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Head Butt - Freekicks & Tackles


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Authors: Anannya Deb & Atul Mathew

Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Head Butt - Freekicks & Tackles

  1. 1. The Bombay Quiz Club presents BACK TO SQUARE ONE
  2. 2. FREE KICKS AND TACKLES A grid of 12 questions Free Kick: Each team chooses a question (in ascending order of scores till six and then descending order for the balance six). Get +5 for correct answer. Questions don’t pass (as per normal quizzing norms). Give the answer before the tackle. Tackle: Any of the other teams can buzz before the Free Kick team answers. The team that buzzes first will get the question diverted to them. +5 if they are correct, -5 if they are wrong. If the buzzer is hit before the question is completed, the Tackling team will have to answer as is If the Tackling team gets it wrong, it comes back to the original team to answer. (And the question will be completed)
  3. 3. THE GRID Terra Firma Horsing Around Locomotive Breadth Free Lance Humphrey Bogart A Comedy of Errors It’s all Happening Straw Man
  4. 4. TERRA FIRMA Which is the only land-locked country to reach the final of the FIFA Beach Football World Cup?
  5. 5. TERRA FIRMA Switzerland
  6. 6. HORSING AROUND Which two teams are playing if you are watching the Klang Valley Derby?
  7. 7. HORSING AROUND Kuala Lampur FA and Selangor
  8. 8. STRAW MAN What word, derived from the Dutch for basket, is used to describe the work of a person who makes wooden staved vessels of conical shapes like barrels, buckets, casks, etc ?
  9. 9. STRAW MAN Cooperage
  10. 10. IT’S ALL HAPPENING Which is the only cricket stadium to host an Olympic Gold Medal football match?
  11. 11. IT’S ALL HAPPENING Melbourne Cricket Ground, 1956
  12. 12. A COMEDY OF ERRORS What is the nickname of Henry Percy of Northumberland who led a rebellion against the King Henry IV in 1403 and was killed in the Battle of Shrewsbury?
  13. 13. A COMEDY OF ERRORS Hotspur
  14. 14. HUMPHREY BOGART Nicknamed the Irish because of their Green and White jerseys, Floriana FC was the first club to represent which country in UEFA competitions?
  15. 15. HUMPHREY BOGART Malta
  16. 16. FREE LANCE What is called “scissors” in Eastern Europe and a “Pele” in Professional Wrestling?
  17. 17. FREE LANCE A Bicycle Kick
  18. 18. LOCOMOTIVE BREADTH Give me the full name Jose ____ ______ Zapata
  19. 19. LOCOMOTIVE BREADTH Rene Higuita