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Worksheet1_ 7ºAB


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Worksheet1_ 7ºAB

  1. 1. English Worksheet 7thFormName: ____________________________________________________________ No: _____ Class:_____Date: ________________________________________________________________________________A. Imagine you are going on a spaceship trip… You can’t take all your favourite things with you, so you will have to choose what you will take with you… and what you will leave behind… Name 3 objects/things…1. … you will take with you.a) I will _______________________________________ , because_______________________________b) ____________________________________________________________________________________c) ____________________________________________________________________________________2. … you will not miss.a) I will _______________________________________ , because_______________________________b) ____________________________________________________________________________________c) ____________________________________________________________________________________B. You are going to live a new house, but it will not be a ‘normal’ house… It will be a house in Mars…1. According to what you’ve been learning about this planet, how do you think your house will be? Describe it, not forgetting is has to be adapted to the lifestyle in Mars. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________2. Now, choose your favourite room and try to draw it, so that I can understand how it will look like. (If you are not very good at drawing, you can describe your favourite room!) Good work!