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Anaplan Marketing Operational Excellence webinar: Planning to performance


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Watch our latest marketing webinar to discover practical advice on how to create operational excellence to achieve your marketing goals from campaign planning to performance.

This webinar demonstrates Anaplan’s Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Performance Management apps—showing how leading organizations are truly connecting their plans to execution and performance to optimization.

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Anaplan Marketing Operational Excellence webinar: Planning to performance

  1. 1. Planning to performance Marketing operational excellence: Rowan Tonkin Practice Lead, Marketing & Sales Apps Anaplan
  2. 2. • Integrate the marketing plan to the sales goals • Get off to a flying start, allocate budgets quickly • Can you support the plan with the right people? • Embed success criteria into the planning process
  3. 3. • Define audience segmentation, channels, and messages • Support your finance team • Test your messages • Structure creative feedback • Measure the effectiveness of your production process
  4. 4. • Ensure you have the ability to redeploy funds quickly to maintain results from the best- performing channels • Plan for resource availability post-campaign deployment • Have a back-up plan and be ready to optimize it on-the-fly • Build control groups to establish performance
  5. 5. • Consider attribution models • Measurement benchmarks • Measure as often as possible • Be prepared to double down on what is successful
  6. 6. • Visualize key messages and channels • Measure marketing and sales together where possible • Learn from your resourcing availability • Understand the impact of change
  7. 7. Q A