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Indian Summer Open for Boat Club Quiz Club - Finals


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Indian Summer Open for Boat Club Quiz Club - Finals

  1. 1. Thodasa Roomani Ho JayeThe Indian Summer Open nd 2 Sept 2012 © Anannya Deb
  2. 2. rasta akela ho, har taraf andhera horaat bhi ho ghat ki, din bhi lutera hoyahi to hai mausam(Kamlesh Pande, Thodasa Romani Ho Jaye)The Indian Summer Open The Finals © Anannya Deb
  3. 3. The Finals● Set Theory ----> 6 questions ----> 60 points● Clockwise ----> 18 questions ----> 180 points● Bonus Q ----> 3 questions ----> 30 points● The North East ----> 12 questions ----> 120 points● Anti-Clockwise ----> 18 questions ----> 180 points● Bonus Q ----> 3 questions ----> 30 points● Total ----> 60 questions ----> 600 points © Anannya Deb
  4. 4. SET THEORY © Anannya Deb
  5. 5. Rule Set● Each question is about sets – ordered, unordered, exhaustive, non- exhaustive, etc.● Each set has two types of questions: – Figuring out what the set is called / described as / made up of – Provide missing members of the set● Points are indicated for each question● All teams write down their answers and exchange at the end● Audience: – Join along by writing down answers yourself (as teams of three) for chocolates and warm applause. © Anannya Deb
  6. 6. Set 1What is this list (5 points) and give me the missing person in the list (5points). ● Mario Lucchesi-Palli, Italy – 1894 ● Jose Zubiar, Argentina – 1894 to ● Demetrios Vikelas, Greece – 1894 to 1907 1897 ● Ferenc Kemeny, Austria-Hungary – ● Arthur Russell, 2nd Baron Amptill, 1894 to 1907 Great Britain – 1894 to 1898 ● Ernest Callot, France – 1894 to 1913 ● Alexei du Butowski, Russian ● Viktor Balck, Norway-Sweden – Empire – 1894 to 1900 1894 to 1921 ● Leonard A Cuff, New Zealand – ● William Milligan Sloane, United 1894 to 1905 States – 1894 to 1924 ● Charles Herbert, Great Britain – ● Jin Guth-Jarkovsky, Bohemia – 1824 1894 to 1906 to 1943 ● ????, France – 1824 to 1925 © Anannya Deb
  7. 7. Set 1 - AnswerThe inaugural members of the International Olympic Committee withBaron Pierre de Coubertin, France 1894 - 1925 rounding off the list as Coubertin,General Secretary for the first two years and then president for life(almost). © Anannya Deb
  8. 8. Set 2This is an exhaustive set in chronological order1. What is this set? (5 points) set?2. Name the third? (5 points) third? © Anannya Deb
  9. 9. Set 2 © Anannya Deb
  10. 10. Set 2 - AnswerThe three Marathi films to win the Swarn Kamal (National Award forBest Picture)The third film is Deool (2011) © Anannya Deb
  11. 11. Set 3What comprises of (in the following order) (10 Points) © Anannya Deb
  12. 12. Set 3 © Anannya Deb
  13. 13. Set 3 - AnswerA question straight from my Kindle reading list – Thomas Carlyles classic Carlylesnarrative The French Revolution – A History © Anannya Deb
  14. 14. Set 4An audio set. I am playing 3. For full 10 points, tell me where you will seethis set of 8 songs.(5 points for coming close, based on my discretion) . discretion). © Anannya Deb
  15. 15. Set 4An audio set. I am playing 3. For full 10 points, tell me where you will seethis set of 8 songs.(5 points for coming close, based on my discretion) . discretion). #1, a “Rave from the Grave” to wake you up © Anannya Deb
  16. 16. Set 4An audio set. I am playing 3. For full 10 points, tell me where you will seethis set of 8 songs.(5 points for coming close, based on my discretion) . discretion). #4, in the library © Anannya Deb
  17. 17. Set 4An audio set. I am playing 3. For full 10 points, tell me where you will seethis set of 8 songs.(5 points for coming close, based on my discretion) . discretion). #7, taxi radio © Anannya Deb
  18. 18. Set 4 - AnswerSandman – Nocturnes & Preludes, Episode 3, Dream a Little Dream for Me– 8 songs referenced in the episode © Anannya Deb
  19. 19. Set 5Complete this result sheet (5 points each)1. _______ __________ 1:43.50 (WR)2. Ivo van Damme (BEL) 1:43.803. Rick Wohluter (USA) 1:44.124. Willi Wulbeck (FRG) 1:45.265. Steve Ovett (GBR) 1:45.446. Luciano Susanj (YUG) 1:45.757. ___ ___ _____ 1:45.778. Carlo Grippo (ITA) 1:48.39 © Anannya Deb
  20. 20. Set 5 – AnswerAlberto Juantorena (CUB) and Sri Ram Singh (IND) who set the paceleading up till the 500m mark and triggering the world record © Anannya Deb
  21. 21. Set 6Closing out with a simple set. What am I missing? missing?_______ __________Star anise (ground anise can also be used)FennelCinnamon (cassia bark can also be used)Cloves © Anannya Deb
  22. 22. Set 6 – AnswerSichuan Pepper (corn) © Anannya Deb
  23. 23. Bolting away18 Questions © Anannya Deb
  24. 24. Clockwise 1Who are these two inventors who were inspired after they were both laidlow by similar mishaps, albeit at different times and in different parts ofthe world? © Anannya Deb
  25. 25. Clockwise 1 Lewis ________ (1837 - 1901) As an insurance broker, had a mishap with this implement and missed out signing on a major contract. His invention would later play a key role at the signing of the Versailles treaty © Anannya Deb
  26. 26. Clockwise 1 Laszlo ________ (1899 - 1985) As a journalist, these mishaps made his job very messy. 30,000 of his inventions were ordered by RAF as the earlier invention was useless mid-air © Anannya Deb
