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  1. 1. tional gramme nternaion Pro ondon 2012 I ducat L ESports and venues of theLondon 2012 Olympic GamesGiving a home to inspirationIn 2012, athletes from all over the world will come to the UK to take partin one of the world’s largest festivals of sport and culture, the OlympicGames. Every four years, a different Host City becomes the centre ofcultural and sporting excellence. In 2012, it’s London’s turn.
  2. 2. The sports of the London 2012 Olympic Games The 26 Olympic sports, split into the following 39 disciplines: Archery Venue: Lord’s Cricket Ground, London Dates: Friday 27 July – Friday 3 August Medal events: 4 Athletes: 128 (64 men, 64 women) Archery dates back around 10,000 years and is now practised in more than 140 countries around the world.At the London 2012 Olympic Games world- Athleticsclass athletes will take part in 26 Olympic sportsincluding Athletics, Handball, Wrestling and Venue: Olympic Stadium –Diving. Olympic Park (track, field and combined events), London; TheThere was a huge amount to do to prepare Mall (road events), Londonfor the London 2012 Games so the London Dates: Friday 3 August – SundayOrganising Committee of the Olympic and 12 AugustParalympic Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Medal events: 47Delivery Authority (ODA) were set up. Athletes: 2,000The ODA is responsible for planning and The Marathon event was increased from aroundbuilding the Olympic Park, looking after both 25 miles to 26.2 miles at the London 1908the permanent and temporary venues and Olympic Games, so the race could finish in frontdeveloping the transport system. of the Box where members of the British Royal Family were sitting. The length of the MarathonLOCOG is responsible for staging a Games we remains 26.2 miles to this day.will never forget. Organising such an importantevent is a big challenge! Badminton Venue: Wembley Arena, London Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday 5 August Medal events: 5 Athletes: 172 Olympic shuttlecocks contain 16 feathers, each of them plucked from the left wing of a goose, and can travel faster than 400km/h.
  3. 3. Basketball Canoe Slalom Venues: Basketball Arena Venue: Lee Valley White Water – Olympic Park, London Centre, Hertfordshire (preliminaries, women’s quarter- Dates: Sunday 29 July – Thursday finals); North Greenwich Arena, 2 August London (men’s quarter-finals and Medal events: 4 women’s semi-finals onwards) Athletes: 82 Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday 12 August Up to 25 gates can be on a white water course. Medal events: 2 Touching a gate adds a two-second time penalty to Athletes: 288 (144 men, 144 the run; missing a gate incurs a 50-second penalty. women, 12 teams in each event). Canoe SprintBasketball was originally played using a football.It wasn’t until the very end of the 19th century that Venue: Eton Dorney,the first basketballs were manufactured. Buckinghamshire Dates: Monday 6 – Saturday 11Beach Volleyball August Medal events: 12 Venue: Horse Guards Parade, Athletes: 246 London Dates: Saturday 28 July – In canoes, athletes use a single-bladed paddle Thursday 9 August from a kneeling position. In kayaks, the Medal events: 2 competitors sit in the boat and use a paddle with Athletes: 96 (48 men, 48 women; two blades. 24 teams in each event) Cycling – BMXSince Beach Volleyball made its debut at theAtlanta 1996 Games, seven of the eight gold Venue: BMX Track – Olympicmedals have been won by the US and Brazil. Park, London Dates: Wednesday 8 – Friday 10Boxing August Medal events: 2 Venue: ExCeL, London Athletes: 48 Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday 12 August BMX bikes have only one gear and one brake. Medal events: 13 Athletes: 286 (250 men, 36 Cycling – Mountain Bike women) Venue: Hadleigh Farm, EssexBoxing was introduced to the ancient Olympic Dates: Saturday 11 – Sunday 12Games in the 7th century BC, when opponents Augustfought with strips of leather around their fists. Medal events: 2 Athletes: 80 (50 men, 30 women) The races will be held over rough, hilly countryside.
