The Chronicles Of Decadence


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The Chronicles Of Decadence

  1. 1. The Chronicles of Decadence
  2. 2. Impact
  3. 3. The wise authors of IIMpressions knew what they were writing when they had described Swapneel as “a person with the best interests of the world at hand”. Indeed, he had the best interests of everyone when he sent this mass mail on Nov 27 th 1998 Hi, this is for all those guys who have taken credit cards from Citibank on campus. as far as I remember, those guys had reissued cards during their cyberzone inauguration with the understanding that these would be free from that moment on for a period of 2 years. This was supposed to be irrespective of whether you already had taken the card on campus during PGP1 or you had the card from when you were working. now they have applied annual fees on the credit card. I called them up. they started saying stuff like : you are working now, you have already had 2 free years etc. so we wont waive off the fees. But i happen to know that they have waived the fees for the symbiosis class of 97 , so they might as well do it for us. if anyone knows anything more about this, let me know. also, don't forget to call in and fight with them . they waived my colleagues‘ fees, who are from symbiosis and my own add-on card fees after 2-3 calls & a threat to return the card.
  4. 4. Citibank: NYSE quote on Nov 27 th 1998: $24.68 NYSE quote on Dec 18 th 2008: $7.73 Down 70%, One CEO sacked, Other one on his way out Whether it was SUC Prez or Citibank, Mr. “Datta Samant” Mahajan could bring them down to their knees
  5. 5. SidPad gets chipped off some money by Rediff for a book he never receives. Following on the footsteps of Swapneel, he warns everyone Thought I should let all you guys know that don't ever try to shop-online at I burnt my fingers , thought I should warn all of you too. Rediff: Nasdaq quote on Dec 17 th 2008: $2.07
  6. 6. From The Mail Archives
  7. 7. From the Mail Archives Aapka apna Ghanshu… Ganshu goes senti about a prank that Father played Greetings to everyone on the new list. I will keep this mail short and sweet for sake of convenience and for getting across my message without taking much time. (the mail was written and stored for posting on the coollist. So at some places dont be surprised to find the name and context of coollist.) Problem is, it is not short though it is quite sweet like Gujju khana. So we shall read it out
  8. 8. This is Jaggu Alias Jagmohan Singh Babra This is Jaggu Jr Alias Jagmohan Singh Babra Jr
  9. 9. The Sarkar Saga We get angry mail from Sudipto. Only it says “Susanto” Swapneel asks, Why is Sudipto calling himself “Susanto” Korpo investigates Sudipto is Sudipto but ssarkar@... Is Susanto We shift from coollist to onelist Coollist closed down shortly Sudipto lives in Melbourne with quaint trams and a leisurely lifestyle
  10. 10. From the Mail Archives 1 st December 1998 Sandeep Seth clarifies to one and all that he belongs to the male species and reports on the mating practices of bald men
  11. 11. From the Mail Archives 2 nd December 1998 Alistair Cooke used to do a daily Letter from America on the BBC from 1946 to 2004. A book compiling all the letters is available on Amazon for £6. 99 Korpo was obviously inspired to do the same. He sends his “Letter From America”
  12. 12. From the Mail Archives 3 rd December 1998 The first job posting on the mail list – from the kind lady Sonal Thohan It was for “an opportunity for SAP/ERP professionals in New York”
  13. 13. Misunderstanding & Chaos
  14. 14. Uncle Chawla announced the engagement of Doc with Shweta. It took Denim to clarify “ restless minds and hearts ” because the one we know spells her name as Shveta and was herself bethrothed to one Mr. Bhupendra Given the short and sweet sermon by Ganshu, this announcement was made under oath by both Uncle and Kapil Raizada. Final dates: Doc weds Shweta, Feb 9 th 1999
  15. 15. Lest We Forget
  16. 16. Uday Nayak April 6 th 1999
  17. 17. Siddarth Gupta (KN) April 24 th 2002
  18. 18. Globe Explorers
  19. 19. Apr 7, 1999 Ram Kalyan Medury was looking for “anyone in Japan” Apr 7, 1999 Sandeep Seth was looking for “anyone in Hong Kong” Apr 7 1999, Sidpad wanted “anyone in Bangalore” to give him dinner Aug 29, 2000 Shrenik was in Singapore for two days and wanted to know if anyone was there Sudipto missed him by 20 days
  20. 20. Aug 29 2000 The Hermit is in Cambridge but can meet people in London Jul 9 2002 Yogyatta Datta came to Luxmebourg for a one month assignment stayed at Le Royal
  21. 21. Sep 29 1999, Ankur Garg wants to meet Guys / Girls in New York July 20, 2000, Chops was at the Sheraton in Atlanta and people could leave a message at room 237 and he would call back
  22. 22. Sleaze Breeze
  23. 23. Sleaze Breeze was back August 2001 When Col Chops of UNAMUSED was taken to the cleaners Sleaze Breeze, Vol 1 #3, 10 th August 2001
  24. 24. “ Aadmi Ko Life Mein Senti Nahin Honeka” That’s why Mr. Kompella never changed his job inspite of the best efforts of his company which started off as Digital then became Compaq and finally is now known as HP
  25. 25. New Models
  26. 26. The VKG Matrix IBM OTHERS _____________________ working in INDIA | Sonal | Annanya | |______________ |_______| Outside India | VD | ?? | |_________ |_______|