Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011 - Literature Quiz - Prelims

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KGAF 2011Literature Quiz,[object Object],The Bombay Quiz Club,[object Object]
Preliminary Round,[object Object],KGAF 2011 Literature Quiz,[object Object],The Bombay Quiz Club,[object Object]
Teams of two – let us know if you need help finding a partner.,[object Object],25 questions, 30 points (20 questions for 1 point, 5 questions for 2 points).,[object Object],Please answer legibly – if we can’t read it, it’s wrong.,[object Object],This is not a spelling test, but please try and get as close as possible.,[object Object],Last names of people are sufficient, unless otherwise specified.,[object Object],Questions marked with a * will be used to break ties (5 in number).,[object Object],For multi-part questions, only fully-correct answers count in the tiebreak.,[object Object],Please ensure that electronic devices do not get in the way of this quiz.,[object Object],Your hosts, benevolent dictators and undisputed final authorities:,[object Object],Anannya Deb,[object Object],Sumant Srivathsan,[object Object],VibhenduTewari,[object Object],The Rules,[object Object]
They’re serving khimapao at Olympia,,[object Object],dal gosht at Baghdadi,,[object Object],puribhaji at Kailash Parbat,,[object Object],aabgosht at Sarvi’s,,[object Object],kebabs with sprigs of mint at Gulshan-e-Iran,,[object Object],nali-nehari at Noor Mohamadi’s,[object Object],baidagotala at the Oriental,,[object Object],paya soup at Benazir,,[object Object],brunmaska at Military Café,,[object Object],upmaat Swagat,,[object Object],shira at Anand Vihar,,[object Object],and fried eggs and bacon at Wayside Inn.,[object Object],For, yes, it’s breakfast time at ____ ______,[object Object],as elsewhere,[object Object],in and around Bombay,[object Object],- up and down,[object Object],the whole hungry longitude, in fact;,[object Object],the 73rd, if I’m not mistaken.,[object Object],Prelims 1,[object Object],Fill in the blanks, and also name the poet.,[object Object]
Breakfast at Kala Ghoda, by ArunKolatkar,[object Object],Prelims 1 - Answer,[object Object]
Describe this flag of a short-lived nation in five words.,[object Object],Prelims 2,[object Object]
Half Of A Yellow Sun,[object Object],Prelims 2 - Answer,[object Object]
Which word answers to both these descriptions?,[object Object],A category of musical compositions that are inspired by and evocative of night time. Frédéric Chopin is the most famous exponent of this form, with 21 compositions to his name.,[object Object],A collection of short fiction published in 2009 by a Booker Prize-winning novelist, with five stories about music, musicians and the close of day.,[object Object],Prelims 3,[object Object]
Nocturnes,[object Object],Prelims 3 - Answer,[object Object]
The author of a celebrated (and weighty) 1993 novel says of a new project:,[object Object],“I think it’s just that I suddenly got the idea of not taking up the story in 1952 where I had left it, but rather to take it up in the present. In other words, not just a sequel, but to write what you could call a jump sequel.”,[object Object],The sequel will have Lata, the young heroine of the original novel, now 75, looking for a wife for her grandson, “whether he is thinking about it or not.”,[object Object],What is the name of this sequel?,[object Object],Prelims 4,[object Object]
A Suitable Girl, Vikram Seth’s proposed follow-up to A Suitable Boy.,[object Object],Prelims 4 - Answer,[object Object]
What phrase in literature, usually used in disparaging terms to critique climactic sequences of a certain nature, derives from the act of lowering an actor onto the stage with a crane, as shown below?,[object Object],Prelims 5,[object Object]
Deus ex machina or “God from a machine”. The actor being lowered onto the stage usually played a Greek god, who would stage the divine intervention necessary to resolve complicated plots in plays by Aristophanes and Euripides.,[object Object],Prelims 5 - Answer,[object Object]
Among the many tablets in Mesopotamia, there are some which detail out specific trade in wood, copper, tin, carnelian beads, shell, ivory, peacocks and monkeys from a region which archaeologists and historians today identify as the cities of the Indus and Saraswati Valley, possibly Dholavira or Lothal, which were major trading hubs.,[object Object],What was the name given to this region on the tablets?,[object Object],Prelims 6,[object Object]
Meluha, recently encountered in Amish Tripathi’sThe Immortals of Meluha.,[object Object],Prelims 6 - Answer,[object Object]
When the filmmaker expressed interested in turning this four-page short story into a feature film, the author (who had earlier collaborated with the filmmaker on a children’s film) expanded it into an 80-page novella, which then evolved into a 200-page script.,[object Object],Name the film, in which the writer will make his maiden film appearance in a short cameo.,[object Object],Prelims 7,[object Object]
