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CYTER activities Jan-March2018 in Chronicle of SBV


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CYTER activities Jan-March2018 in Chronicle of SBV

Published in: Health & Medicine
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CYTER activities Jan-March2018 in Chronicle of SBV

  1. 1. Official NEWSLETTER FROM SBV, MGMCRI, SSSMCRI, IGIDS, KGNC, AHS & CIDRF The Chronicle Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY Accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade. NIRF India Ranking 2018: 72 Quick Link  University Communique P.02  MGMCRI  Academic Initiatives P.15  Innovations P.39  The Dawn Of New Chapters P.45  Scholars In The Making P.46  Out Reach Services P.52  Other Highlights P.55  SSSMCRI P.57  IGIDS P.67  KGNC P.82  AHS P.96  CIDRF P.108 CONTENT Volume 12 (1) Jan-mar 2018OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS AWARD 0413 - 2615449 Ext: 746 The Alumni Association of National College, Tiruchirapalli, honored our Honorable Chancellor of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Shri M.K.Rajagopalan with an award titled, “OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS AWARD. The award was given by the President, Dr. R.Ramasubbu, Editor, Dinamalar, Trichy & by the Secretary Mr.M.Somasundaram, Managing Director, Ammam-TRY, of the Alumni Association on the occasion of the ‘Annual National College Alumni’ meeting held on 04.02.2018.
  2. 2. Allied Health Sciences Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018  97SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH on Governance and Leadership held at MGMCRI on January 19.01.18 and 20.01.18. Dr. B.V. Adkoli participated in scientific writing workshop organized by CYTER 31st March 2018. Monthly scientific session During the monthly scientific session of CHPE, held on 17.2.2018, Dr.Sukanto Sarkar, made presentation on “How to convert your project in to paper”.The session was thoroughly grounded on the practical experience of the speaker and led to an interesting discussion on how to convert a project in to a useful paper. Review of Progress of Ph D candidates A Doctoral Committee meeting was held on 3.2.2018 to conduct annual progress review the four Ph D candidates who are pursuing Ph.D in Health Professions Education,viz., Dr.M Shivasakthy,Dr.Varsha Murthy,Dr.P.S.Manoharan, and Dr. C. S. Singh. Two Ph D Scholars viz., Dr C.S Singh and Dr. Ramesh who are working under the guidance of Prof K. R Sethuraman got the clearance from of the Doctoral Committee for submission of synopsis.They also presented their research work in a Colloquium organized by the Registrar on 23.2.2018. The first meeting of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) duly constituted for a fresh Ph D candidate Mr. R Kannan, was held on 30.01.2018 to initiate his research work under the Guide,Dr.B.V Adkoli,Director of CHPE. Progress of M Phil Course A progress review meeting of M Phil Candidates in HPE was held at CHPE 05.02.2018.Useful feedback was given to the candidates to work on their second monograph and submission dissertation work as a requirement for M Phil Degree. Collaborative Activities with MEU, MGMCRI Dr Ganesh Babu and Dr K.R Sethuraman, were the Resource Persons for Interns’ Orientation Program (Part 1) held on 5.01.2018; Dr CS Singh conducted a session on Basics of Imaging for IOP Part 2, on 18.1.2018. Prof KR Sethuraman conducted a session on Professionalism for IOP Part 2, on 21.3.2018. Dr. K. R Sethuraman, Dr. N.Ananthakrishnan, Dr. B.V Adkoli,Dr.R Kannan,Dr.Pramod Kumar,and Dr.Abhijit Boratne were resource persons for the MCI Recognized Revised Basic Course Workshop organized by MEU/ MGMCRI held from 23to 25.02.2018 Dr.KR Sethuraman,Dr.R Kannan,Dr.Pramod Kumar, Dr. Joseph Philipraj, Dr. Ganesh Babu, Dr. Niranjan G. were part of the faculty team for the Training of Young Trainers (TYT) organized by MEU, 22-24/03/2018 Advanced Course in Medical Education (ACME) Dr.Vijay Kautilya D, MEU Coordinator, Associate professor in Forensic medicine, Dr.Karthika Jayakumar, Professor & Head, Microbiology, and Dr. Swayamjothi, Professor & Head, Anatomy, SSSMCRI who are a part of CHPE completed the ACME Course at CMC Vellore, Nodal Center for medical Education. CENTER FOR YOGA THERAPY, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (CYTER) YOGA THERAPY Regular Yoga therapy consultations and sessions are offered at CYTER from 9 am to 4.30 pm every day. Individualised and group Yoga therapy sessions are being conducted in a focussed and targeted manner for various medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension as well as various musculoskeletal, neurological, dermatological and psychiatric disorders with excellent feedback from participants. General sessions for faculty, staff and students of SBVU from 6 to 7am and 4.30 to 5.30 pm every day. Year Male Female TG Total Grand total 2010-17 17143 25956 291 43,390 45,681 2018 (Jan - Mar) 1084 1192 15 2291 YOGA FOR THE SRI BALAJI VIDYAPEETH FAMILY Yoga sessions for faculty, staff and students of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth are going on regularly since September 2015. Classes are offered at CYTER Yoga hall on all working days between 6 to 7 am and 4.30 to 5.30pm. General sessions for SBV family Male Female TG Total Grand total 2015-17 3467 4514 - 7981 88682018 (Jan - Mar) 451 436 - 887
