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Ananda Ashram Golden Jubilee 2018 Booklet


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A small booklet brought out for distribution during the Golden Jubilee 2018 celebrations on 5 August 2018.

Published in: Spiritual
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Ananda Ashram Golden Jubilee 2018 Booklet

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  2. 2. DEDICATED with Love to the Greatest Guru in our Universe THE LION OF PONDICHfRRY YOGAMAHilUSHl Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj (24.07.1907 - 29.12.1993) A Modern Rishi Incarnate Who Protected the Purity of Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga with His Mighty Roar of Truth. Everything we are today is only a result of his blessings. May we always be worthy!
  3. 3. Compiled and edited by Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani and Yogachemmal G Dayanidy, under the benevolent guidance of Ammaji, Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani. Supported by the Jubilee Editorial Team: Yogachemmal C Shanmugam, Yogachemmal Lalitha Shanmugam, Yogachemmal Dr Meena Ramanathan, Yogachemmal E Gajendiran, Yogachemmal Reena D Joseph, Yogachemmal Dr R Balaji, Selvi I Krishnaveni, and Selvi I Balasundari. Design + Print Sarguru Printographs, Mob: 94433 97875 With loving gratitude to all those who have contributed to this souvenir through their messages, articles, photographs, and advertisements.
  4. 4. Divine Blessings Enable Us to Attain the Highest! People often ask me, "What techniques can you teach me to obtain enlightenment?" I can only smile to myself at the folly of the human race. There is no technique which will produce enlightenment. That high state of "Oneness", of Samadhi, of Cosmic Consciousness occurs as the fruit of previous labour, as a reward for virtuous and honest and truthful living, as a prize of self-scrutiny and self-study, as the flower of Tapasya. But there are many practices which we can do to purify and strengthen our bodies, minds and heart, so as to make us an Adhikarin, or one fit for the higher life. This is where the sincere Abhyasa of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga kriyas is important. Not that they in themselves will produce "enlightenment". This is the subtle distinction that most people miss. If one undertakes an active Yoga Sadhana, according to the Rishiculture system, with a sincere love and profound interest in the various techniques, with enjoyment and zest, then the Sadhana is performed for its own sake and not for the hope of a reward . however elevated that reward may be, such as the desire for Samadhi or Cosmic Consciousness. If the Divine so "wills" it, heightened states of consciousness may occur as naturally as a flower blooming on its vine. If the Divine does not will it, one simply enjoys the Sadhana for its own sake. This is a most necessary attitude to keep one's Abhyasa fresh and innocent and joyous. Otherwise, one simply becomes, after twenty years, disillusioned and disappointed, thinking: "In spite of all this work, what did I get after all?" Those kind of thoughts have no place in a Rishiculture Sadhana which is a wholistic Yoga life lived for the sake of living well, and notforthe sake of any reward spiritual or material. There is no quid pro quo in Yoga living there is no this for that. There is only "THIS" and "THAT" .... Om Tat Sat. .... and That is Truth. When weare ready, the illumination will come on its own accord, on its own will. At the proper moment, the cucumber ripens on its vine. With our sincere Sadhana, we cultivate the ground, plant the seeds, and tend the plants. Butthefruition of ita II yea, that fruition is in the hands of the Divine. - Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj YOGNAT25
  5. 5. Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj, Founder, Yoganjali Natyalayam & Ananda Ashram @ leYER. tV' WHAT IS AN ASHRAM ? Not since ancient times, has India experienced an explosion of spiritual centers as at present time. Yoga Kendras, Yoga Alayams, Nilayams, Yoga Salas and Ashrams are springing up on all sides. Not only in India, but in many outside countries as well, Ashrams are being opened along with spiritual and non spiritual communes, all supposedly dedicated to the "New Age" conciseness developing everywhere. Many of the centers do not actually qualify as an Ashram in the strictest sense, and are only buildings housing groups of people loosely drawn together, and supported by some personal or group drive. In ancient India an Ashram was a hermitage, the home or abode of a Muni, a Sage, a Yogi, or an eminent Rishi, and always the abode of a spiritual or religious Guru who had drawn around him students to be trained in spiritual disciplines of Yoga, Vedanta or the ancient holy sciences of Vedas. Loosely, the term "Ashram" means the dwelling place of ascetics, a place where practice ofTapas, austerity and penance, is observed. Yogis, Samkhyists, Vedantists and Tantrics who notably established spiritual Ashrams were referred to as the "Ashramaguru" or " Ashramacharya. " The Ashram was usually in a remote area set in sylvan surroundings, usually near water. A pond, a lake, a stream, a river, or a site near ocean side was usually selected. Mountain retreats were established near acknowledged holy places. Some Ashrams were on the plains while others were on the sea side. These spiritual retreats were always the centers of spirited discussions on religious, philosophical, metaphysical and para-physical matters. There was always a time set aside
  6. 6. for meeting with the Guru, the Guru Darshana, while Satsangha was the public group meeting where students and visitors could enjoy the wisdom of the sage in residence! A Yoga Ashram could also be known as a Rishi Gurukula, a Munivasa, Dharmmashaala, ~'::!'I~~til.Punyaaalayan, or a math. A Math or Monastery (Mutt) is also called a Madam or Madalayam in South India. Some sort of Sadhana or "Truth Seeking" was to be done '-IIL. ........_ .... Yogaabhyasa, Yoga discipline and practice was the usual prerequisite for those who entered an Ashram. Some Ashrams were study centers, others, contemplative and meditative retreats. Even in India today there are some outstanding Yoga and Vedanta Ashrams. Many groups have taken to calling their centre of activity anAshram, butdo not deserve that rightto use such a title. An Ashram should never be deeply immersed in worldly commerce or preoccupied with business interests alone. Because of the degeneration of Ashrams, real spiritual teachings have failed in what should be centers of spirituality. There is little left in the teaching but those things which lead to Swapna Kriya and Bhojana Kriya, sleeping and eating. An Ashram should never be a place where people indulge in worldly habits. Some modern Ashram institutions proudly allow any sort of diet, cigarette smoking, alcohol and the use of drugs. In many centers Yoga is little more than worshipping at an empty tomb or reading the musty books of some long dead Yogi. Such a place is better known by the name "Ashraya" meaning refuge, a shelter, and an asylum, a resort or a place for common association. The Sanskrit word offers us a play on the word "Ashraya", which also means a "fallacy". Such places corrupt everything with which they come into contact, leading to degeneration of religious and spiritual life and production of Ashrambhrashtha, or spiritual apostates. The sincere member of spiritual community is called an Ashramika, or Ashramin, --"""""""=-----=----' and sees to it that the Ashram is a place where "a state of consciousness prevail exuding evolution" as well as a place where the highest spiritual teachings are made available for sincere seekers. In this sense the word "Ashram" has its truest meaning as a spiritual state of mind". YOGNAT25
