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Bs ii module 3


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Bs ii module 3

  1. 1. Amity School of BusinessProblem Solving Process Module 3
  2. 2. Amity School of Business
  3. 3. Amity School of Business Identifying anddefining problem and its causes By : Problems --raising vital questions --formulating questions clearly and precisely
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS Amity School of Business STAGE ONE Define the StartingUnderstand the Issues Issue(s) Define the Problem Analyze the Situation Objectives: 1. To analyze the facts. 2. To define the problem
  5. 5. Amity School of Business Defining theparameters, resources and limitations
  6. 6. THE PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS Amity School of Business STAGE TWO Generate IdeasFind Solutions Make Decisions Evaluate Ideas Objectives: 1. To generate ideas. 2. To evaluate ideas. 3. To decide on the best possible solution
  7. 7. Amity School of BusinessGenerate at least 3 alternative courses of action By: --gathering information, then --assessing it and determining what it means and what it is worth
  8. 8. THE PROBLEM-SOLVING Amity School of Business PROCESSSTAGE THREEPlan Your Action Analyze the Impact Plan Your Action Plan the Follow-through Objectives: 1. To determine the impact on people and systems. 2. To build on action plan. 3. To decide on follow-through.
  9. 9. Amity School of Business Selecting course of action By: --drawing conclusions from the information presented --finding possible, plausible solutions and testing them with relevant criteriaIf it works, continue or else do something else
  10. 10. PRINCIPLES OF INTERPERSONAL PROBLEM-SOLVING Amity School of Business 1. Presenting yourself • Eye Contact • Good voice 2. I-talk • Convey displeasure • Unhappiness about the situation 3. The Mary Poppins Rule “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. • Polite language 4. The Comic Parry (or keep it light) • Use of humor and wit in problem situations
  11. 11. Amity School of BusinessEFFECTIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING• Left Brain• Right Brain
  12. 12. EFFECTIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING Amity School of BusinessLeft Brain • Follows a logical pattern • Is objective, rather than subjective • Views time chronologically, minute by minute, hour by hour • Sees things as true or false, black or white • Seeks the detail, sees the trees rather than the forest • Houses short-term memory • Thinks critically, perhaps negatively, asks “why?”.
  13. 13. EFFECTIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING Amity School of BusinessRight Brain • Follows intuitive hunches • Creates patterns, without following a step-by-step process • Is subjective, rather than objective • Views time in a total sense – a lifetime, career, project • Sees the forest, rather than the trees • Thinks positively, unconstrained by preconceived ideas • Asks “why not?”, breaks rules
  14. 14. PROBLEM-SOLVING of Business Amity School“HE WHO OWNS THE PROBLEM IS THESOLUTION” Thank you!