7 KhoonMaaf, Vishal Bharadwaj’s film based on Ruskin Bond’s short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands.,[object Object],Prelims 7 - Answer,[object Object]
His first novel, Fatherland (1992), dealt with the alternative scenario of Nazi Germany winning WWII and establishing the Greater German Reich in Europe. His novel, The Ghost, about an ex-Prime Minister writing his memoirs with a ghostwriter reflected his own views of British PM Tony Blair ghostwriting George W. Bush’s case for the war on terror. He has a trilogy on a famous Roman; two of these books are already published, and a third due out in 2011.,[object Object],Name this former BBC television reporter turned novelist.,[object Object],Prelims 8,[object Object]
Robert Harris,[object Object],Prelims 8 - Answer,[object Object]
As a child, his uncle gave him the nickname “Nawab”, and he used it as a pseudonym to publish an Urdu novel titled Bazaar-e-Husn. While the novel is based in Lucknow, a Tamil film, SevaSadan, was made in 1938, placing the tale in a South Indian Brahmin setting, and with M. S. Subbalakshmi in the lead role.,[object Object],What is the more popular pseudonym used by this Indian man of letters?,[object Object],Prelims 9,[object Object]
Premchand,[object Object],Prelims 9 - Answer,[object Object]
Whose itinerary is shown in this map?,[object Object],Prelim 10,[object Object]
Jack Kerouac, the trip that was eventually documented as On The Road,[object Object],Prelims 10 - Answer,[object Object]
If Pyramus and Thisbe is to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, then what is to Hamlet?,[object Object],Prelims 11 *,[object Object]
The Murder of Gonzago, the play within the play.,[object Object],Prelims 11 – Answer *,[object Object]
On December 31, 1974, three people honoured with the KBE (“To be Ordinary Knights Commanders of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order”) were listed in the London Gazette as follows:,[object Object],Charles Spencer Chaplin, Film Actor and Producer,[object Object],Edwin Rodney Smith, President, Royal College of Surgeons of England,[object Object],______ _________ _________, Author,[object Object],The author, then 93 years old, heeded his doctor’s advice and did not travel to England to receive his knighthood. His wife received his honours from the local British Consul.,[object Object],Who was this author?,[object Object],Prelims 12,[object Object]
Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse,[object Object],Prelims 12 - Answer,[object Object]
The protagonist of this critically acclaimed debut novel from 2007 earns his nickname (also referenced in the title) when his Halloween costume prompts a classmate to note his physical similarity to “that fat homo _____ _____.” The nickname is a Hispanic (and Oriental-sounding) mispronunciation of the aforementioned “homo”. The title of the novel itself is a nod to an Ernest Hemingway short story set in a big game safari in Africa.,[object Object],What is the nickname?,[object Object],Prelims 13 *,[object Object]
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz. The “homo” in question is Oscar Wilde.,[object Object],Prelims 13 - Answer *,[object Object]
Which fictional character, with a total appearance score of 33 novels and 51 short stories, connects these men?,[object Object],Prelims 14,[object Object],First,[object Object],Latest,[object Object]
HerculePoirot, first played by Charles Laughton in a West End theatre production in the 1920s, and most recently by David Suchet in the ongoing television series which will conclude in 2011 when every Poirot story will have been filmed.,[object Object],Prelims 14 - Answer,[object Object]
Using the picture as a guide, fill in the blank in the author’s description:,[object Object],“A ______! I should describe it as a journey, long or short, without an end; the only thing regulating it being the necessity of getting back within a given time to the point from which it started.”,[object Object],Prelims 15,[object Object]
Bummel,[object Object],Prelims 15 - Answer,[object Object]
It is a collection of over 2,000 pieces of verse on two basic themes: agam (inner feelings) and puram (outer exploits). In the agam poetry, emotions are symbolically represented in the form of specific landscapes, called thinai. The landscape categories are Kurinji (mountains), Mullai (forests), Marutham (farms), Neithal (seashores) and Paalai (deserts).,[object Object],What is the name given to this body of work?,[object Object],Prelims 16,[object Object]
Tamil Sangam literature/poetry,[object Object],Prelims 16 - Answer,[object Object]
In a speech at the opening of the Edinburgh Philosophical Institute on November 4, 1846, which champion of the British Empire raised this toast to British Literature:,[object Object],“. . .,[object Object],to that literature which has taught France the principles of liberty and furnished Germany with models of art;,[object Object],to that literature which forms a tie closer than the tie of consanguinity between us and the commonwealths of the valley of the Mississippi;,[object Object],to that literature before the light of which impious and cruel superstitions are fast taking flight on the banks of the Ganges,[object Object],. . .,[object Object],To the Literature of Britain, then! And, wherever British literature spreads, may it be attended by British virtue and by British freedom!”,[object Object],Prelims 17,[object Object]