  7. 7. There is another meaning given to the word "Ashram", where it suggests- the four stages of phases of life. The first stage, Brahmacharaya, is when learning to cultivate skills predominates and one prepares for responsibilities of an adult, mature life, literally student hood. The Grihasthya Ashram is the second stage of life, that of householder and the family man. Responsibility to ones mate and the children raised predominates, and one tries to be a responsible and good citizen. The third stage Vaanaprastha is retirement from the family, business and worldly activity. More attention is then given to Inner Life development and ones intrinsic nature. Sanyaasa is the renunciation of ego desires the worldly ambitions, this comes usually through the development of Higher Knowledge or wisdom which has grown out of direct experience of life in the previous three states of Ashrams. In ancient times in India, each of the first three periods was to last approximately twenty-one years, although Sanyaasa could be taken at any time without entering into the Grihasthya or Grihastha state. In modern Yantra, the period of time for each of the four Ashrams has been extended to some twenty seven years of life in each phase. Each one is literally, then living in, their own "Ashram". The body is described as the "temple of living spirit" or an "Ashram in which Yoga Sadhana or Yoga Abhyasa can be done". This is the best meaning of Ashram" In ancient India a spiritual aspirant sought out either a religious teacher or a Swamiji The teacher was often a highly qualified Pandit one who was versed in the ancient "Wisdom Lore" of Vedas. Sometimes a spiritual aspirant would seek out a yogi or one qualified by direct experience in the inner aspects of "Spiritual Evolution". He may meet a wandering mendicant orfind a teacher in temporary residence at a famous shrine, temple, or other holy place, but more often, the seeker would go to home of Rishi, to the place where the teacher imparted instruction. This was called a "Gurukula" which literally means the "Wombofthe Guru". As a child is matured in its mother's womb and made ready for the world, so also the spiritual "babe" is nurtured in the "Womb of the Guru" and made ready for life in world. It is often quoted that the Guru is " Mother, Father, God". Students who seek life long YOGNAT25
  8. 8. relationship with a realized teacher must begin as "spiritual babes" for many life times until they evolve through the teachings, the love and grace of Guru. In the beginning, we are only Shishyas, or students and the teacher, the Shishyaka. With sincere development, the teacher may accept as a Chela, a bonafide disciple. On realization, the student is one with his Guru. He himself becomes a Guru! Gurus ali! While I was planning the establishment of Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, I was cautioned by the editor of a well known English newspaper about the problems I would place. He asked, "Why are you building another Ashram in India?" Without waiting for an answer, he told me, "We've already been "taken in" by so many spiritual institutions, including the big Ashrams. We have been smothered for years and many have actually suffered because of the presence of an Ashram in their territory." I assured him that I no aims to build a commercial centre and was not interested in promoting division and separation from the community by passing oneself as an "elite, chosen group of people". Rather, I wanted to establish a model of the ancient Yogarishi Gurukula, where India's greatest heritage would be taught. Yoga is a simple philosophy of Oneness. Division and separation cannot exist in oneness, harmful habits of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and animal diet must be eradicated for a healthy community, and higher moral and ethical standards of conduct inculcated. Manywill want their habits and their lower state of life, but they should stay in the world and work out their Karmic lessons. Otherwise, the Ashram "psyche" is lowered. When they are ready for those "Higher Life" instructions, an Ashram likeAnandaAshram should be there to impart it. ..... I sincerely feel that we have filled that vacuum in our local area, in Yoga, Vedanta and Saiva Siddhanta. YOGNAT25
  9. 9. THE LONG, LONG DREAM FIITY YEARSOF ANANDAASHRAM IN PONDICHERRY Ammaji Kalaimamani Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, Director, Yoganjali Natyalayam & Ananda Ashram @ leYER. The Vedic seers described the life process as a "long, long dream." Looking back on the pastfifty years of existence ofAnandaAshram in Pondicherry, India, Iam inclined to agree! A long dream, a pleasant dream, punctuated with tens of thousands of people and events: Six Month International Yoga Teachers Training Residential Certificate Courses each year; four major International Yoga Conferences (one each decade) and at least twenty minor conferences; four major sites of Institutional buildings in Pondicherry; fifty years of publishing the rnonthly magazine YOGA LIFE without missing an issue; establishing a publishing house Satya Press with fifty titles to its credit; producing the "Crest jewel" of the book production unit, the fabulous fifty-two lesson Correspondence Course YOGA: STEP BY STEP, formulated so simply, so brilliantly, so comprehensively by Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj; construction of three major teachings centres: AnandaAshram at Sri Kambliswamy Madam on five acres of land; the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research (ICYER) on two acres near the Bay of Bengal and the centrally located City Centre Yoganjali Natyalayam, established in 1993 all these works simply unfolded like flowers destined to bloom on their own accord. Dozens of World Tours, hundreds of All India tours, including pilgrimages to Amarnath in Kashmir and the Char Dham Kedarnath, Yamnotri, Gangotri and Badrinath. The national television twenty episode series "Yoga for Youth" broadcast for several years from 1989 throughout India on Doordarshan, the Government's national television channel. The Sri Kambliswamy Yoga and Cultural Arts for Youth Programme started in 1975 in which tens of thousands of village youngsters were trained in Yoga, Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music, given food, clothing, books, educational and medical help. The development of a troupe of Bharat Natyam dancers capable of holding their own on any professional stage; scores of scientific research projects on Yoga; revival of the YOGNAT25
  10. 10. traditional acrobatic Natya Karanas (poses) of Bharat Natyam, yet, even this long list is justa small fragment of the vast flow of events and projects which have been projected on the screen of our lives ... in this long, long dream! And now, we wake for a moment at this point in earthly years fifty years later after the starting point, and gaze behind as well as ahead ... consciousness lights up the present with an inner joy that the Divine has given us such marvelous moments, people and works with which to adorn our lives. We lift our eyes to the mountain peak, the long trail which lies a head before we achieve the summit, and look below and savour the view of a life sincerely lived. The breeze is refreshing, the sleepers awake in consciousness. The great juggling, the magnificent picture show enthralls in its magic. Where have we been? Where shall we go? What is This Reality, which is as fragile as wisp of smoke clinging to a dew drop shimmering on a rain-drenched rose petal? Beloved faces, well loved places, exhilarations, dejections, battles won and battles lost, devotees coming, devotees going, suns rising and setting, moons waxing and waning, tides rising and falling, childhood blooming into youth, maturing into age ... how glorious the magical mystic show! How little of it we comprehend with the mind! How much of it we embrace with the heart! In consciousness, we feel the Guru here! In consciousness, we know That Perfect Shining Spirit that Brilliant Adorable Light of Lights Shines on the blank screens of our minds, creating this wonderful saga of searching, striving souls replete with all the drama of outlandish tales ... Fifty years, a blink of the eye! A lighting flash across a dark and brooding sky; Asingle flutter of a humming bird's tiny wings! Yes, in consciousness, a celebration, a marking, a rite of passage. We rest a moment on a smooth rock, feel the cool breeze sweep across ourface and smell the scent of the gorgeous fresh earth after a soothing rain. Fifty years! We wake, we pause, we reflect, we gaze at the enchanting valley below, then, we lift our eyes once more to the summit. We rise, resume our trek. The long, long dream weaves its magic slumber like a cocoon about our souls. The summit calls we have miles to go before we wake once more. Perhaps then and there at the peak of the evolutionary mountain the Final Awakening shall come-Moksha-the Last and Final Freedom, from which no dreams shall ever emerge again. YOGNAT25
