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Olympic games


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Published in: Education, Sports, News & Politics
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Olympic games

  1. 1. Work Done By:Bruno Carvalho No 4 7B
  2. 2. Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic Games started in Olympia, Greece. These games appeared because the Greeks loved sports and had a good physical condition. These games were practiced in the Hellenistic world.
  3. 3. Olympic Symbol The rings in the The Olympic Symbolrepresent the continents:The blue stands for EuropeThe black stands for AfricaThe red stands for AmericaThe yellow stands for AsiaThe green stands for Oceania
  4. 4. Olympic Sports Athletics  Handball Badminton  Football Basketball  Gymnastics Boxing  Rugby Cycling  Ice Hockey Tennis  Artistic Skating Volleyball  CanoeingBeach Volleyball Fencing
  5. 5. Continuation
  6. 6. Key Olympic Values Courage Equality RespectDetermination Determination Equality
  7. 7. Netgraphic Resources
  8. 8. END