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Published in: Education
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  2. 2. Narrator describes a strange incident that had happened tothem about two o’ clock, the saw a low carriage fixed on and sledge and drawn by dogs.Next morning they again saw himon a sledge but only one dog was alive and there was a human being looked tire and hungry.Narrator and his friend saved the life of the man on a sledge. Thetime passed and man recovered from illness and chat with the narrator.
  3. 3. Once Victor Frankenstein came upon the work of the mystic physician Cornelius Agrippa.Later, he acquire his works andalso of alchemist Parcelus and Albert Magnus. At the age of seventeen he leaves his home to attenduniversity at Ingolstadt. Before his departure, his mother catches scarlet fever fromElizabeth and died. As her last wish, his mother wanted Elizabeth and Victor to get marry.
  4. 4. Then the Victor after going to Ingolstadt he meets M.Krempe who suggested to take chemistry lectures of Mr. Walton everyday and Victorstarted taking all that classes.Much time passed in Ingolstadt and he missed his family a lot and wanted to go. But one incident lengthened his work. He asked himselffrom where did the principle oflife originates and according to him it’s a very bold question.
  5. 5. His attention was fixed upon his goal. For this he had to study the natural decay andcorruption of the human body. He began to examine thecause and progress of decays.He examined and analysed all the changes from life to death. He succeeded in discoveringthe cause and creation of life- no-even more……. He himself became capable of giving life to the lifeless matter.
  6. 6. He worked very hard and studied a lot . He had the capacity of giving life. He cannot imagine the horrors of his secret, he collected bones from mortuaries, and started putting together hisown creature. He decided to delay everything until the great job was complete. His work gets complete, andinfuse a spark of life into the lifeless thing. Then thelifeless creature gets up and narrator gets afraid as he is so ugly and ran away fromthat house where the lifeless creature is.
  7. 7. As in his way from leaving his home he met henry clervel who was his old friend . Henry was so delighted to see him after a long time and want to talk to him lot , and victortakehim to his hotel for talk and for having a rest. When they reached hotel the victoremembered that creature wasinside his room but when when they entered no one was there then he saw that letter was lying there from his home he read and started crying ,on asking by clerval he replied that someone murdered william , he is very innocent child.
  8. 8. He decided to went his hometown. It was completely dark when he was arrived to Geneva. The gates were already shut and as he was unable to rest he resolved to visit the spot where his poor william was murdered. While he watched the storm he waschanced to see a figure behind cluster of trees near him. He was the wretch, the filthy demon, to whom victor had given life. He called him murdered..! And he ran awayat a great speed and lost in thedark, victor thoughts that he is the murderer of william
  9. 9. He decided to relieve himself of the intolerable feelings.So, he went to alpine valleysto forget his human sorrows his wanderings took him towards the valley of chamounix. He visited it frequently during his boyhood. There he stopped to view the tremendousglacier, he saw that creature again, he was at some distance over the gapsamong which he had walked with caution.
  10. 10. the creature came near and talked to the victor. Victorasked him that, how dare youapproach me ? Do you not fearmy fierce revenge? How I wish I could bring life to all those victims you have murdered! The creature told him that no body likes him and asked whyvictor had created him so ugly? He is kind to every one but, every one get scared of him and wanted victor to create one girl for him as his lover and victor agreed on it
  11. 11. Then he went to his home then . The weeks passed in geneva, but he could notmuster the courage to beginhis work, as victor mother’s last wish victor’s father wanted him to marryElizabeth. Victor agreed but he told Elizabeth that he wanted to visit to Englandto meet some friends before their marriage hiding the real reason behind . Elizabeth agreed but suggested him to take clerval as a companion.
  12. 12. Then victor and Clerval went to Scotland, but victor told clerval that he wished totour scotland alone. Clerval agreed And told him to hurry up and return early. Then victor went and chose one of the remotest islands as his workplace. And started his work early and one night he saw that the creature was watching himand was happy to see victor doing work.
  13. 13. While doing his work he thought that if he makeanother one like creature thenthey both will together kill thepeople and harm everyone and together destroy the world . Then victor stop his work andstarted distroying his all work. The creature sees that and says the victor that if he will not make another one for him he will destroy every thing related to him, but the victor refuses and creatures leaves. Then he got letter of clervalthat please hurry and meet me then he leaves that place at night and throw all parts of model in the sea.
  14. 14. When he goes there where clerval had called him, everyone gives him a strange look and take him tocourt and shown him one dead body which was of clerval, victor gets amazed to see that body and startedcrying and for that crime victor was sentenced to prison. And started getting ill and fever started running through his body. But he was releasedearly after getting proved that he was at orkeys island when henry was murdered.
  15. 15. Then he go to his home and became very to see hisfather and Elizabeth as they are still alive and after going to home he started keeping pistols and knife with him for his family protection from that ugly creature and agreed to his fathers decision of early marriage
  16. 16. the days passed and there marriage came near and victor started becoming more protective towards his family but there is nosign of the ugly creature then the day of theirmarriage came and victor gets worried. But, nothing happenedand victor and Elizabeth get married happily.
  17. 17. Elizabeth had a small property on the shares of lake como. Immediately after their wedding theywent there, and spend there first days there, beside the beautiful lake, and thenthey went to their property. Victor was very much worried for Elizabeth
  18. 18. Elizabeth observed the anxiety of victor for his fearful silence and asks him what is that which fears him, victor replies peace my love! All will be safe. And request Elizabeth to take a rest and afterher sleeping he locks his room from outside and starts protecting herwith pistol after her room. But after sme time he hears the sound ofAAARRHH..!! of Elizabeth from her room and ran towards her room and open the door and sees that she was there lifeless thrown across the bed. Just then he saw the most hideous and hated creature. And his all strength is exhausted
  19. 19. Early morning , after Elizabeth’s death he arrived to geneva his father sank under the news hebrought, his father culd not live under the horrors around himand in a few days his father died in his arms and as nightapproached victor found himself at the enterance of cementarywhere his william, Elizabeth and father rested. Victor becameangry and wanted revenge and hears a loud laugh of the creature and persued him formany days this become his task
  20. 20. The creature continued to give him clues sometimes by writing in trees or scratching stones which guided victor and victorpersued journey northwards. Ne inscription he left read that is “wrap yourself in furs, for weshall soon begin a journey where your sufferings will satisfy my hatred” and victor was failed to complete his duty of destroying creature. Victor voice become fainted and then he hold narrator’s hand and close his eyes forever. The creature saw victor died and make sure that soon he will die and soon those burning miseries will be extinct.