  27. 27. Clockwise 1 – AnswerWaterman and Biro. Both had embarrasing moments using fountain pens. Biro.Waterman invented the capillary system based fountain pen (which wascleaner and therefore more practical) and Biro of course made the ballpoint pen. © Anannya Deb
  28. 28. Clockwise 2The full song has 4 stanzas. For about 140 years, there was no problem. Butduring the second world war, they realised that the 3rd and 4th stanzas werenot appropriate and therefore had to be dropped. Here are four lines fromthe 3rd stanza: And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battles confusion A home and a country should leave us no more? Their blood has washed out the foul footsteps pollutionWhat song is this and why was it inappropriate for WW2? WW2? © Anannya Deb
  29. 29. Clockwise 2 – AnswerThe Star Spangled Banner or The Defence of Fort McHenry. The stanzareferred to the British “the band who so vauntingly swore” “foul footstepspollution” and was deemed inappropriate given that Britain and UnitedStates were Allies © Anannya Deb
  30. 30. Clockwise 3The first two visuals are a subspecies of the genus Adenium. The third Adenium.visual is the more commonly found Adenium Obesum, a popularhouseplant. Through speciation, this sub-species, endemic to a particularisland in the Arabian Sea, is completely different from the more commonone found across Africa and the Middle East. A National Geographicfeature in the June 2012 issue called it the ugliest tree in creation. Name theflower and the island. island. © Anannya Deb
  31. 31. Clockwise 3 © Anannya Deb
  32. 32. Clockwise 3 © Anannya Deb
  33. 33. Clockwise 3 © Anannya Deb
  34. 34. Clockwise 3 - AnswerThe Desert Rose in Socotra (adenium obesum sokotranum). Half of all the (adenium sokotranum).species (plant and animal) found on the island are endemic. © Anannya Deb
  35. 35. Clockwise 4LIFE calls this Therese Frares 1990 World Press Photo Award winner asthe photograph that changed the face of AIDS. In 1992 there was a majorcontroversy with many groups coming out in protest against thisphotograph. One such group were the Roman Catholics. What was theoccasion and what was the core reason for the Roman Catholics to getangry about? © Anannya Deb
  36. 36. Clockwise 4 © Anannya Deb
  37. 37. Clockwise 4 – AnswerIn 1992, a colourised version was used for a Benetton ad. The Roman ad.Catholics, not knowing the origins of the photograph, protested at themockery of Mary holding the body of Jesus . Jesus. © Anannya Deb
  38. 38. Clockwise 5The origin of the root of the word is uncertain but the holder of this veryimportant office was thus called because he foretold ab avium gestu gustuve(from the flight and feeding of birds). Seutonius writes that when aprominent Roman wanted to rename himself Romulus II by declaring thathe was the second founder of the city, Munatius Planeus proposed thisname, derived from the aforementioned profession, as it related to placesdevoted to religion and offered the name-bearer the dignity of beingcentral to Roman society. What name / office? office? © Anannya Deb
  39. 39. Clockwise 5 – AnswerAugustus (Caesar) from augur, augment, augury augur, augment, © Anannya Deb
  40. 40. Clockwise 6The two artists not only have a common achievement but share arelationship which is rare amongst all other similar achievers. Explainwhat I am talking about. about.Points for identification only if nobody gets anything right. © Anannya Deb
  41. 41. Clockwise 6 - AnswerPt Bhimsen Joshi (Ankahee, 1984) and Anand Bhate (Balgandharva, 2011) (Ankahee, (Balgandharva,have won the National Award for Best Playback Singing (Male) makingthem the only guru-shishya pair in the Indian classical music tradition.Both are from the same Kirana gharana. gharana. © Anannya Deb
  42. 42. Bonus QuestionOpen to all teams, please write down the answers.These are two award winning film music performances by the same musicdirector. Both the songs are based on folk traditions. The differencebetween the two, as explained by the music director, is in the message – thefirst one is more an expression of the state of mind – the emotions, thethinking, the sensuousness, etc. while the second one is more a narration ofa philosphy. Name both, in order. order. © Anannya Deb
  43. 43. Bonus QuestionThe first one is called Bhatiali and the second one is Baul, culturaltraditions for make benefit Glorious Nation of Bengal. Both works done bySD Burman who won Best Music Director for Guide and Best MalePlayback Singer for Saphal Hogi (Aradhana) (Aradhana) © Anannya Deb
  44. 44. Clockwise 7In 1983, the Chinese government went into action to protect its nationaltreasure, the giant panda. In a series of steps, the army, wildlifeconservationists and veterinary doctors were pressed into service. Theywere stationed at appropriate points in the broad area of the pandashabitat in the Sichuan mountains. All this was in anticipation of adebilitating natural phenomenon that last occurred in the 40s, the sameyear that Mao started his Long March. This natural phenomenon happensin cycles of 40-80 years depending on the species. In India, this samephenomenon is linked to the growth of black plague rats. Whatphenomenon is this? this? © Anannya Deb
  45. 45. Clockwise 7 – AnswerBamboo Blossom or Bamboo Death (In Mizoram, it is called Mautam) Mautam)which leads widespread deaths of pandas due to starvation © Anannya Deb
