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Media Lab Internet Show Abu Dhabi

  1. 1. Two (ad)ventures in 21st Century Digital Arabia du Media Lab Raghu Venkataraman Chief Strategy & Investments Officer, du
  2. 2. Du and the Du Media Lab  A place for du to develop new digital destinations for Arabia  A team that is not from the world of telecom  An exploration of open business models  A place for Over the Top AND operators 1
  3. 3. What do we think and what do we know?  The internet is a place for new opportunities and fresh thinking  The internet on the region is as much mobile as on the PC  The offerings for the people of Arabia are limited  We think there is room for new digital destinations in Arabia  We think that some of them can and should be made here – by the people of Arabia, for the people of Arabia, from the people of Arabia 2
  4. 4. The first journey: An Arabian destination for sports fans 3
  5. 5. Launched in Dec 2009 as a website, Eurosport Arabia offers coverage of global, regional and local sports in Arabic and French to the MENA Eurosport Arabia – what’s in it  Bilingual  Arabic  French (for North Africa)  Pan-Arab and National  Editorial coverage for 19 countries  A default pan-Arab home page  12 dedicated national landing pages  Edited by Arabs for Arabs  Regional editorial team in Dubai  Correspondents across the Middle-East  Live Coverage of MENA and International Sports  A comprehensive scoring coverage and a unique live commentary  All major leagues in Europe and MENA  All International cups and championships (AFC, CAN, WC,…)  All ATP and WTA tennis tournaments  All NBA basketball games  Worldwide events such as the Olympics  Minute-by-minute LIVE commenting  All major football games  Major tennis matches  Formula 1 Grand Prix  Worldwide events 4
  6. 6. Fortune favors the brave when two nations are in conflict 1 million page views in a single day: Egypt vs Algeria, African Cup of Nations 1st Initiative: 2nd Initiative: 3rd Initiative: Office competition Created an Facebook Fan Page Ad campaign on MSN Messenger • 7 ideas to best advertise the • Got 800 Fans • >120,000 click through match • Users created >1,000 comments and posts • Became the most popular Facebook fan page on the topic • ESA posted >100 articles & comments 4th Initiative: 5th Initiative: Arabic sport forum participation Press release • 10,000 clicks from Kooora forums 6th Initiative: 7th Initiative: 8th Initiative: Display advertising campaign Use of Twitter and influencers Multiple SEM campaign • >1.83 % click through rates • 4,300,000 impressions (in 2 days) • 50 tweets by influencers (industry average 0.25%) • 21,000 clicks • 0.5% Click-through rate (Industry Average 0.25%) • ESA Page Views on Jan 28: 1,039,773 • ESA Unique Visitors on Jan 28: 150,000 • Most visitors: Egypt 5
  7. 7. One award - advertising campaigns Dubai Lynx Awards  „Sports Conquers life‟ campaign won a bronze award at the Dubai Lynx - Interactive Campaign 6
  8. 8. And then, the World Cup, the French Open, and the journey began… An audience split that reflects the Audience since January demographics of the Arab World 2010 – 73 M Page Views – 11.2 M Visits – Over 500,000 unique visitors every month – Average time spent on site per visit 15 Minutes 7
  9. 9. Going mobile 30,000 iPhone users in 10 weeks sans marketing, a Blackberry app just launched, and a mobile web destination Confidential
  10. 10. 9 Where are we now?  Monetization started from January 2010 – Mediaquest as media representative  Monetizing a pan-Arab audience is a challenge - the MENA region has three distinct sub- regions: – GCC with Dubai as a hub; – Levant with Cairo as a hub; – North Africa with Casablanca as a hub.  Mobile content services have strong appeal with consumers but advertisers are not (yet) ready to leverage these audiences – Advertisers still need to invest to communicate their value proposition across mobile channels.  We believe that we can offer brands the first Pan-Arab web and mobile audience in one single platform 9
  11. 11. The second journey Online,virtual,social gaming for sport in Arabia 10
  12. 12. Empire of Sports aims to be to sports gamers what World of Warcraft is to fantasy gamers 11
  13. 13. Empire of Sports consists of 3 interconnected virtual 3-D cities Paris Virtual City Arabia Virtual City London Virtual City 12
  14. 14. … allows users from around the world to compete and share their love of sports Sports Tennis Football – 11 on 11 online Skiing (Indoor, of course!) Basketball Bobsleigh Track and Field 13
  15. 15. The challenge: to be relevant, culturally appropriate and exciting for the regional audience • What are the major • How can we design the languages used by the game to respect the target audience? cultural norms in the region while still allowing a • How will this change over high level of interaction Cultural the next 5 years as more Language with non-MENA users? Sensitivity users come online? • Will the same business • Will type of architecture, model which will be monuments, virtual Business applied in Europe work in clothing etc will make Look and Feel Environment the MENA region? game appropriate and and Enablers exciting for the users? • How will we compensate for the lack of certain infrastructure and business enablers? 14
  16. 16. First decision - game-play in Arabic, English & French Languages Used by Internet Users in MENA Tunisia Syria Lebanon Morocco Iraq WB & GS Jordan Kuwait Bahrain Algeria Libya Qatar Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE Oman Yemen Arabic / English English / Arabic French 15
  17. 17. Architecture Developing the Arabian virtual city began with the concept designs Arabian City Concept Designs 16
  18. 18. Architecture Design a modern city of Arabia Paris Streets & Monuments Arabia Streets & Monuments
  19. 19. Cultural sensitivity Dressing up at home and abroad Europe for Europeans Europe for Digital Arabia 18
  20. 20. Cultural identity Creation of several styles of clothing for customization Virtual Clothing for the MENA Region 19
  21. 21. Enablers Oh for a good CDN! And how do I collect money? Distribution Payment Online Distribution: Physical Distribution: • Retail Sales • Magazine Inserts • Bundling 20
  22. 22. The result is a virtual city that captures the diversity and culture of the MENA region and appeals to a broad range of users
  23. 23. Whats ahead? Securing relevant partnerships for the region and audience building … Sports Partnerships Brand Partnerships Regional Brand Integration into Regional Football Tennis Game Play Clubs and Leagues Leagues Branded Virtual Goods & Stores Relevant International In-game Clubs and Banner Leagues Advertising Audience Building Relevant in- game Online animation Exciting advertising Member get competitions member Physical distribution of game client 22
  24. 24. … in addition to monetization through various means Virtual Goods as a Method of Monetization “Worldwide sales of virtual items are expected to reach $7 billion by 2015 … thanks to FarmVille and a few other online games, Zynga revenues are about $600 million annually.” Forbes “IMVU, a 3D virtual world for teenagers, has announced they are on a $40 million annualized revenue run rate …The company monetizes its 50 million member userbase by selling virtual goods” “… expected revenue of $75 million this year Playfish shows how advertising combined with virtual goods sales can mean lucrative real world money …” “Microsoft's online game network Xbox Live has quietly generated an estimated $625 million in virtual items sales, surpassing its subscription revenues.” Forbes 23
  25. 25. What do we think and know now?  We think that good design pays off  Audience building takes money – in the right places – constant experimentation is needed to balance the marketing efforts  Monetization is a journey that is best started right from the beginning – it will be a long haul  Mobile cannot be an afterthought – design with mobile in mind from the beginning  New features and innovations need to be launched in weeks, not months! 24
  26. 26. What next from the Media Lab? WATCH THIS SPACE and thanks for listening 26