Indian Summer Open for Boat Club Quiz Club - Prelims


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Conducted on 2nd Sept 2012

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Indian Summer Open for Boat Club Quiz Club - Prelims

  1. 1. Thodasa Roomani Ho JayeThe Indian Summer Open nd 2 Sept 2012 © Anannya Deb
  2. 2. The Prelims● 35 questions● Tie Breaker order – Question numbers 5, 15, 25, 35 are single starred – Questions 10, 20, 30 are two part questions (2 pointers) – Count down from Question 1 onwards● Top 6 teams + Draft Picks from Teams 7, 8, 9 (as per BCQC tradition)● Questions are clearly written on the slide, please dont make up your own assumptions on what the question is or should be.● I am not an answer Nazi nor a memory Nazi. If you have got the keywords that I am looking for, you will get your points © Anannya Deb
  3. 3. © Anannya Deb
  4. 4. baadalon ka naam na ho ambar ke gaon meinjalta ho jangal khud apni chhaaon meinyahi to hai mausam(Kamlesh Pande, Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaye)The Indian Summer Open Prelims © Anannya Deb
  5. 5. Prelims 1After moving to Pune from Dharwad where he was born, he foundemployment as a mali at the Poona Club. The white gentlemen who cameto practice their forward defensive needed some one to bowl at them. Sothis mali was drafted in. JG Greig, the best batsman at that time, even paidhim 8 annas everytime he dismissed them. He was so good that he nowearned three times his actual salary as a gardener making him perhaps thefirst Indian professional cricketer. Give me the full name of this mali? mali? © Anannya Deb
  6. 6. Prelims 1 – AnswerPalwankar Baloo © Anannya Deb
  7. 7. Prelims 2Who (full name please), in his chronicles of his adventures titled There and please),Back Again, said, “Adventures! Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make Again, “Adventures!you late for dinner! I cant think what anybody sees in them. ”? them.”? © Anannya Deb
  8. 8. Prelims 2 – AnswerBilbo Baggins of Bag End, The Shire © Anannya Deb
  9. 9. Prelims 3What two word name of an entity from 1930 would you associate withthese two people in this photograph – Mrs Nan Graham and Dr BHMcKeeby of Cedar Rapids, Iowa? © Anannya Deb
  10. 10. Prelims 3 © Anannya Deb
  11. 11. Prelims 3 – AnswerAmerican Gothic. They were the two models – Nan Wood Graham, Grant Gothic.Woods sister and Dr Byron McKeeby, his dentist. © Anannya Deb
  12. 12. Prelims 4When Gulzarsaab wrote “Tujhse milna purani Dilli mein Chhod aaye nishani Dilli mein Ballimaran se Daribe talak, teri meri kahani Dilli mein”,to which former resident of this two-storey haveli at the end of GalliQasim Jaan was he probably giving a reverential nod? © Anannya Deb
  13. 13. Prelims 4 Photo source ( © Anannya Deb
  14. 14. Prelims 4 – AnswerGhalib (will accept Mirza Asadullah Beg and Asad, his other commonly Asad,used pen name) © Anannya Deb
  15. 15. Prelims 5In A Hundred Years of Solitude , Melquiades the gypsy once brought these Solitude,two devices (A and B) as gifts for Jose Arcadio Buendia declaring that theywere “the latest discovery of the Jews of Amsterdam ”. Indeed, the first known “the Amsterdam”.products came from the Netherlands and Italy. There is a record of a patenthearing for the invention of A in 1608 at the Dutch States General. Further,Spinozas main trade was making the key element in one of those devices.In 1611, through the usage of this device, the magnitude of the universe asknown to man permanently changed. For 1 point, I will give you threechoices. Either name one of the devices (A or B) or give me © Anannya Deb
  16. 16. Prelims 5 – AnswerA = Telescope or B = Magnifying Glass. Spinoza was a lens grinder Glass. Spinoza(mostly for spectacles and magnifying glasses) © Anannya Deb