  46. 46. Clockwise 8Simply name the two art movements and the larger movement that theytogether were part of. of. © Anannya Deb
  47. 47. Clockwise 8 © Anannya Deb
  48. 48. Clockwise 8 © Anannya Deb
  49. 49. Clockwise 8 – AnswerDie Brucke (The Bridge) and Die Blau Reiter (The Blue Rider) movementswhich were part of the German Expressionism of the late 19th - early 20thcentury. © Anannya Deb
  50. 50. Clockwise 9Started by Norwegian artist Morten Traavik, there have been two suchbeauty pagaents, one in Angola in 2008 and another in Cambodia in 2009.The motto of the pagaent is “Everybody has the right to be beautiful”. Here are “Everybody beautiful”.some of the winners and contestants. What is the fundamental“requirement” to participate in this event? © Anannya Deb
  51. 51. Clockwise 9 © Anannya Deb
  52. 52. Clockwise 9 © Anannya Deb
  53. 53. Clockwise 9 © Anannya Deb
  54. 54. Clockwise 9 – AnswerThey must be landmine victims (lost a limb) © Anannya Deb
  55. 55. Clockwise 10On January 23rd 1964, this play directed by Elia Kazan and starring BarbraLoden and Jason Robards with a walk on part played by Faye Dunawayeopened in New York City. Supposedly a personal critique concerning anevent in the renowned playwrights life, this play was one of his leastpopular ones. Here are two visuals of the play, one from the original runand one from a more recent production in Los Angeles. Name the play andwhat was it about? about? © Anannya Deb
  56. 56. Clockwise 10 © Anannya Deb
  57. 57. Clockwise 10 © Anannya Deb
  58. 58. Clockwise 10 – AnswerAfter the Fall by Arthur Miller. It was Millers reflections on his failedmarriage with Marilyn reflected in the plot right down to the suicide of thewife. © Anannya Deb
  59. 59. Clockwork 11In lifestyle magazines / newspaper sections, “_ ___ __ __ _____” is thisparticular “category” of articles that has become templatised pieces filledwith tropes. Noreen Malone in Slate lists a few:● Contrived use of the word “deconstruction” in ways not written before “deconstruction”● Mosaic of metaphors to essentially convey the meaning “ Nothing you have seen “Nothing before” before”● Salvador Dali name dropping● A saga-esque account of how they got onto the invitation list amd how they saga-esque reached the place● Trumpetting their achievement of completing the full program● One-upmanship with the previous article writer – “ He did 32, I did 37” “He 37”Fill in the blanks to tell me what is this piece which has been appearingeven after June 2011. © Anannya Deb
  60. 60. Clockwise 11 - AnswerThe “I ate at El Bulli” piece “I Bulli”Andreas Viestad of Washington Post had summed up the “ I ate at El Bulli” “I Bulli”article farce. He wrote simply “How can you convince anyone who has never “Howtasted tuna marrow that it is delicious? ” delicious?” © Anannya Deb
  61. 61. Clockwise 12The Honduran flag, like those of its neighbours, contains a reference to apolitical entity which existed briefly between 1824 till 1838. It was thisentity which secured independence from Spain. Looking at the flag, tell mewhat was the political entity and how has it been referenced in theHonduran flag? © Anannya Deb
  62. 62. Clockwise 12 © Anannya Deb
  63. 63. Clockwise 12 – AnswerThe five blue stars refer to the five provinces of the newly independentnation called United Provinces of Central America. The five provinces America.were Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. In1838, they split up as five independent nations. But retained elements fromthe original flag © Anannya Deb
  64. 64. BonusTeams write down your answer.The Caribbean coastal town of Trujillo in Honduras is the model for thefictional town of Coralio. In the opening chapter, the carpenter lays out thelandscape, the people and couple of key characters like the American operasinger Dona Isabel Guilbert, mistress of the president (who getsoverthrown in a revolution and commits suicide). As the carpenter tells hislong-toothed audience member, there is a tale to tell of many things . And 17 things.stories follow.Name the work and the author . author. © Anannya Deb
  65. 65. BonusCabbages and Kings by O Henry (based on his experiences during his exilein Honduras) © Anannya Deb
  66. 66. Clockwise 13Yukio Mishimas 1951 novel Kinjiki is, like all his novels, autobiographicalfeaturing a gay married man. The word kinjiki is a Japanese euphemism forhomosexuality. How is the kanji characters used for this word connectedwith this film? © Anannya Deb
  67. 67. Clockwise 13 – AnswerForbidden Colours , the English translation (based on the kanji characters Colours,used) of Mishimas book is the title of Ryuichi Sakamotos theme for MerryChristmas Mr Lawrence . Lawrence. © Anannya Deb
  68. 68. Clockwise 14Sam Houston was leading the Texan army against Santa Annas forces.After retreating from the Alamo, he kept moving back east to San Jacinto toconfront the enemy who had camped there after defeating the Texans. OnApril 21st, 1836, he was ready to battle. However, he waited till 4 pm beforeordering the charge. Once the attack began, 900 Texans overpowered 1500Mexicans in 20 minutes in the Battle of San Jacinto. The captured SantaAnna accepted the Texan demand for independence. Why did SamHouston wait till 4 pm, a factor which significantly helped his out- pm,numbered Texan army and was quite similar to a Julius Ceasar battle tacticdescribed in Asterix comics? © Anannya Deb