  4. 4. Cycling – Road Equestrian – Dressage Venue: The Mall, London (Road Venue: Greenwich Park, London Race); Hampton Court, London Dates: Thursday 2 – Thursday 9 (Time Trial) August Dates: Saturday 28 July – Medal events: 2 Wednesday 1 August Athletes: 50 Medal events: 4 Athletes: 212 (145 men, 67 In Dressage, riders and their horses perform a women) series of movements known as a dressage test, and are awarded scores by judges.During the time trial cyclists start 90 secondsapart. The winner is the cyclist with the fastest Equestrian – Eventingtime over the course. Venue: Greenwich Park, LondonCycling – Track Dates: Saturday 28 – Tuesday 31 July Venue: Velodrome, London Medal events: 2 Dates: Thursday 2 – Tuesday 7 Athletes: 75 August Medal events: 10 This competition combines dressage, cross- Athletes: 188 (104 men, 84 country riding and jumping. women) Equestrian – JumpingThe track in the Velodrome has been laid withlengths of Siberian pine, and is banked to an Venue: Greenwich Park, Londonangle of 42 degrees at its steepest point. Dates: Saturday 4 – Wednesday 8 AugustDiving Medal events: 2 Athletes: 75 Venue: Aquatics Centre – Olympic Park, London These events are an exciting test of skill, speed Dates: Sunday 29 July – Saturday and power held in an arena around a short 11 August 2012 course combining 12-14 fences. Medal events: 8 Athletes: 136 (68 men, 68 Fencing women) Venue: ExCeL, LondonOlympic springboards must be at least 4.8m Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sundaylong and 50cm wide, while platforms should be 5 Augustat least 6m long and 3m wide. Medal events: 10 Athletes: 212 Fencing was the first Olympic sport to feature professional athletes.
  5. 5. Football Gymnastics – Trampoline Venues: City of Coventry Stadium Venue: North Greenwich Arena, (Coventry); Hampden Park London (Glasgow); Millennium Stadium Dates: Friday 3 – Saturday 4 (Cardiff); Old Trafford (Manchester); August St James’ Park (Newcastle); Medal events: 2 Wembley Stadium (London) Athletes: 32 Dates: Wednesday 25 July – Saturday 11 August The first modern trampoline was used in the Medal events: 2 1930s as a training tool for tumblers, astronauts Athletes: 504 (288 men, 216 and athletes. women; 16 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams). HandballSince it was introduced as a medal sport in 1908, Venue: Handball Arena – OlympicFootball has featured at every Olympic Games Park, London (preliminaries,except one – the Los Angeles 1932 Games. women’s quarter-finals); Basketball Arena – Olympic Park, LondonGymnastics – Artistic (men’s quarter-finals, plus all semi- finals and finals) Venue: North Greenwich Arena, Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday London 12 August Dates: Saturday 28 July – Tuesday Medal events: 2 7 August Athletes: 336 (168 men, 168 Medal events: 14 women; 12 teams in each event) Athletes: 196 (98 men, 98 women) Handball uses an indoor court measuring 40m x 20m, the largest court of any indoor ball sport atSince the Games in Ancient Greece, the sport the Games.has been considered to offer perfect symmetrybetween mind and body. HockeyGymnastics – Rhythmic Venue: Hockey Centre, London Dates: Sunday 29 July – Saturday Venue: Wembley Arena, London 11 August Dates: Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 Medal events: 2 August Athletes: 384 (192 men, 192 Medal events: 2 women; 12 teams in each event) Athletes: 96 (all women) Men’s Hockey made its Olympic debut atCompetitors perform short routines to music London in 1908, while the first women’susing hand apparatus – a ball, clubs, a hoop Olympic Hockey competition was held at theand a ribbon. Moscow 1980 Games.
