together and laugh together. It is just like the bible story in the Book of Ruth. Charity came into Mary's world. She is living in a town which is strange and new to her. She is on the fresh start to a new future, but in that future; will she be alone, or will she meet someone and someday remarry? Will she have kids? These are the questions Charity has in her meditation time. God is the only one who has the answers.
  8. 8. Chapter 4 It was a typical day at Care mart. Charity was the customer service manager, and she worked at the returns and exchanges desk. She got a call to go to register 10 for a refund. There was an elderly lady who wanted a refund. She suddenly passed out in the aisle. Charity caught her before she fell and guided her to a nearby bench. Rescue 911 was called to help the elderly lady. Rescue carried the lady out on a stretcher, but before the lady left, Charity gave her refund on some layaway items. “What a day.” Charity thought to herself. She had a few more hours left before she got off from work. “I will be glad when this day is over.” she thought again to herself, as she went back to the desk. Charity came home, and Mary had dinner waiting for her. They had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner that night. Charity told Mary what happened at work that day. When Mary heard the details about Charity's day, she was glad that the customer was not serious hurt. After dinner, Charity retired to her room and listened to some jazz on her CD player. The music really eased and soothed her mind. She was under a lot of stress that day. She missed David. No matter how long he worked on his job, David would rub and massage her down to relieve the stress in her body. He really made her happy. He was a wonderful husband.
  9. 9. Now, he is gone...Who is going to comfort her and be there for now. Charity does not like being alone, but she is not really for another serious relationship right now. It is going to take time get over David. A part of her is missing. She was David's rib, and his wife. As the music was playing, she was meditating on good things to give her strength. She was thinking about on how David and she would go out dancing, and how she enjoyed herself like she was a royal queen. “I need time...I don't want another relationship, but I am lonely. I need to heal... God will bring the right person in my life, when I am ready.” Charity thought to herself, as the sounds of Ben Tankard. She continued to play the music, as she slept. Charity needed some relaxation, so the music was healing her wounds. Charity is in the single life once again. The only family she has is Mary, who is her mother-in-law, but now is her adopted mother. Charity talks to God and meditates to help her through this difficult time. She is sure of herself, and she also knows that there is nothing her and God can't handle. Perseverance is a must in her life. Her faith in God helps her conquer any obstacle. She wonders when she will be ready to date again. Life goes on, but is there a love for Charity.
  10. 10. Chapter 5 It was a Sunday afternoon; Charity and Mary stayed for a church play based on the Miracles of Jesus. The church was having refreshments before the play. They were sitting at a table, while a tall slender man in his early forties came and gave Mary a hug. “Brian, it is so good to see you. You don't come to church as much as you used too”, said Mary. “I know Cousin Mary. I need to come more often...Who is this?” Brian replied as he smiled at Charity. “This is Charity, David's wife. Come sit with us”, replied Mary. Brian sat next to Charity. Charity began to smile. She thought Brian was real handsome. “Mary, I am sorry about David. I had to go out of town, and that is why I didn't make the funeral. I am glad that both of you are alright.” Brian said to Mary. “That is alright. We are fine”, replied Mary. They finished their refreshments and went in the church because the play was about to start. Mary, Charity, and Brian sat on the same church pew. Charity and Brian sat next to each other. After the play, Brian asked for Charity's number, and she gave it to him. They started calling each other on the telephone before they went on a date. Brian Johnson was a doctor at one of the clinics in Brooklyn. He had a hectic schedule, so he didn't get many days off to spend time with Charity, but he called her several times a day to stay connected with her. Charity understood the demands that a doctor has as his profession.
  11. 11. Charity was beginning to have serious feelings for Brian. It has been a year since David died, but she still has feelings in her heart for her late husband. Life does go on. She felt it was good to love again; also, to have passion for a man. Charity didn't want to spend the rest of her life alone. When Brian holds her in his arms, she feels the love and the passion that she needs in her life right now. Brian is a gentleman; He honors he wishes to wait for the right time to make love with each other. It feels good to be in love with someone again. Brian has never been married, but he focused on his career instead of being involved with someone. He dated, but he wasn't serious about anyone. He feels that Charity is different. It is something special about her. He sees her as a loving, wholesome, and very intelligent, beautiful woman. Every Friday, he sends a bouquet of flowers to her job to show her that he loves her. Brian knows in his heart the Charity is the right one for him. Mary was off from work, so she decided to do some spring cleaning while Charity was at work. She went through the closet to pull out some old clothes that she didn't want. She came across a box of David's baby clothes, and some of his baby pictures. She put the photo album on the bed, and start looking at the baby pictures then she started to cry. “My baby is gone. Lord, I need you to ease my pain”, Mary sobbed. Mary began to pull herself together. She wiped the tears from her cheeks. Moreover, she put David's baby's things back in the closet, so she had the memories of her son. She gathers the other old clothes in her closet and put them in a big garbage bag for the Goodwill.