Thomas Babbington Macaulay,[object Object],Prelims 17 - Answer,[object Object]
Fill in the missing playwright’s name in this quote from Milan Kundera’sThe Book of Laughter and Forgetting:,[object Object],“Rhinoceros is a play by ______ _______ in which the characters possessed by a desire to be similar to one another, one by one turn into rhinoceroses.”,[object Object],The play, set in provincial France, documents the pre-WWII growth of Fascism and Communism in Europe, and explores themes of conformity, culture and morality.,[object Object],Prelims 18 *,[object Object]
Eugene Ionesco,[object Object],Prelims 18 – Answer *,[object Object]
Connect, and identify the missing book.,[object Object],Prelims 19,[object Object],?,[object Object]
The shared Booker Prizes (1974 and 1992); The English Patientby Michael Ondaatje,[object Object],Prelims 19 - Answer,[object Object]
Born in 1930 in the town of Ogidi, his evangelical Christian parents named him Albert. He later dropped this name, joking that he and Queen Victoria had one thing in common, “we both lost our Albert.” In 2007, almost fifty years after his first novel in 1958 and at the age of 77, he won the inaugural Man Booker International Prize, with jury chairperson Elain Showalter saying in her citation “in redrawing the contours of African history, he has redrawn the contours of the novel joyce created for the 20th Century.”,[object Object],Who?,[object Object],Prelims 20,[object Object]
Chinua Achebe,[object Object],Prelims 20 - Answer,[object Object]
The epitaph on this author’s memorial stone is a palindromic phrase which also served as the title of his twenty-second novel, based on the last days of John Keats.,[object Object],The phrase has several connotations: it means “father, father” in Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew and other Semitic languages, reflective of the author’s multilingual proficiency. It is also his initials forwards and backwards, and part of the rhyme scheme of the Petrarchan sonnet.,[object Object],Name both the novelist and his epitaph/novel.,[object Object],Prelims 21,[object Object]
Anthony Burgess, and ABBA, ABBA,[object Object],Prelims 21 - Answers,[object Object]
Arnaut Daniel de Riberac, a 12th Century Occitan troubadour and poet who is believed to have invented the sestina,  is considered by many to be the foremost proponent of romance of his time. Petrarch called him the “Grand Master of Love”. Not surprisingly, in The Divine Comedy, Dante encounters him in Purgatory doing penance for lust. The term Dante used to refer to Daniel became much more well known when it was used by a 20th Century poet in a dedication.,[object Object],What is this sobriquet, and who are the two 20th Century poets?,[object Object],Prelims 22,[object Object]
Il migliofabbro (the better craftsman); T. S. Eliot’s dedication of The Waste Land to Ezra Pound.,[object Object],Prelims 22 - Answers,[object Object]
This poem about a girl called Zemfira, written in 1824, was one of the four Southern Poems written when the poet was in exile in the south of his country. According to one expert, this poem has inspired at least 18 operas, one of which is based on an 1845 novella, which is in turn based on the poem.,[object Object],Name both the poem and the poet.,[object Object],Prelims 23 *,[object Object]
The Gypsies, by Alexander Pushkin, the source of any opera remotely associated with the name “Carmen”,[object Object],Prelims 23 – Answers *,[object Object]
These are the opening lines of which “experimental” novel, written sometime between 1965 and 1966? Also name the writer.,[object Object],Guns, The Falcon’s Mouthbook and Gashcat Unpunished,[object Object],Aretha/crystal jukebox queen of hymn and him diffused in drunk transfusion wound would heed sweet soundwave crippled & cry salute to oh great particular el dorado reel & ye battered personal god but she cannot she the leader of whom when ye follow, she cannot she has no back she cannot… beneath black flowery railroad fans & fig leaf shades & dogs of all nitejoes, grow like arhes & cures the harmonica battalions of bitter cowards, bones & bygones while what steadier louder the moans & arms…,[object Object],Prelims 24 *,[object Object]
Tarantula, by Bob Dylan,[object Object],Prelims 24 - Answers *,[object Object]
The circumstances of which occasion does this poem, read here by Pankaj Kapur, address? Also name the poet.,[object Object],Prelims 25,[object Object]
The formation of Pakistan/Partition; Subah-e-Azaadi (1947) by Faiz Ahmed Faiz,[object Object],Prelims 25 - Answers,[object Object]
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