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  1. 1. ationalogramme Intern tion Pr Londo n 2012 EducaA sustainable London2012 GamesMaking the Games better for everyoneThe Olympic and Paralympic Games arethe world’s largest festival of sport – and,in 2012, they come to London and theUK. The excitement is growing and soonthe whole world will be watching.
  2. 2. Sustainability: A global issueWhat is sustainability?Sustainability is about taking every day choices that make a positive difference. It is about respectfor the environment and people, leaving a positive impact for future generations.Our environment gives us the air, food, water and fuel we need to survive. If we want ourenvironment to keep providing for us, we must live in a sustainable way.Why is sustainability important?If everyone in the world lived like an average European we would need three planets to live on.We need to deliver a Games where we are respectful of the world we live in.However, the more we learn about our planet,the more we realise how we are affecting it.These effects come in many forms, including:– climate change– destruction of habitats noise and air pollution– – environmental degradationThe International Olympic Committee (IOC)and the International Paralympic Committee(IPC) are committed to making sure all Olympicand Paralympic Games are as sustainable aspossible. London 2012 is aiming to be the mostsustainable Games to have ever been held.Sustainability was included as part of the London 2012 bid when through the idea of ‘Towards aOne Planet Olympics’. There are five sustainability themes throughout the work of the London 2012Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).– Climate change– Waste a– Biodiversity– Inclusion Ac tivity ide– Healthy living Sustainability of the pastThe Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is Do you think we live in a sustainableresponsible for planning and building the world nowadays? How sustainable wasOlympic Park, looking after both the permanent the world in the past? What about yourand temporary venues and developing the country or community? How have thingstransport system. changed in your country to make our lives more sustainable? Are there someLOCOG is responsible for staging a Games we manufacturing methods that were usedwill never forget. Organising such an important in the past but not anymore? Is yourevent is a big challenge! country doing things differently now, compared to the past?
  3. 3. Climate change a tivity ideOur aim: To deliver a low carbon Games andshowcase how we are adapting to a worldincreasingly affected by climate change. Ac Using the facilities after theTo make the Games as ‘green’ as possible, London 2012 GamesLondon 2012 has developed cleverconstruction methods. Once the Games end, the Velodrome and BMX Track are going to be converted into a public VeloPark. Can you thinkThe Velodrome of any more uses for the Olympic andThis was the first venue on the Olympic Park to Paralympic Venues after the Games?be completed and the Velodrome is the most Go to the London 2012 website ( venue on the Park. It is hoped it to find out more aboutwill be the fastest cycling track in the world; the the different venues for London 2012.track and the building have been built with 100 Get thinking and get designing!per cent legally and sustainably sourced timber,so it is the world’s most sustainable OlympicVelodrome too.The compact design allows natural lighting anduses natural ventilation for keeping the trackcool. Rainwater will be collected on the roof andused to flush the toilets.The Energy CentreThe new Olympic Park Energy Centre will behome to many energy-efficient technologiesthat will provide hot water, electricity, heatingand cooling to buildings on the Park and theAthletes’ Village. In the future it will provideenergy to families that live there. e a A ctivity id Vision of the future What do you think the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be like in 100 years’ time or more? Will things be more sustainable? What about your community? Will people be closer to living in a sustainable environment? Work alone or in groups and design ways that you think your community could be more sustainable in the future. Imagine that the Games are coming to your nation. What things will need to happen to make the Games as sustainable as possible?
  4. 4. Did you know...? – objective of LOCOG is to deliver a An 100 per cent ‘public transport Games’, so spectators will travel by public transport, bicycle or on foot – putting sustainability as one of the By key aspects of designing the Olympic Park, London 2012 will deliver an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 50 per centWasteOur aim: To deliver a zero waste Games,through resource management practices and bypromoting long-term behavioural change.To build facilities for the Games we have reusedas many original materials as possible, includingthe soil that was dug up on the site. The soil wassifted and cleaned in soil washing machines toremove any pollutants (including arsenic, tar andlead) and then used again on the site.Some buildings in the Olympic Park had to beremoved to make room for the new venues. Theyhave been crushed and reused to make roads aand bridges. Ac tivity ideDid you know...? News report– lamp posts were saved and will be used in 80 Find out more information about the the Olympic Park when it is finished sustainability and the Games by going to– Approximately 2,000 tonnes of waste has the London 2012 website. Produce mock been removed from the Olympic Park site by news reports on the stories you find. barge Draw or paint large pictures as bulletin– More than 80 per cent of soil has been images for the newsroom background. cleaned and reused on the Olympic Park You could tell your stories in your– total of 98.5 per cent of demolition waste A classroom or at your school assembly. has been recycled and in some cases reused Some people could be the researchers– Foundations for the Aquatics Centre, Handball of the news channel, while other team Arena and the Olympic Stadium have used members could be the newscasters. You concrete with more than 30 per cent of could even make models of Venues to recycled materials help with your news re-enactments.