  12. 12. After her cleaning, Mary went in the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Charity would be home from work soon. It has been a year since David has been gone; Mary takes one day at a time. She has a daughter now, and she cherishes every moment that Charity and her spend time together. “I know Charity will get her own place soon. I am so used to her being here. I have to let her go like I let David when came of age”, Mary thought to herself as she was fixing dinner. Charity pulled in the driveway. Mary began to set the table, so her daughter and she could eat their dinner. Mary lost a son, but gains a daughter.
  13. 13. Chapter 6 It was moving day for Charity to move into her two-bedroom apartment. Boxes were everywhere in Charity's room. Charity was in the living room while she was waiting for the movers to come get the boxes she had, and on the way to the apartment she will get her furniture out of storage. Mary came in the room and sat on the couch to join Charity. “Sweetheart, this is your big day. You are leaving me; I feel the same way when David went off to college and moved out.” Mary said, sadly. “Mommy, I am just across town. I will visit twice a week, and I will call you every day. OK”, Charity said, reassuringly. Mary gave Charity a big hug. Charity kissed Mary on the cheek. “You are not losing me”, Charity said with a smile on her face. The doorbell rang... The movers were here to get the boxes and pick up the furniture that was in storage. Charity left Mary and followed the moving van to the storage bin to pick the furniture then to unload it at the apartment. Charity is now at her apartment. The movers placed the furniture in its proper place, and Brian came over with some Chinese food to help Charity unpack her boxes. “Baby, I am sorry that I couldn't help you early than I did”, said Brian. “I understand. You are here now. I am not upset, and I am happy that you are. We are finished unpacking the boxes. I am moved in, Sweetheart. I love you”, Charity replied, as she went over to him and gave a gentle kiss on the lips.
  14. 14. After dinner, Brian went home. Charity went in to her room to meditate before she went to bed. She has to get the feel of being home alone. She lived alone until she was married to David. Although she feels that needs to live alone, Charity needs her own space, and she feels that adults have places on their own. She values her time by herself because that time helps keep her straight. When you maintain, it is a key to self-growth.
  15. 15. Chapter 7 It was a Saturday night. Charity and Brian went out to dinner and afterward they went to the beach to walk along the beach, in the moonlight. “Baby, I love you. I need to know how you feel about me”, Brian spoke softly, as he gently kissed her on the lips. “I love you, too Brian. I have strong feelings about you. We are not moving too fast. I know we been together 8 months, and I love every moment of it. Brian, you are my heart, and you make me very happy.” she responded. They were deeply in love with each other. There is a love for Charity. After their stroll, Brian took Charity home. Charity kissed him good night and went inside of her apartment. She went to the bedroom to put her night gown on, so she could prepare for bed. She was off from Care mart on the next day. Charity decided to give Mary a visit. Before bed, she did some meditation then she got into bed and went fast to sleep.
  16. 16. Chapter 8 It was after 1pm when Charity came to visit her mother, Mary. Mary prepared refreshments for the two of them. “Mommy, Brian and I went out last night. He told me that he was in love with me. He wanted to know how I felt about him. I told him that I love him, but I am still getting over the loss of David. I also told him that I need some time, but he is in my heart. Mommy, I don't know...I am scared that I might lose him”, Charity said as a tear came down her cheek. “Honey, you are not going to lose Brian”, Mary said re assuredly as she placed her hand on Charity's cheek. “He understands. Just pray and ask God to heal your heart. Life goes on...Start a new life with Brian. Make up your mind to do that. ”I will, Mommy”, Charity jumped up out her chair and gave Mary a big hug. Charity spent the rest of the day with her mother. Early Evening, Charity came home, as she walked in the house; her cell phone rang. “Hello”. “It's me, Brian... I have to work today and tomorrow, but Monday evening, we can eat out”, he said. “Baby, I have a better idea. We can order pizza and eat in”, replied Charity. “OK, we can do that. I have to go. I will see you on Monday, evening. I will call you, as well” ”Bye, Brian, I love you. “I love you, my love. Bye.” The couple got off the phone. Charity was glad that she has 2 people in her life, who loved her unconditionally, her mother, Mary and her boyfriend, Brian. They were the only family that she has. Also, she had her faith in God to help her through the obstacles in life.
