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[Anas A. Ismail][Resume]


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Published in: Career, Technology
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[Anas A. Ismail][Resume]

  1. 1. Anas A. Ismail Objective My passion is all about robotics and its relative fields, such as probabilistic robotics, embedded robotics, bio-inspired techniques …etc. I seek to do the best I could to become a scholar in the field of robotics, and to acquire the appropriate level of professionalism that contributes good research to the field and lead to good, effective real world applications. Also, I'm interested in Operating Systems, Programming Language Theory, Compiler Design, and Embedded Systems Design. Education Bachelor of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FCIS), Ain Shams University. (June 2013). Certificate of Secondary Education, Al-Seddik School, Egypt, with grade 94.5% Skills Technical Skills Languages:  C/C++, C# and Java SE.  Assembly (Intel X86, MIPS, AVR) and VDHL  Python (fair knowledge) Concepts:  Object-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Data Structures, Network Programming, UML Modeling, Multithreading, Parallel Programming, and Game Development. Technologies:  Arudino, OpenGL, QT Framework, Berkley Sockets APIs, MPI, OpenMP, Source Control (SVN, GITHub). Soft Skills Self-learning, Problem solving, Leadership, Analytical, Mentoring, Communication, Presentation, Teamwork, Decision making and Creative thinking skills. Languages:  Arabic (Native)  English 56, 2nd District, El-Obour City, Egypt +(20) 10 2406 8814 +(20) 44785542 LinkedIn Profile Technical Blog, GitHub
  2. 2. Projects Co-Swarm: Cooperative Area Exploration using swarm of Mobile Robots An intelligent robotics system based on the Swarm Robotics techniques where a team of robots is exploring an unknown indoor environment. Robots share perceptual information, but maintain separate global maps, and make independent decisions about where to explore. This approach enables robots to make use of information from other robots to explore more effectively, but it also allows the team to be robust to the loss of individual robots, more. [Team of 4] C++ Emulator (Java SE) Simple emulator for tiny C++ with implementation for C++ lexical analyzer, parse tree and basic features of text editors (syntax highlighters, word wrapping, font themes … etc). [Team of 3] MiniScriptVM (C++, QT) Virtual Machine implementation for an object oriented language named MiniScript with implementation for garbage collector (Mark and Sweep Algorithm).[Individual Work] FOS (C under Linux) A command-line 32-bit operating system that implements process execution and memory management using paging and segmentation. [Team of 3] DSP Package (C#, WPF, MATLAB) Digital Signal Processing package for Sound and Image, it supports basic implementation of Sound processing algorithms (3D room, flanging, whooshing, multi-echo ...etc) and the same for image processing in both domains time and frequency domain (Morphology, low pass, high pass, Edge detection ... etc).[Team of 4] The Invaders (C++, OpenGL, OpenMP) Third person shooter game with 3D graphics environment and implementation for the basic physics of movement and collision detection, parallel processing on loading textures and sounds and basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence(A*, Influence Map).[Team of 3] Simple Router (C under Linux) Simple router implementation based on Stanford Virtual Network System (VNS), this router can handle ARP requests and responses, also it responds to ICMP echo requests/replies. [Team of 4] Proxy Server (C under Linux) Computer application which controls the requests and responses between clients and servers with some capabilities of banning or loading some web pages depending on their content. Socket programming depending on Berkeley APIs. [Team of 4] Embedded HTTP Client (C, C#, Arduino) HTTP client embedded on Arduino chip implemented on its Ethernet shield that handles POST/GET requests/responses and sends its status to a C# application using UART serial communication.[Team of4] Security Package (C++/CLI, C#) A package that contains implementation of most known security algorithms on both sides ciphering and deciphering (MD5, DES, 3DES … etc). [Team of 4] MPIS Processor Design with Pipelining (VHDL): [Team of 4]
  3. 3. Activities  Ain Shams University ACM Student Chapter (acmASCIS): (2010- 2013) o Training committee member (2010-2013)  Teaching Basic Development Concepts for freshmen students using C++.  Present advanced C++ sessions in Algorithms for seniors (Graph, sorting … etc)  Participated as a problem setter in contests.  Mentoring a group of freshmen students. o Organizing technical events like Moa’limona (2012, 2013) and Experience Sharing Conferences (ESD’11, ESD’12) that held by acmASCIS. o Writing articles in technical and non-technical areas with both English and Arabic language on acmASCIS blog.  Design Pattern Summer Course Instructor setup course syllabus; prepare session’s presentations and mentoring students.  Present and attend interpersonal and communications skills sessions in and out of my college.  Solving problems on multiple online judges (UVa, TC, and SPOJ). Honors and Certificates  Ain Shams University ACM Warm up Contest 5th place. (July, 2010).  Ain Shams University ACM Local Contest 3rd place. (July, 2010).  Ain Shams University ACM Local Contest 7th place. (July, 2012).  acmASCIS most active member (2010, 2011, 2012). References Muhammad Hesham (Software Development Engineer at Microsoft): E-mail: . View LinkedIn recommendations: LinkedIn Profile