  5. 5. BiodiversityOur aim: To conserve biodiversity, create newurban green spaces and bring people closer tonature through sport and culture.The Olympic Park stretches over lots of naturalhabitats and London 2012 is committed topreserving its natural biodiversity.London 2012 has created parklands and naturalhabitats within the Olympic Park to encourageanimals to create new homes. Some of theanimals that are being encouraged to theOlympic Park include– kingfishers– song thrushes– eels– water voles– bats– grass snakes Some of the plants that were found include: marsh woundwort– – field scabious– yellow toadflax– scentless mayweed– tower mustard vity ideaDo you know what these animals and plantsare? What do they look like? ActiDid you know...? A Games for all! If you were going to build a new sports– Olympic Park is an area approximately The venue for your community what animals 250 hectares (357 football pitches) and plants might be affected? How– least 45 hectares of new wildlife habitat is At could you make sure that the new venue being created actually helped the animals and plants?– There are 675 bird and bat boxes on the If it was a big project should some Olympic Park money be put aside to be invested in– 2,000 newts and hundreds of toads were re- conservation elsewhere in the country? housed during the construction of the Olympic Park– 2,000 local residents have given up their time to improve their local areas through a programme called ‘Changing Places’
  6. 6. Healthy living a tivity ideOur aim: To inspire people across the UK to takeup sport and develop more active, healthy andsustainable lifestyles. Ac A healthy meal for athletesThe athletes who are competing at London 2012 What meals from your country do youhave all worked really hard training to be the think are truly great? Would you feelbest they can be. When they are in the UK, proud offering traditional food to thethey will want to perform at their best, and one athletes? If so, which meals? Why notof the ways that London 2012 can help to do invent a new dish for an athlete? Thinkthat is to make sure that there are lots of healthy about what food a rower, weightlifter orfood options to fuel their bodies during the gymnast might want. Do you know howperformance of their lives. healthy it would be? Or how much it would cost?London 2012 has written the first ever ‘FoodVision for the Olympic and Paralympic Games’,with the aim of providing 14 million sustainablysourced and healthy meals. That means we havethought about where all of our food has comefrom so that we do not harm the planet. Forexample, London 2012 will only use sustainablysourced fish, meat from animals that have beenlooked after, free range eggs, and Fairtradebananas, tea and coffee.Did you know that the following will be servedduring the London 2012 Games?– 25,000 loaves of bread– 100 tonnes of meat– 75,000 litres of milk– tonnes of eggs 19– tonnes of cheese 21– 330 tonnes of vegetablesExercise is an important part of an athlete’s lifeand we know that doing exercise as part ofyour daily routine is a really good idea! Howmuch exercise do you do? London 2012 is Acti vity ideaencouraging people to cycle and walk to theGames when they come to watch. Active travel How do you travel to school? Do you have any other options of transport? Can you walk or cycle to school if you don’t already? Why not set up a cycle or walking group and invite friends to join you? If it is too far to cycle or walk, then can you find some time at the weekends to travel around by foot or bike?
  7. 7. Share with your school and community!We are very excited about the upcoming 2012 This document and the official Emblems of the London 2012 Games are © London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd (LOCOG) 2007-2011.Games. We are also just as excited about a tivity ideeveryone’s efforts to make it the most sustainableGames ever. Learn as much as you can aboutsustainability and London 2012 and tell Aceveryone you know! Start a sustainability campaign!You could organise special events or school Do this as a class or as an entire school.announcements to inform people about how Think of new ways to make your schoolLondon 2012 is being sustainable. You could more sustainable. Could you be usingeven put an article in your local newspaper. less electricity? How about reducing the amount of waste you produce? Can youGet inspired by the Games and see what you recycle more?can do to promote sustainability. How about encouraging your school to vity idea invest in renewable energies like wind, Acti solar or wave power? You could start a school newsletter on sustainability, inspire Get creative for 2012 action groups and get more people cycling or walking to school. sustainability All rights reserved. LOC2011/IEP/1812 Do you have a talent for poetry or song Why not start a vegetable garden at writing? Are you a good storyteller? your school? This will cut down any food Whatever your talent, use it to produce transport costs your school currently has. something wonderful to promote sustainability at the London 2012 Games.