  6. 6. Judo Sailing Venue: ExCeL, London Venue: Weymouth and Portland, Dates: Saturday 28 July – Friday 3 Dorset August Dates: Sunday 29 July – Saturday Medal events: 14 11 August Athletes: 386 Medal events: 10 Athletes: 380 (237 men, 143Judo made its first appearance at the Olympic women)Games at Tokyo in 1964. Competitors use a mixof attack and defence in one-on-one contests, The 10 different Olympic Sailing events (six forwhich can be tough, tense and explosive. men, four for women) feature a variety of craft, from dinghies and keelboats to windsurfingModern Pentathlon boards. Shooting Venue: The Royal Artillery Barracks, London Dates: Saturday 28 July – MondayVenue: Handball Arena - Olympic Park, London 6 August(fencing); Aquatics Centre - Olympic Park, Medal events: 15London (swimming); and Greenwich Park, Athletes: 390London (riding, combined event)Dates: Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 August In Pistol and Rifle events, competitors aim at aEvents: Fencing, Swimming, Riding, Combined ringed target from a set distance. In ShotgunRun/Shoot Event events, competitors shoot at moving clay targetsMedal events: 2 launched above and in front of them.Athletes: 72 (36 men, 36 women) SwimmingA century after its Olympic debut, the ModernPentathlon competition at the London 2012 Venue: Aquatics Centre – OlympicGames will be the first at which running and Park, London (pool events);shooting are combined into a single discipline. Hyde Park, London (Marathon Swimming 10km)Rowing Dates: Saturday 28 July – Saturday 4 August (Aquatics Venue: Eton Dorney, Centre); Thursday 9 – Friday 10 Buckinghamshire August (Hyde Park) Dates: Saturday 28 July – Medal events: 34 Saturday 4 August Athletes: 950 Medal events: 14 Athletes: 550 (353 men, 197 At the London 1908 Olympic Games, the pool women) was built on the infield of the athletics track at White City Stadium and the competition wasThe youngest Olympic champion is thought to be held outdoors.a French boy, aged no more than 12, who coxedfor a Dutch pair at the Paris 1900 Games.
  7. 7. Synchronised Swimming Tennis Venue: Aquatics Centre – Olympic Venue: Wimbledon, London Park, London Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday Dates: Sunday 5 – Friday 10 5 August August Events: Men’s and women’s Singles Medal events: 2 and Doubles; Mixed Doubles Athletes: 104 (all women) Medal events: 5 Athletes: 172 (86 men, 86 women)Synchronised Swimming is one of only twoevents on the Olympic programme to be Tennis appeared at the first modern Olympiccontested exclusively by women. The other is Games in 1896 but was dropped from theRhythmic Gymnastics. programme after the Paris 1924 Games, before returning 64 years later.Table Tennis Triathlon Venue: ExCeL, London Dates: Saturday 28 July – Venue: Hyde Park, London Wednesday 8 August Dates: Saturday 4 and Tuesday 7 Medal events: 4 August Athletes: 172 (86 men, 86 Medal events: 2 women) Athletes: 110 (55 men, 55 women)Table Tennis is the biggest participation sport in More than half a million spectators lined thethe world. Other names for the sport include streets of Sydney to watch the first ever Olympic‘Ping Pong’, ‘Whiff Waff’ and ‘Flim Flam’ Triathlon at the 2000 Games.reflecting the sound of the ball being struck andbouncing off the table. VolleyballTaekwondo Venue: Earls Court, London Date: Saturday 28 July – Sunday Venue: ExCeL, London 12 August Dates: Wednesday 8 – Saturday Medal events: 2 11 August Athletes: 288 (144 men, 144 Medal events: 8 women: 12 teams in each event) Athletes: 128 (64 men, 64 women) The key attacking move is the set and spike, in which a player feeds the ball (the set) for aOver their standard white uniform, known as a teammate to power it into the opposition’s court‘dobok’, competitors wear coloured protective (the spike).equipment. The competitor wearing blue isreferred to as ‘chung’, while the competitor inred is ‘hong’.
  8. 8. a ivity ideWater Polo Venue: Olympic Park – Water Polo Act Arena, London Follow the Olympic events Dates: Sunday 29 July – Sunday Which are your favourite Olympic 12 August events? Talk with your classmates and Medal events: 2 use the dates provided above to make a Athletes: 260 (156 men, 104 schedule for all the Olympic events that women) you and your class are going to watch or follow. You can find out more aboutWater polo developed during the 19th each sport and view the full Olympiccentury as an aquatic version of rugby, played sport competition schedule at www.informally in lakes and rivers. e a ctivity id Venue: ExCeL, London Dates: Saturday 28 July – Tuesday 7 August A Medal events: 15 Get creative. Athletes: 260 (156 men, 104 Look at the images by the event names women) above. These are called pictograms and these are the official pictograms for theThe aim of Weightlifting is simple: to life London 2012 Olympic Games. What domore weight than anyone else. Competitors you think the purpose of a pictogramin Olympic Weightlifting are divided into 15 is? Where might you see one during theweight categories, eight for men and seven for London 2012 Olympic Games? Can youwomen. design your own pictogram for your favourite sport?Wrestling Venue: ExCeL, London a Dates: Sunday 5 – Sunday 12 August 2012 Ac tivity ide Medal events: 18 Athletes: 344 Think and discuss Think about your country. Which ofGreco-Roman and Freestyle are different the sports above do you play in yourdisciplines. Wrestling is a body-to-body combat country? Why are they so popular? Dosport with the ultimate aim to force the back of you play any of these sports at yourthe opponent’s shoulders onto the ground. school? Which of these sports would you like to try the most and why? Imagine you are organising the next Olympic Games. Which new event would you bring into the Games? Think about why you want this particular sport. Work in groups to present your idea to your class.