  11. 11. ANANDAASHRAM @ leYER, Pondicherry, India. This Yoga Centre of International repute has been established since 1968. Pondicherry is its International Headquarters with rnore than hundred affiliated centres in nearly 30 countries worldwide. It was founded by the world-renowned Guru Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj, who is considered as one of the five leading exponents of Classical Ashtanga Yoga in the twentieth century and hailed as the "Father of Modern Scientific Yoga". Swamiji attained Samadhi on December 29, 1993 in Pondicherry. AnandaAshram has three branches in Pondicherry: ICYER its residential centre on the shores of the Bay of Bengal six kilometers North of Pondicherry on the East Coast Highway; its city centre Yoganjali Natyalayam in Central Pondicherry; and its spiritual and religious centre Sri Kambaliswamy Matam in Thattanchavady behind the famous JIPMER Hospital. ICYER is a founder memberof the Indian Yoga Association as well as the Council for Yoga Accreditation International. It publishes books on Yoga and Indian Cultural arts, a monthly International journal "Yoga Life" and offers a 52-Lesson Correspondence Course in Yoga. Its main service is the conducting of a Six Month International Yoga Teachers Training Course from October 2nd through March 25th each year. This Internationally Recognized Yoga Training Course has been held each year without a break since 1968. ICYER now also offers a One-Year International Diploma in Yoga Education instituted from October 2001. Thousands of students from all over India and the world have been thoroughly trained in an intensive Yoga programme which starts at4.30 am each morning and concludes only by 9.00 pm each evening. Classical Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga (Gitananda Yoga) as expounded by Swamiji Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj is taught in
  12. 12. carefully graded steps. Swamiji, a Medical Doctor born in India but who spent forty years in the West, taught Classical Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga (Gitananda Yoga) with a scientific, medical basis. Yogic cleansing practices and fasting, diet and nutrition are also basic to the course. More than 108 Asanas, 44 Pranayamas and 56 Kriyas are taught in the six months. Thorough study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Yoga Vashistha, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Bhagavad Gita and other important Yogic texts is made. Training is also given in Carnatic Music, with emphasis on devotional Bhajans. Those interested may also study Bharatanatyam and Classical Instrumental Music. Training in Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga techniques are given, including elaborate work with Yogic relaxation, concentration and visualization practices. Seats in the course are limited to ten persons annually, who are accepted only after going through preliminary instruction with the Institute's trained teachers and participation in the 52 Lesson Correspondence Course, Yoga: Step-by-Step. The Institute has a traditional Gurukula setting, in an ideal garden atmosphere, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Students are also introduced to the Indian way of life, festivals, cultural programmes, community activities and Hindu rites and rituals, to cultivate an awareness of the culture from which Yoga has sprung. More than 40 books and 20 DVDs have been published, as well as a monthly magazine, Yoga Life, which has completed 49 years of publication for a worldwide audience. ICYER is headquarters for several worldwide organizations, including Vishwa Yoga Samaj, Yoga Jivana Satsangha (International) and the Society for the Preservation of Rishiculture Yoga (SPARC). It is also the office headquarters for Sri Kambaliswamy Madam, a 145-year-old Samadhi site of the great Ashtanga Yoga Guru Srila Sri Kambaliswamigal at Thattanchavady, Pondicherry. Daily Pujas are conducted with elaborate Pujas on Sunday that are open to public who wish to experience traditional Hindu Pujas. Grand Samadhi Pujas for the eight Gurus of the lineage are conducted throughout the year. Yoganjali Natyalayam, the City Centre was established by Swamiji and Ammaji on March 29, 1993. This flourishing Centre of Yoga, Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music with more than 500 actively enrolled students and more than 25000 alumni is located in Central Pondicherry, behind the New Bus Stand. It caters to the local populace as well as special individual and personally tailored lessons forthose visiting Pondicherry on a short- term basis. YOGNAT has developed a very popular Bharatanatyam troupe, which YOGNAT25
  13. 13. specializes in performance of the difficult acrobatic Natya Karanas, which are essentially a form of Yoga Asanas. It presents a full three-hour length Bharatanatyam Dance Drama each year to celebrate the birthday of Swamiji and its Annual Day is a feast of spectacular music, dance and Yoga demonstrations. Director of ICYER & YOGNAT and Ashram Acharya is Ammaji Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, who was honored by Pondicherry Government in 1999 with its highest title "PUDUVAI KALAIMAMANI" for her selfless service for Bharatanatyam. She is a an internationally acclaimed expert on Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga (Gitananda Yoga), with a dozen books including "The History of Yoga from Ancient to Modern Times" and "The Rishi and the Rakshashas". She was awarded "YOGAMANI" (Jewel of Yoga) title by President of India Sri Zail Singh in 1986 at the World Yoga Conference in New Delhi and the BHASKARAWARD in 1997 by Bharat Nirman, one of fifty eminent Indians in the nation chosen fortheircontribution to the cultural and spiritual advancement of the nation. She has served on the CCRYN (Ministry of Health), National Board of Yoga (Ministry of AYUSH) and Pondicherry University Academic Council as well as numerous national and international committees. Chairman of ICYER and YOGNAT is Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, who is a qualified Medical Doctor, Bharatanatyam Artist, Carnatic Classical Vocalist and an All India Radio Mridungam Artist. He is currently Director and Professor Yoga Therapy at the CYTER of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth one of India's top health care universities. A Fellow of the Indian Academy of Yoga, he has authored 19 DVDs and 21 books on Yoga as well as published more than 200 papers, compilations and abstracts on Yoga and Yoga research in National and International Journals. He is a Classical Indian Vocalist, Percussionist, Music Composer and Choreographer of Indian Classical Dance and in recent years has made 17 foreign tours to conduct invited talks, public events, workshops, retreats and been major presenter at Yoga conferences in the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. An MD in Alternative Medicine, he is Honorary International Advisor to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (, Gitananda YogaAssociations worldwide and on Board of Directors ofthe Council for Yoga Accreditation International ( and Executive Council of the Indian Yoga Association ( YOGNAT25
