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Aakash shah performance tester


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Published in: Technology
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Aakash shah performance tester

  1. 1. Aakash Shah Sr. Performance Test Engineer Summary • IT Professional with over 7+ yrs of experience in end to end Performance testing lifecycle. • Expert in editing and playback the scripts using different automation tools like Load runner & Performance Center. • Maintaining the Traceability matrix and defect tracking using different tools like Quality Center, Clear Quest and Test Director • Extensive experience in Requirements gathering, Test plans, Test Strategy, Test Cases. • Performing System analysis and creating the scripts for scalability, performance, Security, load, Compatibility, endurance and stress testing and developing, validating and executing the Scripts using Load Runner. • Creating the scripts to meet the load testing requirements according to the SLA (Service Level agreement) agreed upon. • Extensively involved in performance tuning of application servers such as Weblogic and Tuxedo • Extensively involved in Performance tuning of Web servers such as web sphere. • Checked for Network Bottlenecks using Network Delay Time and Vuser Graphs • Good knowledge in using JBOSS, Unit testing frameworks like JUnit and NUnit. • Performed integration testing, stress testing and the Load testing on different protocols like Web (HTTP/HTML), WebServices, Web (Click and Script), COM, SAP (WEB, GUI), Oracle NCA Protocols. • Delivering the status reports like testing status, defect-tracking status, and weekly status reports to the Test Manager • Experienced in configuring and utilizing Sitescope and Wily Introcope for performance monitoring. • Testing the application with stress and load of right transaction mix to emulate real time transaction load. • Strong in Monitoring the Load Tests and Analyzing Test Results Using LoadRunner Analysis to Measure the Application Performance. • Strong Experience in executing SQL queries to validate the data in the back end. • Good experience of developing and executing of Performance, Load and Volume tests. Education MS in Technology Management – University of Bridgeport, CT – 2006 Bachelors in Business Administration - Gujarat University - 200350 Cragwood Road, Suite # 118, South Plainfield, NJ - 07080 PH: 908-753-8989 FAX: Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Technical Skills Web Technologies HTML, XML, XHTML,Websphere Languages SQL, C, C++, Java, Shell RDBMS MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle DB2 Project Management Tools MS-Project, MS - Visio Methodologies RUP, Agile, Performance Testing Operating Systems Windows , UNIX, Linux, Solaris, AIX Networking TCP/IP, FTP Automation Tools LoadRunner, Performance Center, QTP Defect Tracking Tools Test Director, Lotus Notes, Quality Center, ClearQuest Other Tools SiteScope, Wily Introscope, Team Quest Professional Experience: Wilshire Media – Los Angeles, CA Sr. Performance Engineer Dec. 2011 - Present Responsibilities: • Analyzed the Performance Requirement Document and Functional specification Documents. • Performed Stress, Load and Volume Testing. • Developed Test scripts using LoadRunner by recording test cases, adding checkpoints, parameterization, correlation and also custom code as needed to enhance the scripts. • Conducted Load Tests using LR Controller and analyzed results. • Extensively used Web, Webservices, and .Net protocols. • Analyzed various graphs and generated reports using LoadRunner Analysis. • Developed test scenarios to properly load / stress the system in lab environment • Verified the connectivity from Controller to the Load Generator. • Suggested Improvement areas in terms of performance enhancements. • Created VUser Scripts which emulates typical business transactions and user actions by utilizing LoadRunner Virtual User Generator. • Enhanced the VUser script by inserting transaction functions such as lr_start_transaction and lr_end_tansction to measure the transaction time. • Verified load balancer setting using IP spoofing feature of Load Runner to discover issues with load balancer due to IP sticky. • Performed Ad-Hoc testing, end-to-end testing, System testing, Regression testing, and Function testing. • Writing SQL queries for back end verification and validation using several sql statements and joins50 Cragwood Road, Suite # 118, South Plainfield, NJ - 07080 PH: 908-753-8989 FAX: Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. • Discussed the analysis with the client and presented the risks before the release went to production. • Created and executed detailed functional test scripts based on the business requirements. • Generated Test data for various types of testing to valid data, Invalid data testing. • Worked with developers, Business Analysts and Release managers to discussed ways to fix the defects. • Always met the deadline when required to do Load testing. Environment: Loadrunner/Performance Center, Quality Center, .Net, IIS, C, C++, Agile Methodologies, SQL, SQL Server, Site Scope, UNIX Walgreens – Deerfield, IL Performance Engineer Jun 2008 – Nov. 2010 Responsibilities: • Prepared Test plan and Test specifications based on Functional Requirement Specifications and System Design Specifications. • Developed load test scripts using LoadRunner