  17. 17. Prelims 6In the days of the Raj (actually the chaotic days that saw the decline of theMughals and the rise of the ECI after Plassey), the phansigars werecriminals who would join a group of travellers, win their confidence and atthe opportune moment strangle them first and then knife them to death.The property of the victims was then divided up. Hobson Jobson reportsthat another word came to refer to these criminals after the 1836publication of Sir William Sleemans Ramaseeana ; or a Vocabulary of thepeculiar language used by _____ with an Introduction and Appendix, descriptiveof that Fraternity and Measures taken by the Supreme Government of India for itsSuppression. What word?Suppression. word? © Anannya Deb
  18. 18. Prelims 6 – AnswerThugs or Thuggee © Anannya Deb
  19. 19. Prelims 7The World Cup winning Japanese womens football team had to traveleconomy class to the Olympics while their men travelled business class.This was part of a Japanese policy where female athletes and amateurs arerestricted to economy class while professionals (men mostly) can travel bybusiness class. There are two exceptions amongst amateurs who areentitled to business class. The first is over-sized athletes. Which is theother exception? exception? © Anannya Deb
  20. 20. Prelims 7 – AnswerJudokas.Judokas. © Anannya Deb
  21. 21. Prelims 8In his 1991 posthumous collection of essays, for what word did ItaloCalvino give 14 different definitions (and some of my favourites are givenbelow) The _______s are those books about which you usually hear people saying Im re-reading... never Im reading A _______ is a term given to any book which comes to represent the whole universe, a book on par with ancient talismans A _______ is a book which has never exhausted all it has to say to its readers A _______ is a work which constantly generates a pulviscular cloud of critical discourse around it but which always shakes the particles off A _______ is a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading © Anannya Deb
  22. 22. Prelims 8 – AnswerClassic © Anannya Deb
  23. 23. Prelims 9The Jamaatu Ahlus-Sunnah LiddaAwati Wal Jihad started life in 2003 in thenorthern part of this African country by creating an isolated communityguided by Sharia Law. In 2011, they burst into international headlineswhen a suicide bomber drove a truck into the United Nations compound inthe capital killing many. What is the more common name of this groupgiven to it by members of the public in derision after listening to theirviews on the intellectual poverty and unIslamic nature of westerneducation and books?#fidel © Anannya Deb
  24. 24. Prelims 9 – AnswerBoko Haram from Nigeria © Anannya Deb
  25. 25. Prelims 10This is a very common tropical flower from the genus Plumeria. I saw this Plumeria.all over Sri Lanka where they call it the Buddhism flower because of itsabundance near all the major Buddhist sites. Give me two names: The names:Hindi name which is also a name of an old clan / dynasty from South EastAsia and the common English name which I found out quite late is not aBritish Raj legacy but rather comes from an Italian noble family whocreated a perfume out of it. © Anannya Deb
  26. 26. Prelims 10 © Anannya Deb
  27. 27. Prelims 10 © Anannya Deb
  28. 28. Prelims 10 – AnswerChampa and Frangipani (which I always thought was Firangi pani orforeigner water for some strange reason) © Anannya Deb
  29. 29. Prelims 11In 1963, when asked by Christian Century to list 10 books which “did most to “didshape your vocational attitudes and your philosophy of life ”, what was the 1st life”,book in J Robert Oppenheimers list?1. ________ ____2. The Wasteland, TS Eliot Wasteland,3. Hamlet, William Shakespeare Hamlet,4. Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire Mal,5. The Divine Comedy, Dante Comedy,6. Notebooks, Michael Faraday Notebooks,7. LEducationale Sentimentale, Flaubert Sentimentale,8. Theaetus, Plato Theaetus,9. Collected works of German mathematician GF Bernhard Reimann10.Shatakatrayam (The Three Centuries), Bhartrihari Shatakatrayam (The Centuries) © Anannya Deb
  30. 30. Prelims 11 – AnswerThe Bhagavad Gita © Anannya Deb