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  16. 16. ICYEk50 u<B&m!!®l. ~,[f,,I!i ~6IDLDULj, 25, 2~ 8ljJTr6iu, WLl..l6m'rrr'r J1je;r'r, Urr6riurJ.tl6al6rfl-605013 6T6irrlD 6fil6)rr6MGb! ~816) fL6)e;;8; e;Gb6fil LDrDjplLD ~rrrrw661 6IDLDLUft;1J6irr ~LU8;@6lffr'r ~LDLDrr~ alLUrre;rr66rrrfl6ilfl t.D6lffrr~ al,l!i6fil U6lJ6lffrr6ilfl ~6lJr're;6IT, ~® uft;1Jrfl6IDe;LUrr6TTr'r LDrDjplLD urr,l!iJ1jrrt.:.J.tlLU e;6ID6J@)r'r. l..j@J6ID6lJ~rru, ~6lJ6IDrr 1999Gb fLLUrflLU 6fil@,l!irr6lff "Lj@J6ID6lJ 8;6ID6)LDrrLD61Jufi"6fil®6IDfo ~6lJ@8;@ ~6rlIft;@J bl8;6TTrr6filft;@J6IT6TT@J.e;6fil6IDfoft; bl,I!irr@u~ ~rr6riur<B Ll!i;~niIe;6IT, "rfl6l@ LDrDjplLD rrrr 661!t6 rr6iu" 6T6irrlD Ljft;,l!ie; LD, LDrDjpI LD alLUrre;ft;6ID,I!i U u rDr61LU J1jrr6irr@ Ljft;,l!ie;ni1 e;®LD 6T@1J bl6lJ6rliu51t.:.<B6IT6TTrrr'r.J1jrr6rll,l!ilR LDrDjplLD uMrfl6IDe;e;6rlIGb U6J e;t.:.<B6IDrre;6iT 6T@.1f!1.l..j6IT6Tlrrr'r.~6lJrr@J @j@6lJrr6lff (J;6lJrruSl.$,l!irr6lff,[f,,I!i 8lrfl ~6lJr're;6rll6irr 6LDrr1J~ Lll!D@, ~6lJr'r ~ LDrr,l!ialLUrre; ~rflLUr're;6rlI6irr uu51rD6Iu516irr ~LU~6lffrrrre; J1jLft;1J 6lJ®81lDrrr'r. ~,[f,1JLU l'106lffrr1Ju1Ju51LuSl@~ 1986Gb alLUrre;LD61Jufi 6fil®1J6ID6lff blUrDjpl6IT6TTrrrT. urrrrft; rtJr'rLDrr6riur6lJbQniI@LDurr6iue;r'r 6fil®@J 1977Gb blurDlDrrr'r. ~,[f,1JLU ~rr6l6irr u,e;rr,l!irrrr ~6IDLD66e;ft;1J6irr alLUrre; ~rrrrW661u516irr LDfti1JLU8; @@6fil6irr ~niIe;j;1J6lffrrrre; ~6lJr'r 1999Gb rtJLUuSl8;e;uut.:.LrrrT. J1jLD J1jrrt.:.J.tl6irr LDrDjplLD ~816) tl....6)e; ~6TT6fil@lLDrr6lff U6J @@M®~ ~6lJr'r ~al6Jrr6e;rrrre; fL6IT6TTrrr'r. ~,[f,,I!i ~8l6O fL6)e; alLUrre;8; e;6b6fil LDrDjplLD~rrrrW6616IDLDLUM6irr ,l!i6ID6J6lJrrrr6lffLrr8;Lr'r. ~6lff,[f,,I!i Urr6)alLUrr81 u6lJ6lffrr6ilfl ~6lJr're;6iT ~® LD@ft;@J6lJr'r, urr,l!iJ1jrrt.:.J.tlLU8;e;6ID6J@)r'r, e;r'rJ1jrrLe; 6ni1.$,I!i,!i;1J6irr 6filft;~r'r, LDrDjplLD 6lJrrbl6lffrr661 rtJ6ID6Jl1..lft;1J6irruSl®,l!inile; 8;6ID6)@)r'r ~6lJrrr'r. @<BLDU J1j6)LD LDrDjplLD alLUrre;MGb @@Je;6ID6Ju Ut.:.L@LD blUrDjpl6IT6TTrrr'r. (PGDFH and PGDY). 19 J.tl6filJ.tl8;e;6IT, 21 alLUrre;u ~e;niIe;6IT, 200~LD alLDrDUt.:.L ~rrw66I e;t.:.<B6IDrre;6iT,bl,l!irr@uLje;6IT, alurr6irrlD6ID6lJ al,l!i6lLU LDrDjplLD ~816) fL6)e; ~6TT6filGb 6T@1J6lJbQnil81I.l..j6IT6TTrrrT.J1jLD@JurrrrLDurflLU J1jL6lffMrD@ J1jL6lff ~6IDLDULj LDrDjplLD ~6ID6I.l..jLD bl,l!irr@ft;@J 6lJbQnil81I.l..j6IT6TTrrr'r.I.l..jale;, 1.l..j6T6iu§], ~,l!irr66l, bll'lOr'rLD6iIfI, u,6filt.:.6r'r6)rr,[f,@J, ~6iu1Jalrr66lLUrr, rtJu..b6l6)rr,[f,@J alurr6irrlD U6) alLD6ID6) J1jrr<Be;6rlI66I®~ 6lJ,[f,,I!i ~6IDbQuLje;6rlI6irr e;rTJJ6Ul!Tft;,l!irrGb20 @6IDlD bl6ll6rllJ1jrrt.:.<B ULU6Ul!Tnile;6ITalLDrDble;rr6riur<B alLUrre; ut.:.L6IDlD, 6filbQrrM6IT LDrDjplLD LDrrJ1jrr(Be;6rlIGbunilale;rDjpl6IT6TTrrr'r. U6) 6fil®@Je;®LD, urrrrrrt.:.<B~LD blUrDjpl6IT6TT ~6lJr'r LD®ft;@J6lJLDLDrDjplLD alLUrre;M6ID6Ju516irr~® Urr6)LDrre; ~®,[f,@J fL6)ble;niI@LD 6fil~uLj6Ul!Tr'r5l.l ~6rlIft;@J 6lJ®81lDrrr'r. ~816) tl....6)e; ~6TT6fil6)rr6lff alLUrre;ft;6ID,1!i66rrr'r.[f,,I!iU6J 6ni1e;M6irr ~niIe;j;1J6lffrrrre; rtJLUuSl8;e;u Ut.:.(B6IT6TTrrrT. YOGNAT25
  17. 17. reYER (1968 - 20IS) YOGNAT (1993 - 201S) The Gitananda Yoga Family Worldwide, .6 :0:Cordially invites you with family and [riends to the czlzbretion of thlZ:o: b. ~ GOLDEN JUBILEE OF ANANDA ASHRAM IN PONDICHERRY, m6 .0' SILVER JUBILEE OF YOGANJALI NATYALAYAM, and ·6. ~ 75th JAYANTHI OF OUR BELOVED AMMAJI. lS From 10.00 am, Sunday August 5 th 2018 At Kamban Kalai Arangam, Hussy Street, Pondicherry - 1. CHIEF GUEST YOGNAT25 I Hon'ble Minister for l'ublic Works, Thiru. A. NAMASSIVAYAM Avl., I " . Hon'ble Minister for Welfare, Thiru. M. KANDASAMY Avl., .. b Hon'ble Minister for Health, Art & Culture, Thiru. MALLADI KRISHNA RAO AVI./'· . Hon'ble Minister for Revenue, Thiru. M.O.H.F. SHAHJAHAN Avl., mHon'ble Minister for Agriculture, Education, Thiru. R. KAMALAKANNAN Avl., ·6. 6 Hon'ble MLA Orleanpet, Thiru R SIVA Avl., ~ Hon'ble MLA Uppalam, Thiru ANBHAZAGAN Avl., Puducherry Special Representative in Delhi, Thiru JOHN KUMAR Avl., ~¢-<>-GUESTS :1!bONOUR=+ Yogini Satyaprem Gibson, Representative of IYTA & AAYT Australia. Professor RL Bijlani Avl., Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi. Professor Madanmohan Avl., Director, CYS, AVMC & RC. ProfessorTM Srinivasan Avl., SVYASA,Bangalore. Muthamilmamaru Pulavar I Pattabiraman Av1., Valluvar Villisai Kuzhu. Thiru V Sivashanmugam AvI., Former Director Tourism Directorate. Thiru N Ardhanari Avl., Eminent Educationalist. Yogacharini Shobana Devi Av1., Gitananda Yoga, Czech Republic Rtn. Dr Vanaja Vaithianathan Avl., Medical Director, Jothi Eye Care. Kalaimamani SV Jagatheesan Avl., Director, Saradha Kala Mandir. Dr M R Vidhya Avl., Medical Director M.V.R Medical Center. Thiru K Thandapany AvI., Vijayalakshmi Nagai Maaligai Dr M Malayalathan Avl., Consultant Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon. Dr. Shabnam Khan Av1., Consultant Gynaec & Fertility Specialist. Thiru S l'asupathy Avl., ABS Group .q. Have kindly consented to attend and offer felicitations .'}/.2J . :O;~ <q'~ w, o- .o~o~·CifiJJ-"
  18. 18. PROGRAMME 10:00 AM: Invocation and Lighting of Kuttuvelakku by Guests, Alumni, and Faculty. 10 AM to 3 PM: FREE MEDICAL CAMP by MVR Medical Center, MVR Poly-clinic, CYTER of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Center for Yogic Sciences & Mother Care Foundation. 10:20 AM: Chanting of Ganesha Pancharatnarn & Siva Ashtakam led by Dhivya Priya Bhavanani. 10:4.0 AM: Musical presentations by students of Sri Thiyagarajar, Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Sri Shyama Shastri, Sri Purandaradasar and Sri Srirengam Ranganathan sections, gu ided by Nadayoga Shironrnani Smt Jyothirmayi Shastri, Smt Indumathi Bhanuchandar, and Sri S Veeramuni. 1l:40AM: Prize distribution for YOGNAT points winners 12:00 Noon: Panel discussion on, "YOGNAT: The source of joy in our lives", moderated by Dr Vanaja Vaithianathan with participants from the Ladies classes, Parents and Alumni of YOGNA T. 2:00 PM: Welcome Banner Dance by junior students of YOGNA T. 2:20 PM: Dance and Yoga performances by YOGNAT students. Shanmuga Kowthuvam (Krishna lyer Group) Mallari (Rukmini Devi Group) - Gambeera Natai - Kandajathi Tiruputa Shivakumarane - (Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani Group) - Kummi Folk [athiswararn (Rukmini Devi Group) - Saraswathi - Adi Nalla Penmani (May Intensive) - Folk Parvathy Naayakane (Rukmini Devi Group) - Shanmugapriya - Adi Azhagu Raman (Rukmini Devi Group) - Saranga - Misra Chappu Kanden Kanden (Ponnaiya Pillai Group) - Revathi - Adi Ranganai Thuthiporku (Rukmini Devi Group) - Chakravakham- Adi Banner Dance and Yogasana demonstrations by senior students. Yoga Shaktlu - A Yogasana Demonstration by YOGNAT Ladies 4:40 PM: Welcoming the Hon'ble Guests by Ammaji, Yogacharini, Smt, Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, Director and Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Chairman, YOGNAT and ICYER. Special welcome "Natya Yoga" tableaux by students. Pancha Ratna Kriti of Saint Thiyagaraja - (Rukmini Devi Group) - Nattai - Adi Screening of YOGNAT & Me: A documentary shot by Krishnaveni IIanthirayan, Tathagata Mitra, and team, tracing the journey and impact of YOGNAT through the past 25 years. 6:00 PM: Honouring of Esteemed Dignitaries, release of Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee Souvenir and Presentation of Awards to Eminent Personalities by Yoga [ivana Satsangha (International). 7:00 PM: Cultural performances by students Kowthuvam (Rukmini Devi Group) - Ananda Bhairavi - Chatu sra Ekarn Odi Villaiyadu Papa (Adyar K Lakshman Group and Dhananjayan Groupjwest Branch) Ka Vc Va (May Intensive) - Varaali - Adi lveeye Gathi Endru (Adyar K Lakshman Group) - Kalyani - Adi Samba Sadha Siva (Rukmini Devi Group) - Sindhu Bhairnvi - Adi Senthamizh Naadennum (May Intensive) - Classical-folk jugalbadhi Thappattam (Krishna lyer Group) - Folk Thillana (Rukmini Devi Croup) - Revathy - Adi folk Dance (Rukmini Devi Croup) 10: 00 PM: Vande Matharam and Shanthi Mantra YOGNAT25