  69. 69. Clockwise 14 – Answer4 pm was middle of siesta time for the Mexicans. With the westering sun Mexicans.behind them, the Texans shouting “Remember the Alamo” attacked a them, “Remember Alamo”slothful army unable to sight the enemy. It was a manouver that SamHouston had been perfecting in his mind since Alamo. © Anannya Deb
  70. 70. Clockwise 15I have been digitising my archive of old National Geographic issues andthis ad from the November 1983 issue proffered an interesting question.The line in this ad refers to a particular incident in the history of this brand.What happened in 1904? © Anannya Deb
  71. 71. Clockwise 15 © Anannya Deb
  72. 72. Clockwise 15 – AnswerAviator Alberto Santos-Dumont (depicted in the Vanity Fair cartoon)asked Louis Cartier to design a watch which he could use without havingto take off his hands from the steering wheel of his aircraft. Cartier thusdesigned the first wristwatch in 1904 for the people at the top. top. © Anannya Deb
  73. 73. Clockwise 16Connect the bus abandoned in Alaska with the Academy Awardnominated (and Golden Globe winner) Original song © Anannya Deb
  74. 74. Clockwise 16 © Anannya Deb
  75. 75. Clockwise 16 – AnswerChristopher McCandless lived in the bus, trying to survive in the wild. Hedied of starvation at the age of 36. Sean Penn made a film Into the Wildwith Eddie Vedders songs © Anannya Deb
  76. 76. Clockwise 17I have not found any documentary evidence to say whether this is morethan coincidence. Rather, let us leave this as a product of my wonderfulpowers of observation. What is similar between this film from 1989 and aninteresting episode from the 70s that happened in the the life and career ofthe person in the second visua l? visual? © Anannya Deb
  77. 77. Clockwise 17 © Anannya Deb
  78. 78. Clockwise 17 © Anannya Deb
  79. 79. Clockwise 17 – AnswerIn 1976, PC Sorcar Jr tried to expose the godman Sathya Sai Baba as amere sleight of hand trickster . While taking darshan, the Baba whipped trickster.out a shondesh out of thin air as prasad. PC Sorcar Jr said he did not likeshondesh but wanted a rossogollah which he himself made appear. All thiswas photographed and written about later. The film Jaadugar has Amitabhdoing the same thing (same modus operandi used by PCS) with AmrishPuri (who plays a godman using tricks learnt from a magician in jail)embarrasing him in public. © Anannya Deb
  80. 80. Clockwise 18After the Russian Revolution, there was significant upheaval in the artsand crafts of the land. One such domain was childrens books. In a strongpaper titled Does the Proletariat Child need a _________ in 1925, pedagogueEV Vanoskaya successfully argued that this genre needs to be abolishedsaying that it was only needed so that hungry and cold children couldescape and feel imaginary happiness. It was therefore an obstacle to thelearning of historical materialism. Instead, avant-garde artists of thatgeneration came up with something called __________ ____ for Children(visuals). For almost 10 years, this genre was active. Name the two genres. genres. © Anannya Deb
  81. 81. Clockwise 18 Cover of Moscow Has a Plan, 1932 (based on the concept of the 5-year- plan) © Anannya Deb
  82. 82. Clockwise 18 Cover of Newspaper Explained to Children, 1926 © Anannya Deb
  83. 83. Clockwise 18Inside Pages of How Dishes are Made, 1924 © Anannya Deb
  84. 84. Clockwise 18 – AnswerThey abolished Fairytales and instead start publishing Production Booksfor Children. © Anannya Deb
  85. 85. Bonus QuestionOpen to all teams, answer to be written down.Alla Rosenfield, a literary and arts researcher, in a paper published in theMOMAs symposium called The Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910-1936 saysthat in 1934, the First Congress of the Union of Soviet Writers met andheavily criticised these avant-garde experiments. Besides beingcontaminated with harmful bourgeoisie elements, they were also,according to many critics, devoid of realistic and figurative styles. Insteadof “realistically rendered distinguished workers of the Soviet Union, the artists “realisticallydepicted schematic lifeless mannequins ”. Based on this and all other mannequins”.considerations, what did the First Congress of the Union of SovietWriters unanimously agree to? to? © Anannya Deb
  86. 86. Bonus QuestionMandated that Social Realism is the only artistic method to be used by all © Anannya Deb
  87. 87. End of the Round © Anannya Deb
  88. 88. League of Extraordinary States The North East © Anannya Deb
  89. 89. The North East● Eight states on offer, each state has an associated question● In ascending order, teams select a question and try to answer the same – 10 points for a correct answer; no negatives● Other teams can pounce, if they know the answer, by writing it down (after every question is displayed, I will call time within which teams must write down the answers) – 10 points for a correct answer; -10 for a wrong answer● After the six finalists are done, the last two questions will be open for the audience © Anannya Deb
  90. 90. Arunachal Pradesh MizoramAssam NagalandManipur SikkimMeghalaya Tripura © Anannya Deb
  91. 91. Arunachal Pradesh Tongam Rina, 32 Journalist, “Ringside View” - The Arunachal Times © Anannya Deb
