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  1. 1. Anas Khalil Ebrahim Medical Instrument Engineer e-mail : Mobile No : +9647702355234 7503397555 7811137437 Date of Birth 8th October 1986 Nationality IRAQI Marital status Single Languages Arabic as first Language (Read, Write and Speak)������������ English as a 2nd Language (Read, Write and Speak) Kurdish as 3rd Language (Read, Write and Speak) Turkish as 4th Language (Read, Write and Speak) Education:- I have graduated from the Medical Instrumentation Engineering Dep. at the College of Electrical & Electronic engineering Tech a B.Sc. degree in Medical Instrumentation Engineering in 2014.  Good communication and interpersonal skills.  Good team working and disciplined.  Geographical area knowledge.  Fluency in Kurdish and Arabic languages  Motivated, creative, tolerant, and able to work in difficult, stressful environments and follow procedures.  Local market knowledge.  Good computer application skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, database and network communications.  Good problem solving skills.  Good skills in planning, organizing, analyzing and reporting.  Ability to work and interact with a diverse staff from different ethnicities and backgrounds.  Ability to conduct oneself with sensitivity and respect toward others. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Details Context/ Specific skills, knowledge and experience
  2. 2. Summary:- I have a well-proven academic record, an ability to learn on own initiative and I am eager to develop my talents and knowledge. I feel that with my background and commitment to excellence I would be an asset to your growing corporation as I have experience in the following fields: - Analog and Digital X-Ray. - Computed Radiography. - Medical Laser Printer. Graduation Project Name: Design and Implementation of syringe pump use in medical surgical Based on Microcontroller PIC A- Operating Experience:-  Design circuit of syringe pump  Programming the PIC Microcontroller by basic programming language B- Computer Knowledge :-  Operating systems : MS-Windows XP, Win7, Win 8.1.  Packages : MS-Office & Open Office. Org.  Internet : Mailing, Searching.  Engineering Programs : Auto CAD , MATLAB & Simulink , Multi Simulation , Multisim  Good skills in network C- Training Courses:-  Training In the summer holidays of the second stage of the university period in the Republic Hospital in Kirkuk for two times in week along the holidays  Training In the summer holidays of the third stage of the university period in the Tikrit Teaching Hospital for two times in week along the holidays  Training in General Hospital Tuz. D- Site & service Engineer at Doha Baghdad Carestream October 2014 to January 2017  Responsible for installing, inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing and calibrating X-ray equipment  Handle tasks of verifying performance of complex medical imaging equipment like portables, CR, and DR.  Handle tasks of identifying and solving customer issues by providing appropriate service on time.  Perform responsibilities of conducting preventative maintenance as well as service and repair of Various medical x-ray systems.  Responsible for repairing, installing and commissioning dry view printers, MXP processors and systems at customer sites.  Dealers and operators supporting and Training.  Supporting direct view and Image suite Workstations.  Install 4 DR ascend in Kirkuk and Kurdistan.  Install 12 CR Max in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Kurdistan.  Install 2 conventional X-Ray Quantum in Zakho and Sulaymania.  Install 6 CR classic in Kirkuk.  Install 25 DVB 5959 and 5700 printers.  Install one 8100c OPG. Experience in details
  3. 3. Private Work:- • Install mobile X-Ray Shimadzu in Tuz general hospital. • Install mobile X-Ray BMI in Rehabilitation prison in Sulaymania. • Install oral dental X-Ray in Rehabilitation prison in Sulaymania. • Install conventional X-Ray in Rehabilitation prison in Sulaymania. • Install BMI OPG in Rehabilitation prison in Sulaymania. • Install DC shock in pediatric hospital in Kirkuk. • Install fetal monitor in pediatric hospital in Kirkuk. E- Work with:- AL-Tanmiya Human Rights Organization location - Kirkuk December 2014 to October 2015  Studying the shelter project and collecting data about it.  Making assessments to select the families which enters to my assessment.  Preparing the questions of assessment with my team according to the project.  Making scoring for my assessments to select the number of families and their scoring which ones have more scoring they will benefit from the project.  Distribution water, food, Hygiene Kites and beddings for the families.  Identification and verification, monitoring of storage, handling and distribution of commodities.  Monitoring of cash transfers. Declaration: The above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Anas Khalil Ebrahim