  19. 19. Y06ANJALI NATYALAYAM Members of Cultural Troupe Direction: Ammaji, Palkalai Poompozhil, Kalaimamani, Puduvai Shakti Yogacharini MEENAKSHI DEVI BHA VANANI Concept, Direction, Research, Music, Choreography, Nattuvangam and Vocal: Palkalaichemmal Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani YOGNAT MUSICIANS: Chor8ography, Nattuvangam and Vocal: Yogacharini llavasena llhavanani. Student Coordinator, Chor8ography and Assistantllirettlnn S81vi Krishnaveni llenthirsvan. Keyboard and Musical Guidanc8: Nada Yoga Shironmani Kalaimamani SV .laqathassan. Mridungam: Thalamamani Sri M Prasanna and Sri AS Anirudh, Violin: Kalai ILananmani Selvi J Shankari. Mogarsing and Special ef Sri L Janardhenan. STAGE MANAGEMENT H COSTUMES: Yoga Chemmal C Shan mug amIJ Yoga Chemmal l.alitha Shunmugam. RECEPTION COMMITTEE: Yoga Chemmal E Gajendiran, Yoga Chemmal Dr Meena Ramanathan, Yoga Chemmal Dr R 8alaji. Srnt. J Sridevi. Smt M Tamilselvi. Srnt. MV Jayalakshmi, Yogasadhaki Jyothipriya, STAGE MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE: Yoga Chemmal G Dayanidy, Yoga Chemmal Reena 0 Joseph, Yoga Ihemmal R Chandrasekar, Yogasadhaka Kiaan Gupta, Thiru S Sendil Coumar,Ihiru C Saravanan HIhiru G Ramalingam, COSTUMES AND MAKE-UP: Yoga Chemmal Srnt. S Kanimozhi. Smt R Sri Valli, Selvi. P Bhuvaneswari. Smt. R Gokila. Smt R Bijal. Smt V Sarulatha , Maniyan Tailors, Rajendiran TailorsIJ Kalaimathi Costumes. Sound H Light Arrangements: Dandapani ElectricalsIJ Puducherry Municipality Staff Photos: Thiru S Velu, Photo Express. Video: Thiru G Sasi Kumar, NOS 24x7. Souvenir: Thiru J Selvakumar. Sarguru Printographs YOGNAT ALUMNI ORGANIZING TEAM Sri S Tamilsengo!an, Selvi D Lakshrni, Smt. Dr Padrna Prashanthini. Smt. V RenukaDevi, Dr V Amirtha, Smt Varalakshnu Kamalanathan, Sri S Sivasankar, Dr S Diwakar, Sri Sriram, Sri S Kaviarasan, Sri Swarooup Rarnanan @ Prern Kumar, Sri Siddarthan, Sri G Surendiran, Sri Mohana Padmanabhan, Selvi S Anurupa, Sri Mouthu Pawankumar, Selvi A Yuvarani, Selvi S Sahana Shankari, Selvi Ghayathri Sivakumar, Selvi S Samyuktha, Selvi N Poonguzhaly, Selvi S Shanmathy, Selvi D Preethika, Selvi V Roshini, Selvi Debolina Pat Selvi Nevedha Karman, Dr S5 Lothikha, Sri Krishna Kumar, 5elvi R Yamuna Devi, Smt. Vithiyalakshmi. STUDENTS SELECTED FOR BHARATA NATYAM AND BANNER DANCE: Rukmini Devi Section: Ohivya Priya Bhavanani, 1 Krishnaveni. S Devasena, J Sangavi, S Vidyashankari. I Balasundari, Dr Sabarishree, G Swarnamalya, A Thamizhmalar. S Narchelvi, P Meenatchi, G Priyavathana, SSarvegna Lakshmi, VismyaSanjay, V Sudarshini. VSwetba, P Meera Devi, G Cayathri, RGayathiri, S Deepalakshmi, M G0111athi,r Saranya, r Kavya. Ponnaiya Pillai Section: S Yogitha. A Krishna Pnya, R Madhumitha, R Abhinaya. Sclvadhivyaa, K Nivedini, D Divyaa, VSManjushri, R Oeepthi Priya, J Dbatchayeru, V Vinodhika, V Saranya. R Priscilla Pauline, KB Kruthika, A Leelavathi. ~ YOGNAT25
  20. 20. 1968 2018 50ICYE~ Adyar. K Lakshrnan Section: Aruna Bharadwa], V Tejal, K Madhumedha, JK Dhivva Dharshini, M Dharnny Mayaa, S Mohana Priya, R Akshaya, T Dharshini, G Divya Darshini, S Hasini Devi, C Mirdula, S Charumathy, S Phoshicaashri. Krishna lyer Section: E Yuvasri, B Sandhiyaranv, K Lakshanaa, A Nithyasri, Y [anani, S Nidhisha, A Nivetha, S Priyanga,R Thamizh Mozhi, M Ranjana, VS Nithyasri, RS Harshini Priya, RY Sasmitaa Ronsard. Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani Section: AK [anani, C Sharika, P Yuvajothy, M Vaishnavi, R Magima, A Ebonitha, N Kaarunya, M Sadhana, 5 Saahithya Alibi, G Nivetha, Y Subiksha, M Saseendra, B Samikshaa, R Seshavarthini, Y Pooja, RS Harishini Priya. Dhananjayan Section (West Branch):YS Nikshita Sri, B Niruparna Sree.M Karnali Sri.M Kalaimani, A Vinsica, Ubika Rajesh, S Medini, R Rishmitha, MY Srushti. STUDENTS SELECTED FOR YOGA DEMONSTRATION AND CARNATIC VOCAL Anandraj Bhavanani,S Thanushkka, P Divvashri, R Supraja, T Sri Lakshmi, R Sourniva, U [inisha, R Rakshana. M Rahitha, A Yazhini Annamalai, S Kanishka, SJ Magizhini, S Karunika, G Krishna, Sekha Seetal Krishna. P Yamini, G Monica Devy, G Nivetha, M Subiksha, P Saijayani, A Liya, Bhavathariru, K Pooranarnithra, K Kalaivani, B Sai Prakash, A Rohith, Y Nishanth, B Tanuj Balaji, Deganand Dayarine, M Uvarajan, V Ravendharan, M Indraesh Baalu, P Coverdhan, I Mritvunjay, V Logeshwaran, Ramyasri, M Aakash, SK Rupess, J Narendran, J Kabilan, R Thamizh Mozhi, S Vishnu, UB Kamalesh, M Logeshwaran, S Siralane Srirarn, M Prithvirajan, A Vidyalakshmi, PJ Anish Raj, K Sanjai, N Eshwar@Yogesh, 5 Madhannath, S Kishor Kumar, R Akshaya, R Ananya, GR Devadharshini, I Mrinali Akshita, GK Lathekka, A Aishwarya, K Umaiyasri, K Nakula, V Prasanna, Sidharth Kabhila, VB Kaamaesh, G Padmasundari, K Nivedha. MG Lokesh Radj, MG Baladharshini, U Bavadharni, S Hariharasudhan, K Sivadarshan, KM Redhaunkabhila, E Anesh, S Medwin Kumar, P [anani. P Saijavani. B Vedeshva Ram, V Sivaganesh, Unnati Singh, S.Kavya, Hasini Dayarin. LADIES DEMONSTRATION Dr Vanaja Vaithvanathan. BOuma Pararneswary. Komala Vijayan, 5 Vidhyasri, R Urna, C Uma, M Valliammal, A Anubala, S Suchitra,M Kalaivani, V Renuka Devi, V Sumathi, T Akhila, T Poorani, RS Shanmuga Priya, M Kiruthikka, G Poongodi @ Kavitha, R Kasthuri, A Mahalakshmi, 5 Gayathri, Yijayakumari Barani. Mary Stella, MY Iayalakshrni, K Umamaheshwari, D Pararneswary. FREE MEDICAL CAMP lOAM t03 PM M.V.R Medical Center & M.Y.R Poly-Clinic with CYTER, CYS and Mother Care Foundation Dr M R Vidhya, MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine) Chief Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Medical Director M.V.R Medical Center & M.V.R Poly Clinic, Pondicherry Dr M Malayalathan, MD, D. Ortho Consultant Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon Dr Shabnam Khan, MBBS, M.5 (OG), FMAS, FRM, FALS Consultant Gynaec, Laparoscopic surgeon & Fertility specialist Dr R Balaji, MBBS, FCD, MD (AM), MPhil (YT); Dr S Lokesh Balaji, MBBS, FID; Dr V [ayalakshmi, MBBS. Dr S Rajalakshmi, BSMS, MSc(Y), Dr K [ayanthi, BSMS, Dr Zeena Sanjay, BNYS, MD (AM), Dr VR Vasundhara, ENYS, Sri S Artchoudane MPhil (YT), Smt A Mariangela MA, Sri Dhanushapnadeesh PGDYT, Selvi B Ghayatri. YOGNAT25
  21. 21. §l~ @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ ~U @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ ~ITLD @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ ~6iJUJ @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrrGiu~<E~ 6fil~UJ @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ ~UJrr6OT @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ CB~LD @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ GlmUJ @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ 6filmUJ @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ @)rr6OT @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ 6fil@)@)rr6OT @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ CBmrr~ @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ ~rflffirr60 @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrrGiu~CB~ esrrsoesrrso @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ ffiITLD@®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ @60 @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrrGiu~CB~ 60UJ @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrrGiu~CB~ 6D60 @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ CB60rrffi @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ LD~rr @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrrGiu~CB~ LDCB~~ @®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~CB~ LDr:5~[T@®!Drr~rr !D<ELDrr6h:>~C8~ UJr:5~[T @®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~C8~ ~r:5~[T @®JDrr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~<E~ L.6l~[T @®JDrr~rr !DC8LDrr6h:>~C8~ C8LDrr~ @®JDrr~rr JDC8LDrrGiu~C8~ JDrr~ @®JDrr~rr JDC8LDrr6h:>~<E~ ~~.:?J~~~~ ~UJ @®JDrr~rr JD<ELDrr6h:>~<E~ @ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,~ @®JDrr~rr JDC8LDrr6h:>~CB~ U[TUJ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ 615lr5Jffi @®JDrr ~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ JDr:5~ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ <5Iffi~~UJ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ u®@ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrrGiu~CB~ CB~§lffi @®JDrr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ ~rfl @®JDrr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,6OTr:5~ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ CB~6lJ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,8:8'rrITUJ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,~~UJ @®JDrr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,~LD @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ <5I~UJrr~LD @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ dj,ffiLD @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ e36h:>6lJITUJ @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrrGiu~CB~ <5IffiGOOrL@®!Drr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ <51~60 @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ <5I~[T @®JDrr~rr JDCBLDrr6h:>~CB~ <5I6OTr:5~@®!Drr~rr !DC8LDrr6h:>~C8~ U85~ @®!Drr~rr JDC8LDrr6h:>~C8~ Urr6lJ6OT @®JDrr~rr !DCBLDrr6h:>~<E~ tSLD@®JDrr~rr JDC8LDrrGiu~C8~ 8'85[T @®JDrr~rr JDC8LDrr6h:>~C8~ §l6lITLDUJ @®JDrr~rr JD<ELDrr6h:>~<E~