  92. 92. Arunachal PradeshRhynchostilis Retusa is the state flower of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a speciesbelonging to the largest family of flowering plants. The genus Rhynchostilisis also one of the most commonly found in South and South East AsiaWhat is its common name which is derived from how it resembles ananatomical feature of an animal? (Half points if you get the family offlowers right) © Anannya Deb
  93. 93. Arunachal Pradesh © Anannya Deb
  94. 94. Arunachal PradeshFoxtail Orchids Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  95. 95. Assam Parveen Sultana, 62 Singer, Patiala Gharana © Anannya Deb
  96. 96. AssamA Tagore question, finally. Dwarkanath Tagore, grandpa of the Great Poet,was one of the directors of which company formed in 1839 that was thefirst ever company in the world engaged in conducting business & trade ina local commodity from Assam? Also give which commodity? commodity? © Anannya Deb
  97. 97. AssamThe Assam Company, the worlds first tea cultivation and tradingcompany. It was called Assam Company and not Assam Tea Company ascompany.they also expected to trade in coal, lime and oil which were found inAssam. Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  98. 98. Manipur Hmangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, 30 Boxer, World Champion © Anannya Deb
  99. 99. ManipurAfter the Beijing debacle, the Indian govt dropped hockey from thecategory A priority list. Instead, it selected this martial art which is popularin Manipur, specifically this district of Thoubal where this style of martialart is part of the culture. This lady in the picture became the first Indian towin a medal at the Asian Games at Guanghzou in 2010, losing to worldchampion Khadijeh Azadpour of Iran in the finals. Name her and © Anannya Deb
  100. 100. Manipur © Anannya Deb
  101. 101. ManipurSandhyarani Devi Wangkhem, a Wushu exponent (specifically freestyle Wangkhem,or Sanshou). In the final, she got injured in her calf and could not kick. Shewas originally a boxer. Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  102. 102. Meghalaya Soulmate Tipriti Kharbhangar, vocals Rudy Wallang, guitar © Anannya Deb
  103. 103. MeghalayaWhat has this legendary troubadour from Shillong been doing for the last40 years on May 24th? © Anannya Deb
  104. 104. MeghalayaThe only Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration Concert in India Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  105. 105. Mizoram Mizohican ( “Currently a Creative Trailblazer at a digital advertising agency, crazy about glam-rock and Metal, diehard fan of Arsenal FC, loves designing graphics, coding CSS and developing UIs. Content and SEO specialist, "been there done that" maverick, IIMB dropout, National level Bballer, unlucky in love, fanatic about sitcoms and a compulsive paani-poori addict.” © Anannya Deb
  106. 106. MizoramIn 1996, the state government enacted a law which was strongly advocatedby the Church. However, M Lalmanzuala, a retired IAS officer and formerChief Secretary, believes that the law, run for more than 10 years, hascompletely failed. The origin of this law, he writes in a research paper,comes from the wrong teachings of Christian missionaries. Further, therewas the confrontation of the rich landed tribes and poorer tribes over theproduction of Zu. The rich could make Zu from surplus rice. The poorer Zu.tribes, who converted to Christianity, forever associated Zu with the richerclass and oppression/atrocities thereof. What law is this for which theChurch refuses to discuss even amendments? © Anannya Deb
  107. 107. MizoramThe Mizoram Total Liquor Prohibition Act. In 2007, they allowed wine to manufactured and sold (subject to lots of restrictions). Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  108. 108. Nagaland Bambi Kevichusa, Fashion Designer, Poet, Keyboardist, singer for a gospel rock band © Anannya Deb
  109. 109. NagalandIn 2000, following the civil war ceasefire, the Nagaland state governmentorganised a cultural festival involving all the tribes of the land. The ideawas to promote greater understanding and bonding amongst the hithertowarring groups. Since then, this annual festival held in December hasbecome a major tourist attraction with its rock shows, fashion parades,handicrafts arcade, etc. What is the name of this festival, a creature that festival,features in most of tribes oral tradition and Bombay quizzers get familiarwith at least once a year? © Anannya Deb
  110. 110. NagalandHornbill Festival Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  111. 111. Sikkim Bhaichung Bhutia Footballer, former Captain of India © Anannya Deb
  112. 112. SikkimConnect the two songs with a personality and give reference to context © Anannya Deb
  113. 113. SikkimDanny Denzongpa – His first film Mere Apne and his first song asplayback singer Yeh Gulistan Hamara Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  114. 114. Tripura Somdev Devvarman Tennis player, Asian Games champion © Anannya Deb
  115. 115. TripuraWill keep this simple, just give me exact connect between these two songs. © Anannya Deb
  116. 116. TripuraRD Burman plays harmonica . harmonica. Home Exit © Anannya Deb
  117. 117. Rudishing back home 18 questions © Anannya Deb
  118. 118. Anti-Clockwise 1In 1971, a group of delegates adopted this flag for themselves. The elementin the centre is a nod to India in two ways. One nod is that the Governmentof India partly funded the meeting. What is the other reason for putting it? © Anannya Deb