  3. 3. 98  Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH RESEARCH ADVISORY COMMITTEE AT CYTER Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for PhD candidates Sri G Dayanidy and Dr R Balaji was held on 20th January 2018 and for M.Phil candidate Dr Vasundhara was held on 30th January 2018 at CYTER. OUTREACH PROGRAMMES AND EVENTS: CYTER Team Participated in the 24th International Yoga Festival held on 4.1.2018. Dr Ananda led more than 500 participants in the Mass Yoga Demonstration at the Promenade, Pondicherry Beach. CYTER Team also conducted a well appreciated Workshop onYogaTherapy attended well by audience from all over the world. SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF
  4. 4. Allied Health Sciences Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018  99SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH Experiential workshop on prevention and management of stress through Yoga by Dr Ananda at CYTER on 5.1.2018. More than 50 international and national participants from the UK, Germany and different states of India enjoyed a wonderful time in the experiential workshop on prevention and management of stress through Yoga. The workshop was coordinated by Dr Meena and Sri Dayanidy G. Dr.Ananda was invited to be a panelist and present a short SWOT analysis of integrating Yoga with modern medicine during the panel discussion at the 22nd INCOFYRA 2018 at SVYASA under the chairmanship of Dr HR Nagendraji held on 8.1.2018. The 22nd INCOFYRA made an effort to integrate Ayurveda, Naturopathy,Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Modern Medicine by bringing prominent researchers and doctors from all these fields under one platform to evolve better cancer care. Dr Meena, Deputy Director, CYTER was invited to conduct a session for the newly recruited Nurses on 'Stress Management and awareness of Yoga' as part of their Induction Program on 11th January & 30th March 2018 at MGMC&RI, Pondicherry. Dr Ananda was invited to give a special talk on "Music in Yoga” to the students of Centre for Music Therapy, Education and Research (CMTER) on 3.2.2018 in the seminar room of CMTER. “Introductory Workshop on Pranic Healing” by Ms Srividya Mohan, pranic healer and her team for 30 participants at CYTER on 7.2.2018. Dr Meena and Sri Dayanidy G were invited to be Judge for the 2nd State Level Yogasana Championship,2018 organised by TamilNadu Sports Yogasana Association on 18.2.2018 at Chennai.Dr Meena also conducted the Viva- voce for the Championship event. Dr Ananda and Dr Meena had been invited to talk on “Managing exam related stress through Yoga” at Vidhya Niketan Higher Secondary School, Pondicherry on 26.2.2018 for the 10th ,11th and 12th standard students who would be appearing for the public exams. Dr Ananda and Dr Meena gave a special invited session on Yoga in Special Education for the CRE training program on "Development of Pre-Vocational & Vocational Skills" organised by the Sarva Shiksha
  5. 5. 100  Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH Abhiyan, a National initiative by Govt of India organised by Education Department, Govt of Puducherry as part of their commitment in providing inclusive education to the differently abled children enrolled in the mainstream setting of school education, on "Yoga & therapy for Children with Special Needs" on 28th February 2018. Dr Ananda, Director CYTER was Invited Guest Speaker at the International Yog Festival organized by GarhwalMandalVikas Nigam, Govt of Uttarakhand at Rishikesh from March 1 to 7,2018 and also invited to give a special lecture for the students of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar. Dr MeenaRamanathan, Deputy Director of CYTER, was invited to conduct the Teachers' Training Program (TTP) at Kaivalyadhama,Lonavala for a group of around 50 enthusiastic and energetic teachers working with the children with special needs in schools from all around Maharashtra on 10th & 11th March 2018.A yoga protocol, the CYTER model for the children with Dhivyanga is being taught to these teachers through this intensive two day workshop,which will be taught to the children in those schools around Maharashtra.Future plans for surveys and more research projects are in the pipeline following this