  22. 22. ,[fl[Tr5.Jffirr[T@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ ,[flrT@6OOr@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ ,[flrTLDQ)@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ ,[fld>UJ@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ uGfild>[T @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ U[T@) @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ urresrrao @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ U[Trr6OOJ"@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ U[TB'6irr6iIT@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ urf]UJ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ [TrreB @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ [Td>6OT@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ JD61J[Td>6iIT@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ rf]~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ ®U @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6Tu61J®U @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ B'LDrr~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6rorr~6iIT @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ Gfil~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6IDffi61J60UJ@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6rorr~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ B'rr~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ JDrrLI!fUJ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ B'r5.J£~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6roJi;(8~rr~ @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6Tu~Gl~ 6rod>61J@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ 6rod>UJ@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrrm,~Gl~ ~~ j)~ ,,(C ~=- (8B'61J@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6Tu~Gl~ B'85~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrrm,~Gl~ 8i-U @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~Gl~ 6To(861J~@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ §1d>~@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ GlB'61lUrr85UJ@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr~~ 8i-t5l~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ 8i-ffi @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ B"s~LD @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~Gl~ 8i-Ji;~[T @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~Gl~ B"srTUJ@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ ~d>~61J @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ (8~eB @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6Tu~(8~ ~~UJ @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~Gl~ dlUUJrr6ro @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~(8~ 6ID61J[Trr85UJ@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ (861J~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ (861J~rrJi;~ @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~Gl~ ~rf]UJ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ Gfil~rrQ) @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~Gl~ GfilGl~rrffi @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ Gfilm,61J @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~Gl~ GfilGl61Jffi@@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~ (8UJrrffi @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ UGl[TLD @@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ ffi@6OOJ"@@JDrr~rr JDGlLDrr6To~(8~ B'rrJi;~ @@JDrr~rr JD(8LDrr6To~Gl~
  23. 23. SRI KAMBALISWAMY STUTHI Om. Aru Maraigalodhariya Oru Brahmamayamagi Ashtanga Yoga Bhumikkarasagi Enninba Valamagi Ulagelam Anjali Sei Deivamagi Irumai Peru Jnana Vasariya Padivamai Ivvadivil Enai Alavandindanai Sadananda Vamudenk Keliyaney Yenna Kai Maru Puriven Karunai Yen Kadalmadai Thiranda Pravagame Karudu Perimbha Rasame Karuppini Ozhikka Varu Jnana Sanjeeviye Kadi Udavu Deva Dharuve Thirumagal Vilangu Sat Tadamalar Kayavavi Thigazh Puduvai Vella Varivazh Chit Para Sugodaya Vilasa Sri Kambali Jnana Chinmayananda Swaroopa Guruve. Om.
  24. 24. You are the light of the sacred Vedas, reigning as king of the world of Ashtanga Yoga.You embody all wealth and are a deity worshipped by the entire world. You are the Jnani who fulfils desires of both this world and the next. Appearing to me, as an Acharya to rule and guide me, you have given me the Divine nectar. How can I reciprocate such atreasure? Youshower compassion on me and thy mercy gushes forth bursting like an ocean through a broken dam. King of supreme pleasures, you are ever alive in my thoughts. Youare the wise soul, who eradicates all my Karmic sins and are the wish fulfilling tree that helps me whenever I am in need. Living near the lotus-filled tank in the abode of the goddesses, radiant like a crystal in thy wisdom, you are the supreme embodiment of the Divine Guru! * This ancient, beautiful hymn has been sung by devotees for more than a century in praise of the well known Ashtanga Yoga Guru, Akanda Paripurana Satchidananda Srilasri Kambaliswamigal interred in the Sri Kambaliswamy Samadhi Site, Thattanchavady, Pondicnerrv, India.
  25. 25. Illgtt ilinn"« ~aI9auDl.ja (INTERNATIONAL) presents the Yoganja/i Natya/ayam Excellence Awards, SBIRONMANI AWARDS 2018 ACHARYA RATNA SHIRONMANI AWARDEES 2018 Prof Madanmohan, Pondicherry. Prof TM Srinivasan, Banga/ore. Ms VUsha, Pondicherry. SEVA RATNA SHIRONMANI AWARDEES 2018 Sri C Dhandapani@ Raja, Sri Navin N Daswani, Pondicherry. Chennai.
  26. 26. SBIRONMANI AWARDS 2018 KARMA YOGA SHIRONMANI AWARDEES2018 Yogachemmal E Gajendrian, Pondicherry Yogachemmal C Shanmugam, Yogachemmal Shobana, Pondicherry Czech Republic KALARATNA SHIRONMANI AWARDEE 2018 Sri Shanmugavel, Pondicherry ~~ BEST STUDENT AWARD 2018 Selvi K Swathi BEST FAMILY AWARD 2018 Thiru G Dayanidy, Smt Reena and family (Deganand and Hasini) MICHAEL DANCKWERTS YOGA SCHOLARSHIP I Mrinali Akshita and P Saranya SHRI VIJAYA BHASKAR MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARD S Narchelvi and R Akshaya SALLY STEVENS PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIP M Gomathi and P Kavya
  27. 27. TIlt lane I:; IIl't to 56 l'arlrnlgt Road Walk dOllm II 111111rig/II (II the bend nnd k(ep iT look 0111for Grllll,h( AcosyOinlng ~aC<l ... lhnnArnbiencelh~,_you'SGuJ&""'re_)'OU'MInd. Sm""k<Ulb)'OUfl,p$wil~ 'heAu'~tk:: t05l0 01$0111<><11"".NQrthtndoan. To_. Con~"""'nt&Cllln<l$OCusln .. OOUfCO$yR8$'a"""'t_",hIl .. )'OUupcln'oyous'otus OW>fthoWl-Flandconn'.':tW;'"you,,,,,,,,sndcW."'_., Cuddalore Main Road. Pillayakuppam. Puducherry· 607 402 Wilh '[J"I Compfimen" 'From, Ashw"93ndM iSM 3d~p'O!Ienlc....It> In.., helP:< lhobody ad~pt :~,,~sst!:~":!':,.=i~~~~~"';'!'~~~/:: "'.,...., III~f(lldlunel;o". "'iu,"""",u ,ho ;Xl""",I•. ,,",uco dopro-<' 'k>nand"""Ic'y.cotnbo"""<>ffud,of"'rM;.."r~ng'Mn'ho =:.;'~~~~~':~n~~~:;~~~~~.u~r.low~ -"'omo'~' ElK><gy.Im"""iy. M"""" Fun<:Uor>~nd ~ 1-l...,I,hy 5.t,o •• RoS9Ofl.a :~~,,='::':Zi=ng·MdCOr'l<~n"3tlon +iij-l§i+lIiiaij·Sil§!M- ~IV~ I TURMERic!(CUR(UMINJ • Turmofie/Cu,cumlnl'3p~t"'" _plomentwl"'~ulhe,a.nIJPropef1Ic •. ,,!cd to< ,I>ou&ond< 01 ye1I'" In Ayu~ie mod'oclnc to trCMAwide 'MgO 01 _'th concliti.o~. I0I0,,, '''~n 10.000 "' .... <eII .,udi.. """" _, p<JbI<.n&d C~I"IIII''''OIIonh''''llng benoHts.MO">! noI.b!y. Tu'...... Ic!C .... currOnc.,.,"' ... aotl-,f"IIl.>mmolory",0".<11<»""""""obi" 10 plla,ml.ceuUoal DnlHn~ 'otiO$.tKlt wi,hou, ,he '<»'ielty'" """,a'il(l $I"" offC<:'$. Mi·ji4:t-i!·M T";pIolllMs bcon "'-Cd 10' mlll~M" 10,....., ~ v"";c,y 01->ilm",,". M "",U a. '0' dotOJf~1c..11ooand r@J"""""llon.dig",'Ne"'o".<1.andthltbal_ an<:""';tolallth' .... doshlls.T'lphll"' .. 'lohiflanti<»cldMts.pofyphonols. """"nord .. v~bm;nc.93ll1o""I<I.""'lio ....i<I.ei"9I.""lct'''''''in .. lign''''''. ~:f:!::?=:~.~~~::s~::~~:.,~~:;i~i: -s..oport>d;g.,.tion""dinlrnunity ·K"p$,...,uI.>'Qbloo-d$u~ .. I(IV<II. ·e;,I.nCQS.n<l'cJuvO""' ... V~t... Pitt... Koph<> 'i~ii."'4"iW':i'hU"·S4i' 13+ Wilh '[J"I Compfimen" 'From, No.1 Quality Tamil Daily DINAMAlAR ~.6tiI.<'9!Jr'r., !illJ)6116iu, !bLLrr®8'rr6lJ~, LJ~6~8'ffl-605 009. Phone:0413-2249301-05. Fax: 0413-2249306 [f]IDinamalardailv ~ Chennai I Madurai I Puducherry I Coimbalore Vellore I Erode I Salem I Trichy I Thirunelveli I Nagercoil
