Hr cloud, arn, 26 june 2013, v2


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One of my favourite picks for large scale cloud adoption. The HR space offers the maximum potential for cloud computing to add serious value. Find out why the underlying factors aid cloud adoption and how the HR organizations have to adapt and lead the change.

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Hr cloud, arn, 26 june 2013, v2

  1. 1. Human Resources Priorities, trends and the indispensability inevitability of cloud computing
  2. 2. The workplace is changing The new employee is Flexible Freelance Collaborative Connected SocialQ Informed Tech-native Global Dynamic Prosperous Choice Mobile Woman Power They have drastically different notions on „Job security‟ „9 to 5‟ „Annual Increments‟ „Employee Loyalty‟ „Growth‟ „life work balance‟ „Heirarchy‟ „workspace‟ „career ladder‟
  3. 3. New forces at work, coming out of our blind spot Cloud Computing • Agility Considerations • Economic Considerations • Best in class benchmarks Social Technology • Connecting employees across Globe • Employee Social Networks • Activity Streams Enterprise Gamification • Gamification Elements • Motivation and Productivity Mobility & Smart Devices • Next generation User Experiences • Consumerization of IT All new, all rapidly evolving
  4. 4. Time to treat employees like you treat customers • Exploit the power of social.. • Broad base administration of HR.. • Encourage mobility and spontaneity Customer Employee • Social Monitoring • Social Campaigns • Marketing • Lead & Opportunity Management • Social sourcing • Engagement Campaigns • Recruiting Events • Screening & Recruiting • Order Management • Fulfillment • Invoicing • Customer Master • Offer Management • Onboarding • Payroll/benefits • Employee Master • Customer Service • Customer Community • Feedback • Surveys • Workforce Support • Internal Communities • Social Performance Management • Performance Management Find Onboard Retain
  5. 5. HR has to lead the change (manage is a bad word) Focus Structure Governance Scope • Internal • Program centric • Cost center mentality (run lean) • Competencies based • External • Cross functional • Competitive Advantage • Results based Traditional HR The “New” HR • Aligned internally around HR programs (stove-piped) • Solid line within corporate function • Oversight and compliance • Command and Control • Single, formal executive steering committee for budget/financial management • Broad scope - Full set of HR disciplines • Responsibility for ops and transactions • Virtual teams aligned to solutions • Cross-functional service-based teams with dotted lines to business • Facilitate culture and drive change • Engage talent with business • Prioritize & provide quality resources • Defined scope - around results, culture and change • Ops and transactions increasingly outsourced or federated
  6. 6. Destroy the inefficiencies of enterprise systems  Inherently flawed multi year rollouts – time lag between ideation and execution  Heavily dependent on IT capability  Investment centric, difficult ROI  One size fits all mentality
  7. 7. So how does Cloud help all of this  Capex to Opex cost transfer  Lower upfront costs means better ROI  Rapid, by definition  Best in class, by definition  Cross industry best practice adoption  Frees HR from the grasp of IT  Easy in, easy out
  8. 8. You will be a leader, but not alone Forrester Survey on SaaS adoption - 2012 • HR is one of the key priorities areas for Cloud adoption * 48% of Global 2000 Organizations either use or plan to use cloud based HR solutions
  9. 9. “Anand Ramachandran Fantain” @andrcdn THANK YOU