Charles Dickens


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Charles Dickens

  1. 1. charles Dickens<br />
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  3. 3. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth ,England on 7 February 1812.<br />When Dickens was only 12 years old, his father went to prison because of financial problems and his family moved from Kent to London.<br /> Young Dickens left school and went to work in a factory. He worked long hours in very unpleasant conditions and never forgot this terrible experience.<br />In 1813 he became a newspaper reporter. Soon he started writing short stories for magazines. A lot of people bought the magazines to read the story. <br />
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  5. 5. Dickens finished his first novel, The Pickwick Papers, in 1837 when Victoria became queen.he wrote fourteen major novels and also wrote comic plays.<br />In recent years,evolved from a light style to the constructive engagement of Oliver Twist. These early novels gave him a huge popular success and gave him some popularity among the upper classes and educated people, and he was received with great honor in the United States in 1842, but was disabused of American society, perceiving it all the vices of the Old World<br />
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  7. 7. . His criticism, reflected in a series of articles and the novel Martin Chuzzlewit, angered the United States, and the novel represented the most resounding failure of his career in the UK. However,he regained the favor of his audience in 1843 with the publication of A Christmas Carol.<br />In his life Dickens met many people: young and old, rich and poor, happy and miserable. He wrote about some of them in his novels.<br />Dickens’s books are about poverty and social problems in the Victorian age. They are still popular today.<br />
  8. 8. Dickens married Chatherine Hogarth in April 1836. They had ten children.<br />Despite the ten children he had in his marriage, the difficulties caused by the extramarital affairs of Dickens eventually led to divorce in 1858, apparently because of his passion for a young actress, Ellen Teman, which must have been her lover. Dickens tube to defend the social scandal made a public statementin the same newspaper. <br />
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  10. 10. In 1858 he undertook a tour of the UK and Ireland, where he read excerpts from his work publicly. After acquiring the house where he spent his childhood, Gad's Hill Place, in 1856, soon became their permanent residence. <br />Dickens travailled and lived in north America, swtizerland, Italy and France. He died in 1870 and was buried in poets Corner in Westminster Abbey in London<br />
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