VUGen to make them flexible and useful for Regression testing. • Parameterized actions and created files using random, sequential and unique options in LoadRunner VUGen. • Developed VUser Scripts using protocols like Web (http/html), Web Services, .Net and Oracle NCA. • Used Correlation to handle the Dynamic return values and scheduled the test under work load compositions. • Enhanced Vuser scripts with transactions, rendezvous points, functions, parameterization and correlation. • Executed LoadRunner scenarios using LoadRunner Controller – performance Center and analyzed the results through LoadRunner Analysis to find the bottlenecks in networks and server resources including deadlock conditions, database connectivity problems and system crashes under load. • Configured Load Runner monitors to monitor performance of individual Hosts behavior on load. • Analyzed the results and Created Analysis Report through LoadRunner Analysis, prepared and submitted Exit Report with Recommendations. • Extensively worked LoadRunner in analyzing Content Distribution Services application performance for varying Loads and Stress conditions. • Measured the response time at different points in the application using Site Scope monitoring tool. • Analyzed the system resource graphs, network monitor graphs and error graphs to identify transaction performance, network problems and scenario results respectively. • Build and execute SQL queries to verify the data updates to various tables and ensure data quality and integrity.50 Cragwood Road, Suite # 118, South Plainfield, NJ - 07080 PH: 908-753-8989 FAX: Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. • Tested C#.Net, ASP.Net and VB.Net applications. Environment: Quality Center, JAVA, LoadRunner/Performance Center, SAP, Wily Introscope, ASP.Net, Apache Tomcat, C, C++, Agile Methodologies, SQL, SQL Server 2008 CISCO SYSTEMS INC - SAN JOSE, CA Performance Tester Sept. 2006 – May 2008 Responsibilities: • Created the Load Test scenarios using Load Runner Controller from scratch which includes Creating the VuGen Scripts and Assigning Vusers for each script. • Correlated all dynamic values within the script generated by Load Runner and enhance (add transaction, text/content check) them according to the Scenario. • Developed scripts using Web (http/html), Webservices and Java. • Enhanced the load Runner script by parameterization, check points, correlation and by keeping Rendezvous points • Scheduling the scenarios using the Load Runner’s Controller and analyzing the results using Analyzer • Performed smoke testing by checking the build release from the developers • Performed Regression testing after logging defects. • Involved in database testing by writing SQL queries and also using data base functions for automation. • Extensively used Performance Monitoring tools to analyze the System resources bottlenecks like Memory Leaks, CPU & Network Bottlenecks as well as problematic application & DB components. • Worked on Throughput, Hits per seconds, Network delays, latency, and capacity measurements and reliability tests of on multi-layer architecture • Worked on performance testing report and made recommendation for system/application performance improvement • Worked with developers, business and Release managers in bug fix issues and in meeting project deadlines. • Reported the bugs, Email notifications to the developers using the QC. Environment: LoadRunner, Quality Center, VB script, Unix, Shell Scripting and Window, WebSphere, Weblogic, Oracle, SiteScope, Tivoli CAPITAL ONE BANK – HOUSTON, TX Performance Tester Oct 2004– Aug 2006 Responsibilities:50 Cragwood Road, Suite # 118, South Plainfield, NJ - 07080 PH: 908-753-8989 FAX: Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. • Involved in gathering business requirement, studying the application and collecting the information from developers, and business. • Created Vuser scripts that contain tasks performed by each Vuser, tasks performed by Vuser’s as a whole, and tasks measured as transactions. • Developed Vuser Scripts in web, webservices, SAP and Citrix Protocols. • Designed tests for Benchmark and Stress testing. • Parameterized large and complex test data to accurately depict production trends. • Validated the scripts to make sure they have been executed correctly and meets the scenario description. • Created Single User, Base Line and Soak test scenarios. Random pacing between iterations was introduced to get the desired transactions per hour • Added performance measurements for Oracle, Web Logic, IIS in Performance Center. • Analyzed results using LoadRunner Analysis tool and analyzed Oracle database connections, sessions, Web Logic log files. • Responsible for analyzing application and components behavior with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations • Maintained test matrix and bug database and generated monthly reports. • Interacted with developers during testing for identifying memory leaks, fixing bugs and for optimizing server settings at web, app and database levels. • Used LoadRunner tool for testing and monitoring. Actively participated in enhancement meetings focused on making the website more intuitive and interesting. Environment: Manual Testing, Loadrunner, Quality Center, SQL Server, Sitescope, XML, Java, JavaScript, Apache, IE and Netscape.50 Cragwood Road, Suite # 118, South Plainfield, NJ - 07080 PH: 908-753-8989 FAX: Page 5 of 5