  9. 9. Indicative map of the Olympic Park at Games timeVenues in theOlympic Park d oa lt RAs Host City of the ho ck Ru Temporary Northern Spectator WalthamOlympic Games, Transport Mall ForestLondon will be at thecentre of celebrations Eton Manorin 2012. The heart Entranceof the London2012 Games is thespectacular new A12 Loop RoadOlympic Park in east BMX CircuitLondon. Velodrome No rth-E Hockey ast Centre Co nco urse Basketball Hockey Arena warm-up Athletes’ Riv area International Broadcast Village er Centre/ Lea Main Press Centre Stratford International station HS1 Hackney No r t h Handball Arena -West C Sponsors’ Stratford City oncourse Energy Centre Hospitality Zone Entrance Ce nt Water Polo ra Arena Stratford l Co station n co Aquatics ur se Centre Competition venues Non-competition venues Back of house Spectator services Olympic Entrance area Stadium Loop road The Orbit Newham Transport malls Tower Hamlets Entrance point Trees Railway lines The G reen Stratford way Loop road High Street London Underground station Entrance Docklands Light Railway station London Overground station Warm-up National Rail station area Temporary Southern Spectator Transport Mall Metres 0 200 400 N West Ham station Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of HMSO. © Crown copyright and database right 2010. All rights reserved. Ordnance Survey Licence number 100046062.
  10. 10. Olympic Stadium Aquatics Centre Basketball ArenaAthletics, Opening and Closing Diving, Modern Pentathlon, Basketball, HandballCeremonies Swimming, Synchronised Swimming The Basketball Arena containsThe Olympic Stadium has been 12,000 seats designed tobuilt on an island, surrounded The Aquatics Centre features a represent the colours of aby waterways on three sides. spectacular wave-like roof. basketball – black and orange.Spectators will reach the Stadiumvia five bridges connecting toother areas of the Olympic Park.Handball Arena Velodrome BMX TrackHandball, Modern Pentathlon Track Cycling BMX CyclingThe venue’s design includes a The Velodrome’s lower tier The 400-metre BMX Track hasrainwater harvesting system will have 3,500 seats located been built with jumps, bumpswhich collects water from the around the track, with a further and tightly banked corners. Theroof and uses it to flush the 2,500 seats suspended within riders will start on an eight-toilets. the two curves of the venue’s metre ramp. roof.Hockey Centre Water Polo ArenaHockey Water PoloFor the first time ever at an The Water Polo Arena will beOlympic Games, the Hockey situated next to the Aquaticscompetition will be played on Centre in one of the mostblue pitches. compact areas of the Olympic Park.
  11. 11. e a A ctivity id Getting to and from the Games a There are 10 railway lines going into the Ac tivity ide Olympic Park. It will take as little as seven minutes to travel to the Park from central Dramatise the Park London. What is the public transport The Olympic Park will be the centre of like in your country? Could it use some the Olympic Games. What do you think improvement? Think about what changes life inside the Olympic Park will be like? you would like to make and then design Work in groups and improvise scenes or your improvements. You could draw, paint create collages to show your ideas. Get or even present your ideas. creative and use your imagination!Venues across LondonThe Olympic Park will host a great number of Olympic events during the 2012 Games. However,there will also be many venues outside the Park, and around London.