  31. 31. Prelims 12While reading this poem which had a subtitle An Agony in 8 ____ on myKindle, I checked the entry for this blanked out word in the OED whichwas pre-installed in the device. There were three meanings. In the third,relevant to poetry, it said n., Archaic, a section of a poem Origin: related to a German word which meant “ skein of yarn” and used to “skein yarn” refer to the “thread used by weavers to mark off a days work ”. “thread work”.What is this word? word? © Anannya Deb
  32. 32. Prelims 12 – AnswerFit(s) as in The Hunting of the Snark – An Agony in 8 Fits by Lewis CarrollFit(s) © Anannya Deb
  33. 33. Prelims 13Ophiophagy is a property shared by eagles, skunks, secretary birds, lizardsand the king cobra among others. In fact the king cobra species is calledophiophagus hannah. Flags of many countries often depict the eagle in the act hannah.of ophiophagy. What is ophiophagy? ophiophagy? © Anannya Deb
  34. 34. Prelims 13 – Answer“Snake Eating”. King Cobras regularly prey on other snakes. Eating”. © Anannya Deb
  35. 35. Prelims 14Lt Noel Poole, as part of Operation Titanic, on 0011 hours set up recordplayers at a particular location to broadcast battle sounds in order toconfuse the Germans. He is thus credited to be the first Allied soldier todo what? what? © Anannya Deb
  36. 36. Prelims 14 – AnswerLand at the Normandy beaches © Anannya Deb
  37. 37. Prelims 15Through these pictures published in Peoples War, the official mouthpiece War,of the Communist Party of India, which event heavily censored andcovered-up by the authorities was brought to the attention of the nationand the world by photographer Sunil Janah? © Anannya Deb
  38. 38. Prelims 15 © Anannya Deb
  39. 39. Prelims 15 – AnswerThe Bengal Famine of 1943-44 which killed 2 million people and the newsof which was censored by the British government © Anannya Deb
  40. 40. Prelims 16Written in 1955 when this region was selected under Khruschevs VirginLands program which envisaged making this area the granary of the SovietUnion, which song really starts with this stanza? Sky of golden sun Steppe of golden seed Legend of courage Take a look at my country! © Anannya Deb
  41. 41. Prelims 16 – AnswerThe Kazakhi National Anthem Mene Khazakhstanam and not what this ladyhad to hear © Anannya Deb
  42. 42. Prelims 17After the city was founded in the 8th century CE by Idris I, a descendent ofthe Prophet, in 808 CE it became the capital of the Idrissid dynasty, the firstruling clan of this country. It is the home of the Qarawiyin University, theoldest extant university in the Arab world. Established c 800 CE, theuniversity served as the nerve centre of knowledge and the transmission ofknowledge into Europe through the spread of Moorish culture in Spainwas aided by the presence of many contemporary scholars here. Much ofthe gloom of the Dark Ages in Europe was balanced by the luminescence ofthis university. Name the historic city? city?#fidel © Anannya Deb
  43. 43. Prelims 17 – AnswerFez (Old Fez or Fez el Bali is the present name to differentiate from the (Oldmodern town of Fez) © Anannya Deb
  44. 44. Prelims 18In his book Cosmos, while explaining the concept of fractals, Carl Sagan Cosmos,shows that when a teacup is broken, the different parts or pieces of theteacup cannot be put together again. He said scientists, looking for somecolour in their lives, gave a nice evocative name to this phenomenon oreffect. What was this effect called? called? © Anannya Deb
  45. 45. Prelims 18 – AnswerThe Humpty Dumpty Effect © Anannya Deb
  46. 46. Prelims 19This church (and Dominican convent) in Italy was bombed by the Allies in1943. However, the Renaissance dome survived as well as the wall that yousee, covered with sandbags and cloth. What is on the wall? wall? © Anannya Deb
  47. 47. Prelims 19 © Anannya Deb
  48. 48. Prelims 19 – AnswerThe Last Supper by Da Vinci in the dining hall of Santa Maria della Grazie © Anannya Deb