  28. 28. ?Vith Sert Cump(;men& 'From, TRV AGRO ~OODS ~NDtA No.11, VOC Street, Kosapalayam, Pondy-13 ~ "''''''..,IilflLW ,!!jIJUlROlIT.£W..,.....L ,!!jR6l!lIftw""''''oir .tI..,L8;@!jW 6l,O'>6U.~rf161. Cll!f>i'r6lJlT@. !f>LD4. @_@li.[!;I9I. LD6llllT60IT uu.Jli'r. CllIfIT6UTLD.Ulflf uu.Jl!!)l. ?Vith Sert Cump(;men& 'From, G. C. DHANDAPANI ELECTICALS RENTAL OF PROFESSIONAL SOUND SYSTEMS, STAGE AND SPECIAL LIGHT EFFECT ELECTICAL CONTRACTOR ILLUMINATION SPECIALIST & INDUSTRIAL DIESEL GENERATORS 126, Anna Salai, Puducherry - 605001. Ph: 2332040, 2213030I E-mail Website: ?Vith Sert Comp(;m,n& 'From, Dr. Kumaran's ....::.:: ........-........._.. ~:..?::.'1E-.!':E:: ::::=.::::;,' .... -_. __ •
  29. 29. Wilh 'Bul CompfimeniJ 'From: Mother Cs,re foundationWhere you discover change MISSION Our Mission is to help alcohol and substance abuse and dependent individual to achieve their rehabilitative goals in order to live Quality Life with ootrrnsr iooepenoence and runcuonanty To address the perils of alcoholism as a disease and not condemn. Suggest Studied CHANGE plan for sustained recovery. Growing and expanding for wider reach in terms of Quality and Quantity FACtUTES OFFERED: • Detoxification - ACfNON-AC Rooms Available -Veg/Non-Veg Foods Available • Round the Clock Medical Services -24X? Nursing Service -Higher Medical ReferralServices -Ambulance Facilities - AA& NA Meetings -DrugAddictionTrealmenl ResidentialRehabilitation Collabrabonwlth SobertyPabents& Other Medical & Sipportive Peer Group Support ~~1lJ MUir EPSON ra~6Ml6b ill£6llU ~ffirrt:.fflffi@~6til611lUIT6tlft5lrfl6Wnprf..l d1~ .ffi6ll'w Gt~IlW100 ~t:.u~ro 41!!lft,gi @6tiI!DuSl6)G1a=IiJ~Ili!lllU(Btil ! ,,%,,~'i>' No. 11, J.Nehru Street 1st Floor, Puducherry -605 001 Off: 0413-4308684 Cell: 9843115225 Email: MAAL PLAZAACreate's Ur Desire ~ EXCLUSIVE FOR: Mementoes, Prizes, Awards, Sports Cups, Shields, Trophies, Medals, Corporate Gifts, Shawls, School Badges& Function Badges. 661®ff66lQllli"'U>6IUJ!) 6fniJa;GTfIQir"'1T!i,-~~li;a;a'r ! .D'U'I'r &F'IrDI. BII.~~~_~ :;.0 ~~_::01 ... ...!D;'I'a __ 6a6ID ~=-=,~~~,=,~-~g 227, - 6TW.r;j1.C:!lrr(li, !!pliit!lwrr.uc:uL, 41f1j"C:",ofI-3. 1il6-6U :8056332546 lHE ROY~~lERNAll0NAL SCHOOL( Formerly Vallankanni Matric Hr. Sec. School) 1/30, 3rd Cross, Saranarayana Avenue, Reddiarpalayam, Puducherry. Phone: 0413-2200155,2200153. Ie-mail: " -''''~ '~i
  30. 30. Wilh 'Bul CompfimeniJ 'From: ~ MUTHU GOLD HousE 222, J.N.STREET, PONDICHERRY 1. Ph:2222338, Fax:2348970 email: A HALL MARK SHOW ROOM ~ M (!JJth~ ~6'v8; U/t;;YTTT<HT Muthu Silk Plaza 90, Kosakadai Street, Puducherry - 605 001. Ph: 0413-234 0275/2340276, Fox. 91413 222 9980 "Oooh how I roamed, looking for answers in my early years, -1997 was the year my first beloved teacher from my wonderful Param- parai entered my life. Janaki Devi worked all my rough edges for a good three to four years of one to one classes. The rough became a little less rough as the years ticked by and as a fledgling tries to put its new found skills to good use out in the big wide world, so did 1. I missed the depth of the teachings and eventually, through geo- graphical necessity, I found my next teacher who was very grounded in the essence of the Gitananda tradition. Yogacharini Kalavathi Devi aimed high and through her relentless commit- ment to the delivery of Swarnijt's messdge I was able to complete more study with her over the last decade. What a great Boon this year to be able to share time with Dr Ananda]l. Kalavathi and [anaki. The photo is of myself and [anaki (89 years old. in this picture)d.iscussing her yoga class and the wonderful recent publications from the ashram What a Blessing!" Tony O'Dea, Special Education Teacher, UK Wishing leYER, Ananda Ashrarn a Happy 50'1.Anniversary of successful Yoga Teacher Training of the highest standard. May we all be blessed by this Paramparlas wealth and depth ofYogk wisdom! YogachariyaJnandev and Yogacharni Deepika, founders of Yoga saisanga ashram and Sana Ian Yoga based on authentic Yoga of the Chanandu Tradition. WefeeJ truly blessed to have had training from these Divine masters Ammaji Meenakshi Devl and DrAnandaBhavanani. We are grateful heynnd measure for all that you have done to encourage and support cur family and Ashram life here in the UK at Yoga satsanga Ashram. With the blesslngs ofourteachers we run yoga teacher training"oo, 500 and 1000 hours, Pregnancy yoga teacher Iraining, childrens yoga t..achertrainingandfadlitatethestepbyster cours .. written hy Swami Gitananda Giri. ?f};lh q,.filule 10 a(( our!furu, of 7i.nanla 7lshram 1!o!fa'Yafi Na~ar.!J'''' 'For Shari,,!} Ihe;r 'i<nowr.'Je ani w;slam '}{e0;"!} u, in our '[,,(ufion IhroU!fht;fe 'Pranams MJF. LN. M.B. JOSEPHINE & FAMILY LN. VIDHYASRI RAVICHANDRAN & FAMILY
  31. 31. ~rI~rI~..d~""""""''''~~,"" ~ ~ C6ffle. 1Itaq, we k{a~ {We thue~, <W. it i4 the-4 ""'" '" """" """" Me ~ ~4aue II- "'""'"._Me ZJ_ """'" ~ Uf, SW4fflijt. ,ri"u-_ii <Wd A~jd ()m fhufa ,,",",I ~ ~ ~ '"rI.-da rI~ ad'lfo9-tl 1fr9~ S'li 'AMI. f?-ada A candle lights another candle without losing its own flame. Sending our most heartfelt thanks and well-wishes for the life-affirming work arl"omplished by Ananda Ashram and Yoganjali Natplayam this past half a (entw:y! We owe our very lives to the high ideals of this Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga. Wl' are grateful to SWi1miji, Ammaji, Dr. Ananda and the continuing I3hilvanani line for their tireless guidance, and cummittment to the Yoga Life! Thank you for setting up this Golden structure - may it guide hearty little boats through troubled waters for years to rome! Jay Ammda Ashram Jay! Glory to Yoganjal! Natyalayam! We humbly place our thanks before our Gurus' feel for this Yoga Life. Yogacharini Yogachemmal Aishwariya Yogacharya Radu Falcon, Govinda and Ganesh (and Dhivya who also belongs to the Falcon family!) The membeI' of GITANANDA YOGAAUSTRALLA are delighted to sem! greeting. "nd h,t wishes to 0"1 bdowJ Kal.,im,lInani Yogacharini M•• nakshiDevi Bh,l",,,,,mi (Atlll,,,,ji)anJ Yosadmp Dr Anan,]" Ihl'r0gi Bh,,,,,,,ni on the ,,,,)'ido,,. o<"ca,ion of the Go<1cn.luhn",·, oftla' fOll11,ling of 1no11,]" Asht.1ill in PO!ulicherry h)'tlw gre,t '~'io11arrYog'm.1h",i,hi Dr. Sw.l!ni Git",a",, Giri Guru Ma,hor.1j (Swomiji) in 1968; .,,,t!the 25thAnniw,sorr oiYog.,njali Natala)'Jln ,,1'0 iOllnd",lh), SW:llniji in 1993 Pujya Sw.lIni's dedication to est"bLishinga Guru Wl" at Kambli,w.un), Mad.lIn 50 yeaIS aso, in Older to p,'op, .'g"le the cl,,,,ical Ashtang" Yog~ te,lCh,ing of hi' GUIl.l has left a pliceesseSac)' which has been lovingly and dulij'ull)'canie,iforwardb)'hi,!(uui!y,.""bJingthesepreciousteachingslobespl'ea,lglob:illrbystll,ents.l11,i tmdlt'rs<1€,lkal~<1 to th~systcm now known as Gilana,,,]a Yoga £ad, ye'''' ""'mbers oiGitan,,,,1, Yog., 1II,t,.,;a get togdh,," ior" five·,1.1l' retreat .In,1 Satsan!:, al Merma;,1 On the h.uti!i.ll Q!l~~"sl,,,d Gol,! Co.". We would lik~ to i"u~"n o~" i""il.tioll 10 m~mb~IS oflhe 50th Anniversary Celebration ~:I -~~~-~ YogaH chiththa vrththi nirodhaH I - Yogasoothra of Pathanjali 1-2 YOla Is the restraint of the activity of the memory. The sacred teachings of yoga have been passed on to the aspirants in the past millenniums, and let the same holy teachings be passed on to the seekers in the future Millenniums. Let the path of Gitananda tradition extend until the end of time.