  119. 119. Anti-ClockwiseThe World Romani Congress paid tribute to the origin of the Roma peoplefrom India © Anannya Deb
  120. 120. Anti-Clockwise 2This exhibit at the Newseum, added to the collection on April 21st last year,was described as “Without the benefit of any of the 21st century conveniences or “Withouttechnological advancements, and in the face of significant personal hardships, thesejournalists were distinctly committed to providing their community with criticalinformation, and they used ...”. Explain the exhibit. ...”. exhibit. © Anannya Deb
  121. 121. Anti-Clockwise 2 © Anannya Deb
  122. 122. Anti-Clockwise 2 – AnswerThe Ishinomaki Hibi Shimbun, a newspaper in Ishinomaki city, had its Shimbun,presses destroyed by the tsunami. With no electricity and supplies, it tsunami.published its daily editions using pen and paper posting the newspaperon the walls of the refugee centres . centres. © Anannya Deb
  123. 123. Anti-Clockwise 3In 303 BC, Chandragupta Maurya and Seleceus Nicator buried the hatchetand got onto the discussion table. They signed a treaty which put in placean alliance between the two nations. There was exchange of territories,arms, elephants, etc. Specifically, the treaty also recognised Epigammy, a Epigammy,practice which had started ever since Alexander came to India.This gavelegal rights, recognised and honoured by two empires, to all the peopleinvolved in the practice What was Epigammy? Epigammy? © Anannya Deb
  124. 124. Anti-Clockwise 3 – AnswerMarriage between the Hellenic soldiers / men and Indian women. Thus, women.the new race of Indo-Hellenic peoples were recognised as citizens by theSeleucid and Mauryan empires. © Anannya Deb
  125. 125. Anti-Clockwise 420 years of conservation efforts since 1982 the population of CaliforniaCondors rose from 22 to around 400 odd birds, all bred in captivity. A fewyears ago they were selectively released in the wild. On each bird a radioGPS transmitter was attached so that they can be tracked in the wild. Everyyear, they were brought back for a full round of medical testing and thenre-released into the wild. In these tests, it has been found that more thanhalf of them are systematically getting poisoned through the consumptionof some metal. Given that the metal has a half life of 13 days, the actualamounts detected in the annual tests were just a fraction of what is actuallyconsumed. Through tracking and observation, the source of the poison wasdiscovered and efforts are on to figure out how to curtail it though it isdifficult given the feeding habits of the birds as well as Americas love forguns. What was the poison and the source? source? © Anannya Deb
  126. 126. Anti-Clockwise 4 – AnswerCalifornia Condor feed on carrion / carcasses of animals and birds. Themost common carcasses are those of game hunted by humans (for sport).And the most common ammo used is the lead bullet. These birds were bullet.suffering from high degree of lead contamination. © Anannya Deb
  127. 127. Anti-Clockwise 5These photographs are from an interesting tour package which costs 120Lithuanian Litas. Mentalfloss calls it the un-funniest vacation. At the end ofthe tour, the tourists are given a shot of vodka. What is the holiday about? © Anannya Deb
  128. 128. Anti-Clockwise 5 © Anannya Deb
  129. 129. Anti-Clockwise 5 © Anannya Deb
  130. 130. Anti-Clockwise 5 © Anannya Deb
  131. 131. Anti-Clockwise 5 – Answer24 hours in a KGB bunker with real interrogators and torturers (ex KGB,not actors). There is searching, torturing, mental disintegration, watchingof propaganda films, etc. © Anannya Deb
  132. 132. Bonus QuestionWrite down the answer.Leonid Vladimirovich Shabarshin was chief of FCD, the foreignintelligence division of the KGB. He served in Afghanistan where he wasdirecting all intelligence operations. However, the most stressful incidentin his life, according to him, happened much later. In the August 1991 coupagainst Gorbachev, the chairman of KGB, his boss, was one of the chief co-conspirators. Shabarshin sat on the fence and as the coup failed, followedGorbachevs orders and arrested his boss. Next day he was appointedacting chairman for a day which he spent helplessly watching the KGBtopple over. What happened on that day? © Anannya Deb
  133. 133. Bonus QuestionOn 21st August 1991, he could do nothing when a mob stormed the KGBprison (reminiscent of Bastille) and toppled the statue of FelixDzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB.Dzerzhinsky, © Anannya Deb
  134. 134. Anti-Clockwise 6Augustus Caesar in 20 BCE ordered a mural to be made outside the Forum.It was a map of entire Roman empire with Rome at the centre. This way,the Roman citizens could see for themselves their majestic influence andlegacy on the world. The Milliarium Aureum (Golden Milestone) waserected to inform citizens of the provinces and the distance from Rome. Asper Philip Schaffs 10-volume translation of the memoirs of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (St Justin, St Clement, etc), what does the mural and theGolden Milestone give rise to?to? © Anannya Deb
  135. 135. Anti-Clockwise 6 – AnswerThe phrase “All roads lead to Rome”. The mural had twelve roads, in a “All Rome”.straight line, radiating in from 12 different points of the empire andconverging on the Golden Milestone. © Anannya Deb
