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ERPNext Open Day October 2012 by Anand Doshi


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ERPNext Open Day presentation for October 2012

Published in: Business
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ERPNext Open Day October 2012 by Anand Doshi

  1. 1. anand doshi erpnext.comopen day october 2012
  2. 2. one thing led to anotherstart account inventory integration 09-10-2012, tuesday server-side calculation 12-10-2012, friday purchase / sales field rename 18-10-2012, thursday purchase / sales code refactor 25-10-2012, thursday
  3. 3. development highlights purchase-sales sane field names less confusion / ambiguity server-side calculation wrong calculations can be patched! rounding based on field type floating point issues are a thing of the pastclient-side code with classical inheritance cleaner code structure
  4. 4. master branch implemented page permissions better access restrictions fixes in data import tool up to 500 rows at a time prevents duplication of recordsleave allocation - allow on submit update allocated leaves for an employee removed import error bypass safer deployment when changing directory structure
  5. 5. fixes in grid report filters, open link in new tabbug fix in save using keyboard shortcut defocus active field bank reconciliation and price list csv file import custom scripts allow delete, only one custom script per doctype other fixes stock ageing - avg. age new user email recurring invoice error email
  6. 6. anand doshi erpnext.comthank you Please share your comments