  17. 17. Charity has been through a lot in her life. She lost her natural parents in a car accident, and her aunt, Brenda. Now, she lost her husband, David and they didn't have any children. She desperately wants to be a mother. Moreover, she knows that someday she will have a chance at motherhood. God put people in her life her life to love her. Charity does have a family who loves her, and thank God for that. Mary and her relationship have a relationship like the bible story of the book of Ruth. Charity cherishes their relationship. There is a love for Charity.
  18. 18. Chapter 9 It was 8:30 Am.; Charity was just finishing her daily work-out at the gym. She came home to shower and change clothes; afterward, she would do some meditation. She meditated on the Word of God, and focused on positive things. Moreover, Charity decided within herself that she would pursue and to prepare within herself that she was ready for the upcoming marriage to Brian when he asks her. Also, she decided to move on with her life, and that Brian was a part of her future. She knows that she has to do everything in her power to make her relationship work with Brian. Charity loves Brian. She has to put all drama aside and make her relationship work. The cell phone rang... “Hello”. “Hi Baby, this is Brian. I am about to get off work. I told you that I have pulled the night shift”. “I know Brian”, Charity answered. “Baby, I want to see you. I miss you. We haven't been spending much time with you because I had to work. I want to come over and go to sleep. At least, we are together in the same house”, said Brian. “Of course, you can sleep in my bed, and I won't disturb you. We can spend quality time when you wake up.”, replied Charity. “I will see you soon. Bye, I love you my love.” Brian said as he hanged up the cell phone. Brian came over and slept in Charity's bedroom while she stayed quiet in the living room, so Brian could get some rest. Charity felt good to have a man in the house.
  19. 19. Brian really respected Charity. He wanted to make sure Charity was ready to make love when she was ready. He didn't pressure her; Moreover, he treated her like his queen. Brian was a Christian, and he believed in commitment in a relationship. He was totally committed to Charity. Brian slept 5 hours in Charity's bedroom. He went into the living room where she was looking at TV. “Baby, did you sleep well”, asked Charity. “Yes, sweetheart. I slept like a Champ”, respond Brian. “I can order some Chinese food and we can have that for dinner”, said Charity. They enjoyed the rest of the evening together. Before it got too late, Brian went home. A bond between Brian and Charity is growing stronger every day. Brian is her love for Charity.
  20. 20. Finale Charity Johnson married Brian has been married a year. She moved out of her apartment and now stays with her husband in a brick house in Albany, New York. She is so happy that she has someone to love, in spite she lost her first husband, David. There is a love for Charity with is her family. It was a busy day at Care mart, but Charity didn't feel well at all for the past 2 weeks. She would throw up and sometimes she would get dizzy if she stands too long. She didn't tell Brian because she didn't want him to worry about her. After work, Charity went to Mary's house to talk to her about her situation. She came in Mary's house and greeted her. She told Mary that she needed to talk. “Mommy, I have been getting dizzy and I have been throwing up for 2 weeks. It might be something I ate. I need to tell Brian”, Charity said. “Charity, I dreamed of some fish in some beautiful, clear water one night. The next day, I brought a pregnancy test for you. I have it in the bathroom closet. Go in the bathroom and take the test. Come back and so me the results”, said Mary. Charity went in the bathroom and took the test. She came out with tears streaming from her eyes. “What is it child” ”Mommy, I am pregnant” ”WONDERFUL”, Mary screamed. Charity has lost some loves in her life, but God has always had a love for Charity. Enjoy the ride.....
  21. 21. About Author Anastasia Bridgers is an author, poet, publisher, and motivational speaker, as a profession. Her books are fiction and are family-based. Never look for love because love will always find you. Love is a cosmic bliss from the universe. Embrace it and cherish it. Nobody is going to take care of you, but you. Enjoy the ride.
  22. 22. Anastasia Bridgers' books are available at Amazon.com and at other online bookstores.