  136. 136. Anti-Clockwise 7Connect the song with the picture? © Anannya Deb
  137. 137. Anti-Clockwise 7 © Anannya Deb
  138. 138. Anti-Clockwise 7 – AnswerInela Nogic was crowned Miss Sarajevo. U2 and Luciano Pavarotti sings Sarajevo.this song for a documentary made on a 1993 beauty pagent held in aSarajevo basement at the height of the Yugoslavian civil war. When askedabout her plans, she said “I have no plans. I can be dead tomorrow” “I tomorrow” © Anannya Deb
  139. 139. Anti-Clockwise 8The jury is still discussing. She had a car, an apartment of her own, wasallowed to go professional, had a passport to travel anywhere, etc. It couldhave been attributed to her success and public popularity. But, suspicionswere there. When launching her dance based reality show on Britishtelevision earlier, she did comment that she was nostalgic about her past.And, there is a whole set of embarrassing documents which were madepublic in 2002. Identify her and tell me whats the big issue? issue? © Anannya Deb
  140. 140. Anti-Clockwise 8 © Anannya Deb
  141. 141. Anti-Clockwise 8A few selection from the documents:“Had I not had you and your generous support, my success would nothave been as great as it has become.” - she is telling them (October1989)“Shes eight years old and has lots of talent”“Considering her age, her political and ideological maturity is welldeveloped,” - when she was 9 years old“Sexual intercourse took place between 20:00 to 20:07” © Anannya Deb
  142. 142. Anti-Clockwise 8 – AnswerChampion figure skater Katarina Witt was an active a Stasi partner. partner.According to documents made public, she willingly cooperated with thesecret police in return for concessions like turning professional, starting herown business, etc. © Anannya Deb
  143. 143. Anti-Clockwise 9Connect the two images © Anannya Deb
  144. 144. Anti-Clockwise 9d. 1937, Spanish Civil War d. 1954, French Indochina © Anannya Deb
  145. 145. Anti-Clockwise 9 © Anannya Deb
  146. 146. Anti-Clockwise 9 – AnswerSusana Fortes Waiting for Robert Capa is a fictionalised romance featuringCapa and his partner Gerda Taro. Taro. © Anannya Deb
  147. 147. Anti-Clockwise 10This monument in the middle of the desert in north-west Niger marks thespot which was the only feature of its kind to be included in a map. One ofthe first Europeans to see it was Michel Lesoud of the Allied MilitaryMission in 1939 who wrote “... become a living lighthouse; it is the first or the “...last landmark for the azalai leaving Agadez for Bilma, or returning ”. In 1973, it returning”.was knocked down by a drunk Libyan truck driver and the remains of itare now displayed at the National Museum in Niamey. What feature andwhat was special about it? it? © Anannya Deb
  148. 148. Anti-Clockwise 10 © Anannya Deb
  149. 149. Anti-Clockwise 10 © Anannya Deb
  150. 150. Anti-Clockwise 10 © Anannya Deb
  151. 151. Anti-Clockwise 10 – AnswerThe lonely Tree of Tenere, the most isolated tree in the world, 400 km from Tenere,the nearest shrub. © Anannya Deb
  152. 152. Bonus QuestionWrite down the answer.If it was Eric the Eel in Sydney, it was The Sculling Sloth in London. Whoam I talking about? © Anannya Deb
  153. 153. Bonus QuestionHamadou Djibo Issaka, also nicknamed Hamadou the Hippo, single sculls Issaka,rower from Niger © Anannya Deb
  154. 154. Anti-Clockwise 11The Soviets initially kept it secret but later revealed that they had not yetperfected the re-entry process for the Soyuz project. So Yuri Gagarin had toeject at 20,000 feet and drop down with a parachute. This was their re-entryprogram. This continued for the next few cosmonauts. In 1965, AlexeiLeonov, the first man to do a space walk, and his crew on board Voskhod-2had re-entry problems. The auto re-entry program failed and they had tomanually steer the descent module. As a result, what got added and whyto the survival kit of the cosmonauts which in America till quite late waslaughed off as a Hollywood urban legend? © Anannya Deb
  155. 155. Anti-Clockwise 11 – AnswerA triple loader gun (shotgun, pistol, rifle – ammunition) to ward offwolves, bears and capitalists, should they fall in hostile territory capitalists, © Anannya Deb
  156. 156. Anti-Clockwise 12Alan Lomax, the man responsible for largest collection of recordings of folkmusic (which he archived and curated at the Library of Congress) in 1937came across a 16 year old girl Georgia Turner. Daughter of a coal miner,she sang about how she was ruined by sin and misery at a brothel in NewOrleans. One theory says that this brothel was the Madame MarianneLeSoleil Levant on St Louis Street. This song however was already 70-80years old at that time. As of today, Pirate Bay has 339 different coverversions including Bob Dylan and a British band whose version in the 60swas one of the few UK #1 not written by Lennon-McCartney. What song isthis?this? © Anannya Deb
  157. 157. Anti-Clockwise 12 – AnswerTheres a house in New Orleans / They call the Rising Sun © Anannya Deb
  158. 158. Anti-Clockwise 13He grew up in Huesco, a town with a tradition for drums. After 40 yearsand 8 World Cups, he says “ I lost everything for football: my family, my “Ibusiness, my money, the lot. But I would do it all over again tomorrow. There isjust something like representing your country. ” How do we better know this country.”fanatic? © Anannya Deb