  12. 12. Wembley Stadium Wembley Arena WimbledonFootball Badminton, Rhythmic Tennis GymnasticsThe biggest of the six stadiums Wimbledon is the onlystaging the London 2012 The Arena is already a world- remaining major grass-courtGames football competition, class music and sports venue, tennis venue in the world. Ithas a famous arch that soars and will need very little work has recently been updated withover 130m into the sky. completed. a retractable roof on centre court to keep out any rain.Earls Court Lord’s Cricket Ground Hyde ParkVolleyball Archery Marathon Swimming, TriathlonFrom exhibitions and Lord’s Cricket Ground has The largest of London’s Royalconferences to live music, Earls been ‘the home of cricket’ for Parks has been open to theCourts currently holds hundreds almost 200 years and now will public since 1637. It will alsoof events each year attended serve as the location for the be a major focus for musical,by visitors from around the Archery competition. theatrical and other culturalworld. celebrations associated with London 2012.Horse Guards Parade The Mall North Greenwich ArenaBeach Volleyball Marathon, Race Walk, Road Basketball, Artistic Gymnastics, Cycling TrampolineThe parade ground lies at theheart of London’s ceremonial In the centre of London, The North Greenwich Arena waslife, and hosts the Trooping of Mall runs from Buckingham originally built to celebrate thethe Colour ceremony that takes Palace to Trafalgar Square and Millennium (the year 2000) andplace to mark the Queen’s provides a backdrop for formal has been transformed into abirthday each year. ceremonies and sporting events, sports and entertainment venue. including the London Marathon.
  13. 13. Greenwich Park ExCel Hampton Court PalaceEquestrian, Modern Pentathlon Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Road Cycling Time Trial Table Tennis, Taekwondo,Greenwich Park is London’s Weightlifting, Wrestling Hampton Court Palace is oneoldest Royal Park. It dates back of London’s royal palaces andto 1433 and has been a World Excel will host the largest has housed some of Britain’sHeritage Site since 1997. cluster of sports outside of the most famous kings and queens, Olympic Park. the most well known being Henry VIII. e a A ctivity id Planning new eventsThe Royal Artillery Think about the sports facilities in your country. AreBarracks there any sporting events that you would like to see inShooting your country? Which facilities could hold the event you want? Why not plan a new festival for your countryThe London port of Woolwich or community? Think about the sports that you like buthas a long military history and don’t see very often. What will you need to considerthe construction of The Royal when planning this new event?Artillery Barracks began in1776.
  14. 14. Venues across the UKAlthough the 2012 Olympic Games are centred in London, many athletes will be competing invenues all over the UK.Lee Valley White Water Centre, Millennium Stadium, CardiffHertfordshire FootballCanoe Slalom The Millennium Stadium is situated in theA new 10,000 square metre lake has been heart of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Withconstructed which will pump 15 cubic metres of a retractable roof and a crowd capacity ofwater into the centre’s 300m course. 74,600, the stadium will host the first Olympic sporting event: the women’s Football.Hampden Park, Glasgow Hadleigh Farm, EssexFootball Mountain BikeHampden Park is Scotland’s national football Spectators will be able to watch along a coursestadium. It is also used for music concerts and winding through the woods and parkland, whichother sporting events. offers some fantastic hills for the competitors.Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire Old Trafford, ManchesterCanoe Sprint, Rowing FootballThe eight lane rowing course is set in a 400- Home to Manchester United Football Club, Oldacre park with a nature conservation area. Trafford is the second largest football ground in the UK.