  49. 49. Prelims 20Made in 1968, the hole where the heart is indicates open heartedness whilethe hole in the head indicates open mindedness, the two qualities of a truescientist. The sphere suspended by a chain refers to an iconic incident inthe life of the person depicted. Name the artist and the person to whomthe artist is thus paying homage? homage? © Anannya Deb
  50. 50. Prelims 20 © Anannya Deb
  51. 51. Prelims 20 – AnswerThis is Salvador Dalis Homage to Newton Dalis © Anannya Deb
  52. 52. Prelims 21This Robert Browning 1879 poem about an ancient Greek hero is anextremely influential one. Browning says the meaning of the word Rejoiceas understood today comes from this incident. The last stanza of this longpoem goes like this: ... and the space twixt the fennel-field And Athens was stubble again, a field which a fire runs through, Till in he broke: “Rejoice, we conquer!” Like wine thro clay “Rejoice, conquer!” Joy in his blood bursting his heart, he died – the bliss ... So, to this day, when friend meets friend, the word of salute Is still “Rejoice”! ... “Rejoice”!Name the protagonist / title of the poem © Anannya Deb
  53. 53. Prelims 21 – AnswerPheidippides (also written in some texts as Philippides) Philippides) © Anannya Deb
  54. 54. Prelims 22Another poem question but about something else. It took him more than 20years to work this 1795 poem into his composition. One tricky bit was theintroduction. So he added a verse before the actual poem. It goes like this(English translation): Oh friends, not these tones! Rather, let us raise our voices in more pleasing And more ______ sounds! ___! (___!) ___! (___!)Give the missing word / poem? © Anannya Deb
  55. 55. Prelims 22 – AnswerJoy! (the opening lines that Beethoven added to Schillers poem Ode to Joy) Joy) The original poem starts: Joy, beautiful spark of gods Daughter of Elysium We enter, drunk with fire Heavenly one, your sanctuary! © Anannya Deb
  56. 56. Prelims 23What is the blacked out word / name in this tweet posted on August 22nd2012? © Anannya Deb
  57. 57. Prelims 23 © Anannya Deb
  58. 58. Prelims 23 © Anannya Deb
  59. 59. Prelims 23 – AnswerAugust 22nd is The Martian Chronicles author Ray Bradburys 92nd birthday. Bradburys © Anannya Deb
  60. 60. Prelims 24Undergrad students at Davidson College, North Carolina set up thiswebsite as part of their course on Modernism. Called Manifesto, it was a Manifesto,database containing bibliographical information of a series of publicationswhich came out in America (and other parts of the world as well) whichwere instrumental in driving Modernism and its different forms. Usuallypublished non-commercially, the average subscriptions were in the rangeof 1000 – 10,000. The content was usually long studies on experimental art,literature, alternative social theories and political comment. The websitewas called Manifesto because each of these publications had one. What isthe two word term used to refer to these publications? India has many ofthese in different languages. © Anannya Deb
  61. 61. Prelims 24Little Magazine © Anannya Deb
  62. 62. Prelims 25In the early days of the Tour de France, as the cyclists went throughvarious towns and villages, the local people took active interest in helpingtheir city boys riding in the race. In 1904, in St Etienne, a mob held theleading pack hostage so that the cyclist from the town Antoine Faure couldtake the lead. Shots had to be fired in the air to disperse them. Later, whenthe race was passing through Alais, the citizens protested that their cyclistFerdinand Payan had been dis qualified. What did the Alais folk do to disqexpress their anger? © Anannya Deb
  63. 63. Prelims 25 - AnswerThey put nails and broken glass on the road which caused many a flattyre.This year, it happened again closing out any hopes that defendingchampion Cadel Evans had of retaining his title. © Anannya Deb