  159. 159. Anti-Clockwise 13 – AnswerManolo The Drummer. (Manolo el Bombo de Espana). Real name Manuel Drummer.Caceres Artescero © Anannya Deb
  160. 160. Anti-Clockwise 14The British Museum is currently hosting an exhibition Shakespeare: stagingthe world. One of the first exhibits, as John Carlin says, demonstrates Ben world.Jonsons line that Shakespeare was “ not of an age, but for all time”. The “not time”.exhibit is called The Robben Island Bible. It is a copy of the complete works of Bible.Shakespeare brought in by Sonny Venkatrathnam, a fellow prisoner, whichthe prisoners in the Robben Island had as their only reading material. Thename “Bible” came about in two ways – metaphorically, as throughfrequent reading, contemplation and discussion, a lot of the prisonersviews of the world got informed. What was the more practical story thatled to it being called The Robben Island Bible? Bible? © Anannya Deb
  161. 161. Anti-Clockwise 14 – AnswerSonny had to pass the book through the prison censorship system. He toldthem it was the Bhagawad Gita and they let it pass. Once inside, everyonereferred to it as the Holy Book and in course of time the Bible. Eachprisoner marked and signed next to his favourite lines. Nelson Mandela:Cowards die many times before their deaths/The valiant never taste of death butonce. - Julius Caesar (16th Dec 1977)once. © Anannya Deb
  162. 162. Anti-Clockwise 15This is the plan of a project architected by Albert Speer. It included theplan for building the biggest stadium, capable of seating 400,000 people.Only three structures were finished. A 2004 photograph of one of thosestructures, called Zeppelin Field, is also provided. What place is this? this? © Anannya Deb
  163. 163. Anti-Clockwise 15 © Anannya Deb
  164. 164. Anti-Clockwise 15 © Anannya Deb
  165. 165. Anti-Clockwise 15 – AnswerThe Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Area, where six of the rallies were held Area, © Anannya Deb
  166. 166. Bonus QuestionWrite down the answerFrom this song, what phrase of four words has been used in manyViking / Old Norse based pop culture items like video games, comic serieson television, music albums and movies? © Anannya Deb
  167. 167. Bonus QuestionThe Hammer of the Gods / Will drive our ships to new lands. lands. © Anannya Deb
  168. 168. Anti-Clockwise 16In M B Synges A Book of Discoveries, there is an account of how Alexander Discoveries,was forced by the pleadings of his army to abandon any furtherexpeditions to the east (India) but rather return home. As a compromise, heordered the building of boats and sailed down the Indus, exploring andconquering the new lands found. On reaching the mouth of the Indus,however, his fleet under the command of Nearchus was thrown asunderdue to their incompetence in handling the waters. While there was no lossof life, the boats had to be repaired. Even though they were all ableseamen, they were inexperienced & incompetent against a criticalcondition at the mouth of the river. Julius Caesar faced a similar problemwhen taking his fleet to invade Britain. He lost a number of ships. Whatwere they unfamiliar with and why? why? © Anannya Deb
  169. 169. Anti-Clockwise 16 – AnswerThe Greeks and the Romans were all used to shipping in theMediterranean where the amplitude of tides is the lowest, negligible . negligible.Here at the mouth of the Indus and off the coast of Britain, they suddenlyhad to deal with the tide and they had no idea how to. © Anannya Deb
  170. 170. Anti-Clockwise 17Still at sea. Squid, of different kinds, form the bulk of the diet of thismammal. Scientists studying the stomachs of 17 specimens killed off theAzores observed undigested remains of 29,000 squids. One part of thesquid which remains undigested is the squid beak (a feature of theirmouth). These beaks often get stuck in the intestines and over time becomea congealed solidified mass of slurry, fecal matter, etc. in the shape of aboulder. It can rupture the intestines of the mammal, causing death.However, this happens in only 1% cases depending on the geneticstructure of the stomach and intestine. What valuable rare item is this thenatural production process ? process? © Anannya Deb
  171. 171. Anti-Clockwise 17 – AnswerAmbergris, (the worlds best perfume according Mr Yo in Crying Freeman)Ambergris, Freeman) © Anannya Deb
  172. 172. Anti-Clockwise 18Manlius Capitolinus got his surname when, as a soldier, he saw the Gaulsled by Brennus climb up the Capitoline Hill during the siege in c 390 BC.Reacting immediately, he had the first few soldiers pushed over and raisedthe alarm for the rest of the Roman garrison to come forward. Manlius wasrewarded very well after Rome was free again. He would later be executedfor treason, ironically thrown off Capitoline Hill, for trying to overthrowthe Senate and declare himself king. The question is, what alerted him tothe Gauls in the first place, a security feature that would become a 20thcentury business icon? © Anannya Deb
  173. 173. Anti-Clockwise 18 – AnswerThe Sacred Geese at the Temple of Juno, who started cackling when one Juno,of the Gauls slipped and shook his armour. Ballantines Scotch Watch, asquad of Chinese geese has been guarding their bonded warehouse inDumburton since the 1950s. © Anannya Deb
  174. 174. Khatam Shud © Anannya Deb