intensive TTP. Soft inauguration of the 3rd PG Certificate program (PG Certificate in Applications of Yoga) at CYTER on 14.3.2018. Dr Meena, Deputy Director was invited to conduct a lec-dem session on Yoga in daily life for the Avvai Nagar Magalir Sangam as part of the Woman's Day Celebration on 15th March 2018. CYTER organized an Interactive Hands-on Workshop on Scientific Writing on March 31st at Central Library,Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth,Pondicherry,India.It was facilitated by an international expert from Germany Mr.BILLY UBER who is Senior Consultant with Leadership Sculptor.More than 70 from all around Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu participated in this successful event. SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF
  6. 6. Allied Health Sciences Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018  101SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH INTERNATIONAL / NATIONAL VISITORS TO CYTER: CYTER's New Year 2018 started in an auspicious manner with the visit of Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri with his students from Sicily and South America who appreciated the innovative integration of yoga therapy with modern medicine through CYTER at SBV. They had a cordial meeting with our respected VC, Prof KR Sethuraman. Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri has been spreading the message of Rishiculture Yoga worldwide for the past 50 years after his training with Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry in 1967. Faculty and students of the India Winterim program of University of IOWA, USA visited CYTER and participated in a short session focusing on "Inducing the relaxation response" by Dr Ananda on 10.1.2018. Team from Yogamrita - Yoga intégral et Ayurveda,France led by Janaki Michèle Lefèvre & Grandclément.Professeur de yoga,formatrice visited CYTER on 13.3.2018.Sowing the seeds for future collaborations. A most wonderful heartfelt visit to CYTER by Mrs. Chitra Shah of the Satya Special School on 23.3.2018. Marking the beginning of new collaborations for the benefit of the special children,their families and the special educators in and around Pondicherry. Wonderful visit to CYTER by Latika, senior yoga teacher from Canada on 29.3.2018. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: CYTER's Director and Deputy Director, Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani and Yogachemmal Dr Meena Ramanathan were honored for their contributions to Yoga
  7. 7. 102  Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan - Mar 2018 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust SRIBAL AJI VID YAPEETH VID YAPEETH by Thiru V Narayanasamy, CM of Pondicherry on the occasion of the 24th International Yoga Festival held on 4.1.2018 at Pondicherry. CENTER FOR MUSIC THERAPY EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Patient Care Services Around 432 patients were benefitted by music therapy services from CMTER during this quarter ended March 2018.The faculty and the students regularly work in the out- patient department attached to CMTER and along bedside at the departments of Cardiology, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics and Neuromedicine to mention a few. No. of Music Therapy Consultations Serviced from January – March 2018 Month Male Female Total January 87 78 165 February 32 75 107 March 70 90 160 Total 189 243 432 Cases for which music therapy consultations offered were 1) patients undergoing open heart surgeries, 2) patients with psychotic symptoms receiving electro convulsive therapy, 3) patients diagnosed with COPD, 4) patients undergoing angioplasty and angiogram 5) patients diagnosed with alcohol dependency syndrome and 6) schizophrenia. Some of the evidence based patient care outcomes recorded to have been benefitted by music therapy were 1) state anxiety 2) Peak flow expiratory rate 3) regularization of breathing patterns, 4) onset of sleep 5) emotional regulation 6) reduction of crying spells 7) reduction of depressive symptoms and 8) improving communication.Music therapy services were also rendered to the caretakers in the ICU waiting area Highlight Case of the quarter was a female patient aged 65 diagnosed with dysarthria and dysphagia with bilateral palatal weakness, presence of tongue fasciculation’s and depressive symptoms with the central motor speech area affected by an infarct. This case was referred to CMTER for music therapy services from the Department of Neuromedicine.The goal of music therapy for this patient was to improve her communication efficiency,fluency and naturalness and respiratory capacity. The objectives were to increase the strength of articulative muscles involved in the speech mechanism and moving the articulators SBV v MGMCRI v SSSMCRI v IGIDS v KGNC v AHS v CIDRF