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Project Closure Report


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Quality Assurance Review

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Project Closure Report

  1. 1. Project Closure Report Quality Assurance Review Anand Subramaniam
  2. 2. “It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.” - Earl Weaver 2
  3. 3. Quality Assurance Review on… Schedule Variance B F u us i De nct nes ria et e Va u dg Va li v i on s nc Business ria er al B nc y Case e R t Ma esou j ec st nag rce ro Co Va eme a l P cle ria nce nt ot Cy T e f Li 3
  4. 4. Budget Variance  Project Budget  Total Change Requests  Revised Budget  Actual Cost 4
  5. 5. Schedule Variance  Baseline Scheduled Closeout Date  Revised Scheduled Closeout Date  Project Start Date  Project End Date  Number of Approved Project Schedule Revisions  Planned Project Duration in Days  Actual Project Duration in Days 5
  6. 6. Business Functional Delivery Variance  Original Number of Business Functional Requirements  Total Number of Approved Changes  Current Number of Business Functional Requirements Delivered 6
  7. 7. Resource Management Variance  Planned Resource Hours  Revised Resource Hours  Actual Resource Hours  Number of Changes to the Staffing Plan per the Approved Change Request 7
  8. 8. Total Project Life Cycle Cost  Actual Cost  Total Planned Operations & Maintenance Cost (per year)  Total Planned Enhancement Cost (per year)  Projected System Life 8
  9. 9. Business Case  Benefits Start Date  Capitalisation Period  Enhanced Revenue  Avoided Cost  Operational Savings  Other Monetary Savings 9
  10. 10. “Only the winners decide what were war crimes.” - Gary Wills 10
  11. 11. Good Luck 11