Yoga and lifestyle


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Modern medical advancements provide the rationale for the integration of various traditional healing techniques including Yoga to promote healing, health, and longevity. It is imperative that advances in medicine include the wholistic approach of Yoga to face the current challenges in health care. The antiquity of Yoga must be united with the innovations of modern medicine to improve quality of life throughout the world.
Lifestyle is the way people live and this has immense influence on the status of health or disease. Since one’s lifestyle is developed early in life, it is advisable to cultivate healthy lifestyle in early childhood. Many factors determine one’s lifestyle. Economic status determines incidence of under-nutrition in poor and obesity in the rich. Cultural values of the society dictate the dietary preferences in the population. Sedentary life is a major factor for coronary artery disease while personal habits like smoking and alcoholism determine the incidence of heart disease and cirrhosis of liver. Exercise, healthy diet and rest and relaxation are important components of lifestyle.
Yoga is the most perfect lifestyle module as it is comprehensive and holistic in its nature. Yogic lifestyle including diet, attitudes and various techniques help strengthen and develop positive health thus enabling us to withstand stress better. This Yogic “health insurance” is achieved by normalizing the perception of stress, optimizing the reaction to it and by releasing the pent up stress effectively through various Yogic practices. Yoga is a wholistic and integral science of life dealing with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the individual and society.

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Yoga and lifestyle

  1. 1. HEALTHY LIVING THROUGH YOGA Yogacharya Dr ANANDA BALAYOGI BHAVANANI MBBS, ADY, DSM, DPC, PGDFH, PGDY, FIAY Chairman : International Centre for Yoga Education & Research at Ananda Ashram, Puducherry, South India.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Good health – a priceless possession Ill health & disease – a curse Holistic health- body - mind - soul Improve your health / heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually  Unhealthy lifestyle is a major underlying factor for disease, disability and death.  Adopt a healthy lifestyle for – Health promotion – Prevention & cure of disease    
  3. 3. LIFESTYLE IS:  The way we live our day-to-day lives with the object of acquiring and maintaining a healthy body and mind  The way we • think, emote and behave, • act and interact, • rest and relax, • eat and drink  It’s a daily discipline, a dynamic process
  4. 4. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS • Choices / actions to be taken to improve: – Physical health and physiological functions – Mental health and the sense of well being – Quantity of Life span – Quality of life experiences
  5. 5. CHOICE IS YOURS RESOLVE NOW !!!! • If healthy – to stay fit • If unwell – to restore health
  6. 6. COMPONENTS OF LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION • • • • • • • • • Healthy food and drink Regular physical exercise Rest and relaxation Healthy emotional relationships Preventive measures Management of stress Periodical check-up Self-examination External & internal cleanliness & purity
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES OF LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS • • • Natural, effective and safe Complementary to “modern” medicine Inexpensive Should be the basis of our public health policy and clinical approach Are doctors trained?
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES OF YOGA • • • • • • • • Wholistic: Preventive, promotive, curative Science, philosophy, art Body, mind, soul Desirable +ve “side benefits” Harmless Simultaneous improvement in health and control of other diseases Relief from stress - the main cause of Adhija Vyadhi (psychosomatic disorders)
  9. 9. YOGA AND YOGA THERAPY • YOGA -integration / reintegration (mind-body --- spirit-universe) • YOGA THERAPY - tools to attain the integration / reintegration
  10. 10. • Yoga enables us to attain and maintain a dynamic sukha sthanam - a dynamic sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being. • Yoga helps cultivation of positive health through three integral steps: – Cultivation of correct psychological attitudes, – Reconditioning of neuro-muscular and neuroglandular system – in fact, the whole body – enabling it to withstand stress and strain better, – Laying great emphasis on appropriate diet conducive to such a peak state of health, and encouraging natural processes of elimination through various processes of shuddhi.
  11. 11. Yoga places great importance on a proper and healthy lifestyle whose main components are:  ACHAR – healthy physical activities and exercise in our daily life  VICHAR – right thoughts and right attitude towards life that are vital for wellbeing.  AHAR – healthy, nourishing diet with adequate intake of fresh water along with a well balanced intake of fresh food, green salads, sprouts, unrefined cereals and fresh fruits. It is important to be aware of the need for a satwic diet, prepared and served with love and affection.  VIHAR – proper recreational activities to relax body and mind are essential for good health.
  12. 12. PRINCIPLES OF YOGA LIFESTYLE • Yoga lifestyle is 24 / 365 of our life with conscious awareness of our body, emotions and mind • Increase your self reliance and self confidence • Improve your dietary habits • Relax yourself as completely as possible • Slow down your breathing – quiet, regular & deep • Calm down your mind and focus it inwardly developing naturally a positive state of mind • Decrease your stress level by fortifying yourself against various omnipresent stressors
  13. 13. PRINCIPLES OF YOGA LIFESTYLE -2 • Improve flow of Healing Pranic Life Energy thus relaxing, regenerating & reinvigorating every cell • Facilitate natural emanation of waste by practice of Shuddi Kriyas such as Dhauti, Basti and Neti. • Remember that ultimately it is “YOU” who are responsible for your health and wellbeing and must take the initiative to develop positive health to tide you over challenging times of ill health. • Health and happiness are your birthright, claim them & develop them to your maximum potential.
  14. 14. IN CONCLUSION • The ancient art and science of Yoga has infinite possibilities of solutions for the problems being faced by modern humankind. • We however want it to be a miracle pill, that we take only once - immediate loss of all problems! • Yoga is a wholistic science and must be learnt and practiced with a holistic view. • The dedicated practice of Yoga as a way of life is no doubt a panacea for problems related to psychosomatic, stress related disorders helping us to regain our birthright of natural health and universal happiness.
  15. 15. THANK YOU