  32. 32. 1(Jith 'I3eJ{ Compffmenfs 'From: STEELAGE ~ Bharathanatyam fYoga ;;,Drawing #4 Middle Street, Vennlla Nagar Puducberry - 605013 Contact: 9843673412,9843137997,8870909713 ~~ll0:¥ .o , , "- ~ - ll Mr. Sam,, .,seswarankcvnsneet • Mrs. Samy Chandra g::,g';~~;'~~~~O""-605010. '6~~'(,~) 'XIith '!l"t Compffmen& 'from, V.ffill!liiIJJ<'f'<iir 61urr~ 61ffW6Drr6TT~ Qgrm~~!iIl~~ul:r 15lI!J!iIl~.IiI;i~ ~lll!.h!fiffil®.....~- 9!~;:;;,o ="==-=- 61!]j. 4, ffiWWIDmrr (BffiIT6li16061!D@, ffiWIDmrr !]jffirr, uIT@ngcrolcflfI-13. 61CF60: 9345726554 K.P. Shanker eKtS, ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS I FABRICATORS & ERECTORS, ALL KINDS OF I STORAGE TANKS, LIGHT & HEAVY STRUCTURALS, PIPELINGS & PLAN MAINTENANCE WORKS ETC. 67/659, NEW G.H.B., K.F.T.Z., GANDHIDHAM (KUTCH) 370 230. (GUJARAT). PH.: (02836) 52586 H. Rllllnllhin Chellilr& Co Siainiess Sleel, Aluminum, Iron, Copper and Brass Vessels Merchanl # 51 Corporation office Road, (Truthful Building First Floor) Tirupur - 641 604. 'XIith '!lest Compffmencr 'from, ~R("P. SATHISH, C.T.& H.M., ~ Carte ringConsultant ANNAMIAH CATERING NEEDS # 7, 10TH Cross, Tagore Nagar, Lawspet, Puducherry - 605008. India. Ph.: 0413 2252616 Cell: 94432 02990 Leaders In Marriage Catering & Outdoor Catering for all Occasions
  33. 33. 1(};fh '[Jest Compffmen& 'from, If."" ... JAYA {~~ UTOPIA .#"# No. 76, Chetty Street, Pondicherry - 1. Ph. 0413 2226288 Cell: 9486675319 No. 161, IN Street, Pondicherry -1. Ph. 0413 233827, Cell: 7598227531 K. VELMURUGAN. B.E.• 9443236026 ~~~@®ffim 6fQ)k~ffiffi~6itJ VELMURUGAN ELECTRICALS No. 394, 396 Anna Salai, (Next to Hotel Ram Puducherry - 605 001. Ph : 0413-2349000. 2342052 E-Mail: 1(};fh '[Jest Comp{;men& 'from, Srinivasa Auto Spares No.4, Thiruvalluvar Salai, PilIaithottam,Puducherry 13 Ph : 0413 2244968 Cell: 9486522111 1(};fh '[J"I Compffmenrr 'from, SEENU BUS SERVICE S. Srivivasan - S. Tamilarasi Sincc"rh.nk; &: 11"'0 WiShes 'from,
  34. 34. 1lNh 15eslComp{;men& 'From,1tJifh 11,,,1Comp{;menu 'From, S. VeluK. Ramasamy Cell: 9994342227 SHREE GOPURAM MALIGAL PHOTO XPRESS CELL: 9443468370 ECRRoad,Chlnna MudaliarChavadi,Aurovllle. 1tJifh 11,,,1Comp{;menlJ 'From, NP~uu ;'.-m-Wi3i§',dij_@"@ii··._Mf!iW' 9, vosav! Bozzar, First Floor, Viflupuram - 605 602 TN 1tJifh 15eslComp{;men& 'From,Founded in 1975 by Yogamaharishi Dr. SWAMI GITANANDA GIRl GURU MAHARAJ l!!...lUir~!J uLffi 1lIB'6IIl6US;rn, f;g61J6IfI !Js;ri.Js;rn 1D!D!l)IU:.6J!JIILIlIIDL~6IIlLS;@!)8;@ ... PONDICHERRY YOGASANA ASSOCIATION Regd. No. 440/2001 Affiliated to Indian Yoga Federation Recognized by International Yoga Federation International Council for Yoga Sport and Asian Union of Yoga Spiritual Publications· Multimedia Productions Cultural Performances - Event Management NO.25, 11m ' Cross, Iyyanar Nagar, Pondicherry -13 . •·:,·,·t·.·.1.:~~,.,••,~l'l_ " " .... G~1t~GITANANDA INTEGRATIVE THERAPIES ACADEMY No. 44, Chandrasekar Street, Iyyanar Nagar, Pondicherry-13 314, Cl.ffi(ffi 6IltlJ, LJ~ff(8<'J'ri1 - 605 001. murr~:2334298,2333541 mu.i.fiiu:0413 - 2222142PH: 0413·2241561,2622902,CELL:9842311433,9443051616 Website: E·mail: ------_(-------- -------)---- --'-:::::==============~
  35. 35. An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Hospital 'Complete Diabetes Screenm-g, Testing and Treatment facilities under one roof Dr_ M.R.VIDHYA, MBB.S"O.NB,(IoLM.d) Medical Director, M.V.R Medical Centre An experienced physlcten & O,abetologlst trained In Apollo Hospitals With more than 20 years of experience :~:~f~~d~~t;~~~~~~~~~::~~ti~~~~~~t~:.i~~~~ncy Medical;=';'~ ...._,..,--. .:. Digital X-Ray, ECG and Ultra Sound Scan .:. Echo Cardiogram, Tread Mill and Holler Monitor .:. Doppler & Foot Clinic .:. OGD Scopy and Co!onoscopy .;. Laparascopyand laparoscopic Family Planning .:. Cystoscopy c- Dialysis Unit .:. Diabetes Prevention Checks .:. Well Woman Check Up .:. Pre Employment Check Up .:. Master f Executive Health Check Up .:. Diabetic Packages .:. Cardio Vasular Screening Packages .:. Corporate Packages For Companies .:0 Dtabetclcqy & General Medicine (. Obesity Clinic .;. Paediatrics & Neonatal Care -:. Gastroenterology e- Orthopaedics, Hip & Joint replacement, Spine Surgery & Trauma Care .;. Pulmonology ;) Vascular Surgery Dr. SHABNAM KHAN / 162~4v~;:g,~~~~~~~1 MBBS M S (OBG) FMAS FRM Ph 2223662/2227662/4306662 Fellowship In Advanced Laparoscopy Fertility Specialist Cell 9629649662 9629257662 COMPR.EHENSIVE FERTILITY CARE integrapowering<on'en'tr~n,f<>rm.nKm RECRUITMENT INQUIRY"' MICRO LABS LIMITED RS. NO. 6313 & 4, THIRVANDAR KOIL, PONDICHERRY - 605102.