risk process quality measures management value roadmap cost dmaic governance metrics implementation scm tps kaizen lean change management project business cycle kpi muri muda mura gemba lss six sigma stakeholders matrix case stakeholder ppm pmo analysis 5s maturity strategy wombat waste types tpm check act pdca cmmi s&op themes ecm evm distribution unit regression planning reviews assurance improvement integration customer market sales risks requirements functional qa total reporting pir life evaluation projects iso dmadv wcm ideas npd benefit ....? fmea spc partnership bsc supply tools improvement vs. maintenance sdca lean maturity chart lean maturity assessment lean scorecards cascading priorities to action hoshin / policy deployment lean box score visual boards lean metrics lean scorecard leaders audit checklist leader's standard work lean daily management systems ldms bias for action lean transformation e2e value stream sources of waste simplify rearrange combine eliminate ecrs takt lead time cycle time 3 mu's non value add value add waste types in manufacturing waste types in services perfection pull flow value stream respect for people lean culture lean pillars lean house lean journey operational excellence lean leadership lead definition internal pous otc setup qco external oted smed lean tool waste poka-yoke errors zero defects jidoka sensei gembutsu resistance qcd innovation quality circles standards change product development strategy development lss program management vision centre of excellence coe linking strategy roadmaps business improvement level 4 & 5 knowledge management discipline root cause oee value stream mapping principles ims fmea rpn pfmea casue & effect analysis kanban robotics zero defect qc circle automati 8w 5 whys value stream mapping pdca plan sponsor quality improvement customer orientation total q continous improvement histograms flowcharts scatter diagrams pareto diagrams cause & effect check sheets control charts poka yoke baka yoke idiot proofing mistake proofing 5-s 8-w the 5 whys value stream mapping pdca plan benchmarking process walks pareto charts cause & e retention market share marketing mix variable and fixed cost finance shareholder value braind customer satisfaction net marketing contribution marekting expense internal and external architecture bpm scorecards bi close loop epm dashboards cpm material flow cummulative lead time transport procurement order fulfilment receiving logistics supplier buyer partnership big & little jit withdrawal kanban continuous improvement production kanban kanban edi revenue intranet supply chain inflated order batching deflated demand forecast price fluctuation information sharing performance measures strategic alliance business model scoring models rank channel audit rfi no bids rfq compliance 6 sigma storyboard rfp red t&m itil ifb idiq ffp gold checklists blue pmbok coe cpff bids aggregate planning forecasting demand management mps resource management input output control rccp crp mrp demand pattern value measurement mse casual models mad sales & operation forecast cpfr bias time series mape process groups record keeping selling presentation time prospecting close attitudes part least pos foq poq eoq balancing ltc order luc l4l period lotforlot ppb quantity economic periods fixed balance cash pl conversion sheet eim cms wms acwp lre etc cv bcws eac cpi pv ev bcwp bac sv ac spi metric earned curve document communication commitment impact secondary primary audit srm exposure realisation rating japan east west china asia development client strategic proposition user types testing system acceptance product blueprint pqm control knowledge accountabilities continous subcontractors software configuration definition intergroup training managing peer tracking engineering utlisation psm services professional profit maximisation service billable minimisation revenu intelligence channel country competitor data price accountability supervision elements pillars crm methodology policies level tolerance stewardship erp approach result drivers scope activities phases variance budget resource schedule triple vs selection constraints screen levels csf experience program ssl procedures policy 9000 qms idov dfss creativity pdma as-is flowchart pdsa to-be swimlane diagrams block raci field force fishbone chart pareto mapping simulation if what decision tree brainstorming cause effect disposal landfill recycle reuse forward loop closed rma rlec review questions techniques channels networks sc chain framework scrm
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