  64. 64. Prelims 26This song begins with a close resemblance to a 1967 rock classic. On thewebsite of the band where all the different covers (legal and illegal) arelisted and reviewed, Sam Cameron, a writer, says, “The vocal does start off carrying the basic melody of the organ introduction to <THE SONG> long enough for it to be recognisable, and the word sounds fall rhythmically into a pattern you could karaoke with to the <THE SONG>. But SONG>. by the time it gets to where the singing would start on the original <THE SONG>, it begins to deviate: although the passage with the resemblance does SONG>, come back after some lengthy absences. So that is that...”Name the original rock song?song? © Anannya Deb
  65. 65. Prelims 26 © Anannya Deb
  66. 66. Prelims 26A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum © Anannya Deb
  67. 67. Prelims 27Contrary to popular belief, the 80s reggae song that you are probablyfamiliar with is actually a cover version. Name the singer-songwriter whoalso featured with Laurence Olivier in a remake of a historic film? ? © Anannya Deb
  68. 68. Prelims 27 © Anannya Deb
  69. 69. Prelims 27 – AnswerNeil Diamond © Anannya Deb
  70. 70. Prelims 28Name the traditional song form which is the basis for the music of thisband though they have modernised it breaking away from the tradition ofthe nature of the lyrics as well as not wearing the black shawl. In this song,they sing “____ corrupts the soul with demons but without ____ and without “____love what is left.” left.” © Anannya Deb
  71. 71. Prelims 28 © Anannya Deb
  72. 72. Prelims 28 – AnswerFado, the Portuguese song. Deolinda gives fado a new formFado, © Anannya Deb
  73. 73. Prelims 29I am playing this video purely for aesthetic reasons. Name the TV showassociated with the music you will hear perform by these twins. © Anannya Deb
  74. 74. Prelims 29 – AnswerGame of Thrones. (Since I asked for the TV Show, I will unfortunately not Thrones.accept Song of Ice and Fire for the answer.) © Anannya Deb
  75. 75. Prelims 30Trying to frame the question is more difficult than the answer itself. Thissong is based on a 20th century Urdu poem which in turn incorporates apoem written by a 13th century literateur. The languages used (other thanUrdu) will give a clue as to older poet. Name both – the 20th century poetand the 13th century poet. poet. © Anannya Deb
  76. 76. Prelims 30 © Anannya Deb
  77. 77. Prelims 30 – AnswerTina Sanis Meri Araj Suno is based on Nazr-e-Khusro by Faiz Ahmed Faiz Nazr-e- mori arj suno (nazar-e-khusro) "mori arj suno dasatgeer peer" "mai ri kahooN ka se maiN apne jiya ki peed" "nayiya bandho re bandho re kinar-e-darya" "more mandir ab kiyooN nahi aaye" is soorat se arj sunate dard batate nayiya khete minnat karte rasta takte kitni sadiyaN beet gayi haiN ab ja kar ye bhed khula hai jis ko tum ne arj guzari jo tha haath pakadni wala jis ja laagi naoo tumahri jis se dukh ka daroo manga tore mandir meiN jo nahi aaya woh to tumhi the © Anannya Deb
  78. 78. Prelims 31Who is the second actor from this 2011 film who is quite unrecognisable ina 2012 release? © Anannya Deb
  79. 79. Prelims 31 - AnswerTom Hardy © Anannya Deb
  80. 80. Prelims 32Identify La Divina lady about whom it was said that her voice wasdifficult to describe because on one hand it was ugly, flawed andunattractive but on the other side “ a rich, spinning sound, ravishing by any “astandard, capable of delicate dynamic nuance ”. The debate still continues. nuance”. © Anannya Deb
  81. 81. Prelims 32 - AnswerMaria Callas whose voice quality declined after she shed 36kgs © Anannya Deb
  82. 82. Prelims 33Name the Academy Award winning director whose Captain Ahab-likeobsession with an elephant forms the story of this film? © Anannya Deb
  83. 83. Prelims 33 - AnswerJohn Huston © Anannya Deb
  84. 84. Prelims 34Name the director of this film who is forever known for this techniqueused in his films? © Anannya Deb
  85. 85. Prelims 34 - AnswerKen Burns after whom the Ken Burns Effect in Final Cut Pro is named. © Anannya Deb
  86. 86. Prelims 35What unusual feature does this film share with Heer Ranjha? Ranjha? © Anannya Deb
  87. 87. Prelims 35 - AnswerDialogues in verse. Also The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) verse. © Anannya Deb
  88. 88. END OF PRELIMS © Anannya Deb