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Frappé / ERPNext Open Day November 2015


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Progress in the month of November 2015 by the Frappé / ERPNext Team

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Frappé / ERPNext Open Day November 2015

  1. 1. Open Day November 2015 Rushabh Mehta
  2. 2. Lots of minor fixes! Thanks to support week :)
  3. 3. Inline images in email With Anand
  4. 4. Cleaned up app-installer With Pratik’s changes
  5. 5. Setup Wizard Split Frappe / ERPNext
  6. 6. ZFS Admin
  7. 7. Web Admin for ZFS Working Prototype
  8. 8. Learnings • No changes in Frappe! (first time ever) • Base for Frappe Storage product coming soon • Potential: Backup + Storage application based on ZFS • Web UI (like Web based FTP) • Fun!
  9. 9. iSpirt Roundtable Helping other product companies in India
  10. 10. Coming Up • Dev training videos • Consolidation of web assets ( / and release of new docs • Bench Admin cleanup + release
  11. 11. Thanks @rushabh_mehta
  12. 12. Open November, 2015 Day Umair Sayyed _____________________________________
  13. 13. New 25 Customers 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
  14. 14. Renewals Customers 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 10
  15. 15. Free Trials & 0 450 900 1350 1800 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Free Trial 1170 93
  16. 16. Support Tickets 0 175 350 525 700 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 454
  17. 17. Forum Support 0 750 1500 2250 3000 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 1248 (419 post)
  18. 18. User Reviews Thanks for your great job and keep working on this direction. I am sure ERPNext it will be the reference ERP Software in a short. - Angel ERPNext is great. I would definitely use again. There is only one problem is that I live in China and sometimes it is a little bit slow. I don’t know if it is on your end or on the ERP next end but it is quite a big issue here. Thanks for getting back to me, actually quite quick all is good now. Already started to explore and I am very pleased so far. - Sebastian Partzsch
  19. 19. User Reviews Your solution is great...I started using a self hosted version..Thanks for keeping touch - Ruben Guzman - Mehul Mehta I was very please to know that he (new user) was able to create the entire accounts setup on his own without any help from me and he also made some more changes which he felt will help us in compliances. 
 Upon asking him if he found the erp easy to use he replied saying that its very easy to use and much better than Tally.
  20. 20. Help Videos Managing Advance Payment File Manager ————————————————————
  21. 21. ICAI Workshop
  22. 22. Customerof the Month Deven Shah Safeworld
  23. 23. Demo Sessions • Foundation of 2nd largest bank in India
 • Solar energy solution provider
 • Medical products trader and importer
 • Purified water and equipment supplier, USA
 • Manufacturer of packing related products, USA

  24. 24. Demo Sessions • Importer and exporter of electrical product, Dominican Republic
 • Tea producer and retailer, India
 • IT Service provider, Malaysia
 • IT service provider, UAE

  25. 25. Demo Sessions • Beauty products manufacturer, India
 • Plumbing equipment and solutions provider, India
 • Online retailer, for Shopify integration, India
 • Building material trader, USA

  26. 26. Thank You
  27. 27. NOVEMBER 2015 Anand Doshi Frappé & ERPNext Open Day
  28. 28. who is viewing
  29. 29. sounds whoosh email ding submit ta-tap cancel ti-tish delete click save dong error
  30. 30. not null default 0 Int Currency
 Float Percent led to improved performance
  31. 31. optimisation Payment Reconciliation Payment Tool with Nabin now loads at 10x speed
  32. 32. security fixes whitelist js loading sql injections
  33. 33. fixes timezone code used to apply daylight savings to all dates disable incoming email on authentication error or invalid server
  34. 34. misc slave setup organised ansible scripts minutes app with Rushabh FreeNAS UI — React, Redux
  35. 35. support weeks most issues related to Post- Release Disorder (PRD) pomodoro: take breaks or else not null had undesired effects
  36. 36. next month status updater signup to setup wizard flow calendar chat @mentions
  37. 37. thanks @anandpdoshi
  38. 38. Open Day November 2015 Nabin Hait
  39. 39. Leave Leave based on date Leave Allocation and Application Fixes and Cleanup Employee Leave Balance report redesigned
  40. 40. ERPNext Docs Docs are now part of the erpnext repository Hosted on
  41. 41. Product Bundle in Purchase Scrapped after completion [complicating core codes] Introduced a button to fetch items from Product Bundle
  42. 42. Custom Root Account Option to create custom roots in Chart of Accounts Required fixes in Financial Statements
  43. 43. Fixed outstanding calculation related to advance in Sales & Purchase Invoice Outstanding Amount Gross Profit Buying Amount calculation for Product Bundle item in Gross Profit report Clear addresses and contacts on a new Lead / Customer Addresses & Contacts
  44. 44. Allowed Purchase Invoice for drop-shop Purchase Orders Drop-Ship Invoicing Multi-currency Bank Reconciliation in Account currency and mapping from negative outstanding invoice and PaymentTool Update cost for exploded materials from sub-contracted BOMsBOM Cost
  45. 45. Thanks
  46. 46. Frappe Open Day November 2015
  47. 47. Frappé Schools is here
  48. 48. Frappé Schools Source Code -> Developer & User Documentation ->
  49. 49. Next - Frappé for Non Profits. because
  50. 50. @neilLasrado “Thanks.”
  51. 51. Open Day Nov 2015 Saurabh Palande
  52. 52. Bulk Close from Sales Order and Purchase Order
  53. 53. Documentation for Shopify ERPNext App •
  54. 54. Demo & Discussions Had a demo with Prashant, for drop-shipping feature Discussion with Studio-March over some Shopify Functionality
  55. 55. Shopify App release in Shopify App Store Updated Auth and Broker flow for shopify app installation in Shopify Account. Too many email exchange to understand and fix auth flow Special Thanks to Oren for Support provided in Shopify App Release App available @ https://
  56. 56. Moved Drop Shipping facility from parent to child on Purchase Order Then Now
  57. 57. Google Integration User able to sync Contacts and Events from ERPNext to G-calendar and G-Contact, vice-versa
  58. 58. Fixes
  59. 59. Check validity of credentials, while saving settings Doc broken link fixes None Url fixes - shopify Pagination while fetching records from shopify Script fix for wkhtmltopdf deb installation on vivid Install shopify-erpnext app via broker if missing on erpnext site
  60. 60. Bad Time - Broken patch - Too many issues with Leave Balance Report
  61. 61. @saurabh6790 Thanks
  62. 62. Open Day November, 2015 Pratik
  63. 63. Current Project • Ansible script to setup Frappe + ERPNext. • Will be used to build evaluation VM and Docker image. • Will be automated (no version lagging in VM release) :)
  64. 64. Issues • Systemd did play well with Ansible on Docker, so moved to Ubuntu LTS.
 ( • Ready to use base images from https://cloud- didn’t work well. • Building VM images in the cloud (Virtual Servers) too slow and difficult.
  65. 65. Future (this week :)) • Ansible integrated into bench. Use case is to handle upgrades with system packages. • Replace (easy install script)
  66. 66. Thanks!