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SEO Secrets 2018: 21 Extraordinary SEO Secrets that Most of You Don't Know


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These 21 extraordinary SEO secrets for 2018 will blow your mind. Read this presentation carefully. Please comment below in the box if you have any query regarding SEO tips and tricks. These SEO tips and tricks are collected after online research.Read more here

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SEO Secrets 2018: 21 Extraordinary SEO Secrets that Most of You Don't Know

  1. 1. 21 Extraordinary SEO Secrets that Most of You Don’t Know {2018 Update}
  2. 2. These 21 extraordinary SEO secrets will blow your mind. Read this post carefully. These techniques are working for coming years.
  3. 3. #1. Extraordinary Keyword Research If your keywords are right and effective then it will not only save your money but also lots of energy which you will waste on overthinking, resources, and expert suggestions.
  4. 4. #2. User-Friendly Website and its Architecture A silo and great website architecture not only help the bots to collect information from your website but it also helps the user to understand your website for learning or shopping.
  5. 5. #3. More High Authority Internal Linking Do you know if you link your new webpage with old and established webpage you will get a ranking boost?
  6. 6. #4. Avoid Unlinked Web pages Take an audit an check that all your pages are interlinked if not then do it now. Because you are wasting your effort on writing a great content on a webpage.
  7. 7. #5. Schema Markup Optimization You know about Schema, but have you ever wondered why Google loves pages with schema coding? Schema codes are specially designed markups to instruct the bots about the webpage.
  8. 8. #6. Create AMP Pages AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. These are special pages which open faster on mobile with fewer images. AMP pages are more indexed in mobile SERP. Don’t forget to add AMP page today.
  9. 9. #7. Regular Website Health Checkup We human being, go for regular health checkup but we most of us don’t check the website health after a month or a year. This is crucial for SEO.
  10. 10. #8.Enhance Click Through Rate CTR or click through rate is the ranking signal. Start working on your CTR today. Create a number of meta tags for the similar page and test their click-through rate. Set the higher CTR meta tags.
  11. 11. #9. Add Unique and Long Content Content is king but we don’t research for it more. We don’t consider the length of content. Length of content is ranking signal. So, write more and better research unique and long content. Promote it so much that it reaches your right audience.
  12. 12. #10. Don’t Forget Web Content Creating Audience You want the link but why anybody likes to give you a link. The answer is you have to add and share some incentive content which is required by web content creating audiences like bloggers, writers, and news agencies.
  13. 13. #11. Upgrade Old Web pages You have added so many web pages on the internet out of these only few are ranking on the first and second page. What about other pages? My answer is – upgrade those pages ASAP.
  14. 14. #12. Leverage Question-Based Queries Your page will rank at 0 positions if your webpage has detailed answer to any question. So focus more on question-based queries in your online marketing strategy.
  15. 15. #13. More GiveAways Everyone like free materials. So share more giveaways. You can share giveaways like ebooks, course, tools etc.. In return for this, you will get links and traffic.
  16. 16. #14. Use Best SEO Tools Some SEO’s are at the top but some are still struggling. This is due to lack of best SEO tools. Some SEO experts are using best SEO tools like Ahrefs, MOZ Explorer, SEMrush and more…
  17. 17. #15. Add FAQ Pages FAQ is frequently asked question pages. These pages are very important if you are selling products online. When your brand gets popular then people start asking questions related to your services on the internet.
  18. 18. #16. Use All Features of SERP Do you know about all the features of Google SERP? No, then it’s ok. These are • Paid Results • Organic Results • Image Results • Featured Snippet
  19. 19. #17. Beware of Search Engine Algorithm Updates Be updated in all minor and major search engine updates. Make an eagle eye on all the algorithm updates. Create Google alert and be updated. Make your new SEO strategy according to the new update.
  20. 20. #18. Infographics Works Infographics are one of the most trending content types on the search engine. Create and share more and more infographics.
  21. 21. #19. Local Search Results You have seen from some months, Google showing more local results on various queries. Add more landing pages based on local queries and stories. Verify your business on Google and Bing.
  22. 22. #20.Guest Posting One of the most effective strategy in SEO. Guest posting is the boon for high authority links and website traffic. Start posting on another website for more high-quality backlinks and conversions.
  23. 23. #21.Influencer Marketing Create a great content and reach your targeted audience influencer. If they liked your content then they will give you mention or link back. These influencer links can give you tons of traffic. Reach out and make relations with influencers.
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