  15. 15. St James’ Park, Newcastle Weymouth and Portland, DorsetFootball SailingSt James’ Park is the oldest and largest football Weymouth and Portland provides some of theground in the north-east of England. best natural sailing waters in the UK. a Act ivity ide Local Venue What sports venues do you have near you? What makes them good? HowThe City of Coventry Stadium could you improve them? How does yourFootball school and local community benefit from these venues?The stadium was built in 2005 and is home toCoventry City Football Club. Index of venues outside London A Lee Valley White Water Centre – Canoe Slalom B Eton Dorney – Rowing, Canoe Sprint C Hampden Park – Football C D Millennium Stadium – Football E Hadleigh Farm – Cycling (Mountain Bike) G F Old Trafford – Football G St James’ Park – Football H Weymouth & Portland – Sailing F I City of Coventry Stadium – Football I A D B E Key Olympic Sport H
  16. 16. The Athlete’s Village aThe ODA is currently building the competing Ac tivity ideathletes’ home-away-from-home: the Athlete’s PreparationVillage. We all want to see the athletes perform to the best of their ability. For the athletes themselves, the 2012 Games will be one of the biggest events of their lives. Imagine you were an athlete in the London Games – what sort of things would you want in the Olympic Village to give you the best preparation possible? You might wish to think about food, drink, sleep, relaxation and training facilities. e a ctivity idBefore the Games begin, athletes will stay andprepare in training camps all across the UK. AOnce the Games start, the athletes will move tothe Athlete’s Village. Eating well! What sort of things do you think theMore than 17,000 athletes and officials will use London 2012 chefs have to think aboutthis area during the 2012 Games to eat, drink, when they create the menus for thesleep, contact their families and prepare for the athletes? What would you want to eatgreatest competition of their lives. The Village if you were preparing for a big event?will cater for all the needs of the athletes and Would it be the same as other athletesofficials. from other countries?ComfortComfort is one of the most important aspects of Eating wellthe Village. If athletes are not comfortable, theywill not perform at their best on their big day. There will be a 5,000-seat dining room to caterSo, the ODA has supplied some extra-long beds. for every dietary and nutritional need of theThis is a necessity for taller athletes like rowers athletes and officials. There will also be other,and handball players. more informal places to eat, including cafés.
  17. 17. EntertainmentWhen athletes are not competing, they willbe able to watch events and enjoy the culturalactivities on big screens around the Village. aThe Village will include a Village Plaza where Ac tivity ideathletes will be able to meet with friends and Making new friendsfamily. Athletes from all teams will share thisspace. This will give competitors the opportunity Why not pretend that you are an athleteto make friendships with people from different arriving in the Athletes’ Village? Howcountries. This spirit of friendship will make the would you meet and make friends withGames more enjoyable for competitors and for the other athletes? What might you talkthe audiences watching. to them about? Think about the fact that you might speak different languages – how would you communicate? You couldStay connected act out and role-play these scenarios. If you speak or are learning a differentAthletes will find it easy to keep up-to-date with language, why not use differentwhat’s happening in the world. A range of languages in your role-play too?international newspapers will be available so thatathletes can read the news from their own country.The Village will also have Wi-Fi and Internetaccess so athletes can contact their family andfriends at home.
  18. 18. The legacy of the London 2012 Games: what happensafter it all ends?To stage the Olympic Games, London 2012 is going to use many venues and locations around the UK.Large areas will be taken up, especially in east London, where the Olympic Park is situated. However,once the Games are over, LOCOG and the ODA have many plans to make good use of the space.The Velodrome and BMX Track will be made intoa VeloPark for public use.The Aquatics Centre will be transformed into apublic swimming facility. It will include a crèche,family changing rooms, café and a new plaza atthe front of the building. This document and the official Emblems of the London 2012 Games are © London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd (LOCOG) 2007-2011. All rights reserved. LOC2011/IEP/1812The Basketball Arena will be removed after the a tivity ideGames. However, parts of the Arena are expectedto be reused in other parts of the UK. AcThe Handball Arena will be changed into a multi- Teacher’s ideapurpose public sports facility. It will allow people What do you think the London 2012to practise many indoor sports, including handball, facilities should be used for in the future?badminton, martial arts, boxing and netball. For example, what do you think the Olympic Stadium could be used for?Many of the other venues will be adapted into Develop a plan to suggest any renovationsports facilities for clubs that already exist in the you think you would benefit the widerarea. community. Think about making sure your venue is accessible to as many people asThe Athletes’ Village will be converted into new possible. You could present your ideashomes. These homes will be made available to key back to your class and have a vote onworkers such as teachers and nurses. There will your designs, voting for the most creativealso be a new school for 1,800 pupils aged 3-19. design, the most practical or the most innovative. Find out more informationThe Olympic Stadium will continue to be a facility about the Olympic venues on the Londonfor world-class sporting achievement after the 2012 website, in particular athletics and football. An idea from Jo Daniels, Davenant Foundation School