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Employers And Linked In 2012


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Employers And Linked In 2012

  1. 1. Employers and LinkedInAnastasia Bergmann, HRMEmployment and Employee Relations ManagerHealthAlliance Hospital Company LOGO
  2. 2. Agenda1. New world of recruitment2. LinkedIn options for employers3. Recommendations and Tips4. Questions
  3. 3. My LinkedIn Profile
  4. 4. Most Visited Websites May 10, 2012• Google ranked #1• Facebook ranked #2• YouTube ranked #3• Yahoo ranked #4• Twitter ranked #8• Craigslist ranked #9• LinkedIn ranked #10• WordPress ranked #23• Indeed ranked #73• CareerBuilder ranked # 142• Monster ranked #143
  5. 5. LinkedIn Poll
  6. 6. LinkedIn Network* “Succeeding with How Agency Recruiters Find Top Candidates” retrieved on 5/14/2012 from
  7. 7. How Employers Use LinkedIn• Develop and expand a personal network of professionals• Stay in touch with former, valued, trusted colleagues for potential future employment• Actively search for candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywords• Develop a complete, keyword-rich profile for your company on LinkedIn• Search for potential employees by past or current employer• Search for employees based on references from recommenders you trust
  8. 8. How Employers Use LinkedIn• Can ask your current employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential passive candidates for jobs• Can use InMail, your internal inbox at LinkedIn• Respond to questions in the Answers section of LinkedIn• Can join groups at LinkedIn• For a fee, can post jobs on LinkedIn and recruit and hire candidates• People seeking employment can search LinkedIn free of charge
  9. 9. LinkedIn Members Active - 20% Passive - 60% Passive Candidate Works on doing their job better •Not on job boards •Resume not up-to-date •Only listen to good opportunities Active Candidate Works on Job Search •Has a resume ready •Reads jobs & actively applies •Follows many opportunities* “See How Recruiter Can Help Agency Recruiters Find Top Talent” retrieved on 5/14/2012 from
  10. 10. * “Succeeding with How Agency Recruiters Find Top Candidates” retrieved on 5/14/2012 from
  11. 11. Job Search
  12. 12. Job Search
  13. 13. * “Succeeding with How Agency Recruiters Find Top Candidates” retrieved on 5/14/2012 from
  14. 14. Join Groups* “Succeeding with How Agency Recruiters Find Top Candidates” retrieved on 5/14/2012 from
  15. 15. Groups Tab
  16. 16. Benefits of Joining Groups•Networking•Learning about industries•Free advertisement•Posting job openings for free•Polls
  17. 17. LinkedIn Groups - Example
  18. 18. People Search
  19. 19. People Search
  20. 20. HealthAlliance Hospital
  21. 21. Sharing Jobs
  22. 22. Additional benefitsEmbedded Video Promotions
  23. 23. Careers Page
  24. 24. Page Statistics
  25. 25. Companies I follow…
  26. 26. Profile to Resume
  27. 27. 2012 Trends •Companies will further embrace social media recruitment and are likely tospend more time on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. •Companies may consider increasing budgets for social recruiting anddevelop strategies utilizing social recruitment applications. •Prior to in-person interviews, online interactions may occur on a socialnetworking site. •Expect more expensive career fairs and offline events be replaced withless costly networking applications. •Job seekers may need to build online profiles through social networkingsites to get attention of companies hiring. •Expect further development of social applications within Facebook andLinkedIn.
  28. 28. LinkedIn Tips For a Strong Profile•LinkedIn profile head shot•Open with a solid headline•Keywords are key•Proper email address•Connect with other LinkedIn users•Get your profile to 100% complete•NETWORK!!!!
  29. 29. Thank you!QUESTIONS?