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Individual presentation

  1. 1. AAUUSSTTRRAALLIIAA CCOONNTTIINNEENNTT ((FFIIJJII)) Company : SSiixxttyynniinneezz IInntteeggrraatteedd ((MM)) ppttee llttdd ZZaarrrraa PPaarraammeeddiiccaall BByy:: NNuurruull IIffffaahh BBiinnttii AAbbuu BBaakkaarr II UUSSMM 11221133//11119933//11
  2. 2. COMPANY INTRODUCTION • Name of founder: – Puan Fatimatul Zaharah binti Abdul Mazlan • HQ : – D2-26-1, Jalan Dutamas 2, Dutamas Commerce Centre, 43200 Cheras Balakong, Selangor. • Provide skin care product from natural resources
  4. 4. PRODUCT • Skin Care Product 100% from natural resources. • Combines elements of: – Ayurvedic medicine – homeopathy – anti-aging treatment • 100% made in Malaysia – Only its basic material is imported from France and Switzerland • Suitable for all skin types for MEN & WOMEN
  5. 5. PRODUCT
  6. 6. THE COUNTRY: Population • 858,000++ populations • Comprise population in 333 islands • Most people live on the largest island – Suva (capital city) in Viti Levu • Indo-Fijians are mostly Hindu • Native Fijians are mostly Christian
  7. 7. THE COUNTRY: Language • English – Hello • Fijian Language – Bula • Fiji Hindi – Namaste
  8. 8. THE COUNTRY: Culture • Have informal personal relationships – but also follow a tradition of ritual formality in a hierarchical society • People do not pass others without saying a word of greeting • Footwear is removed before one enters a house • system of gift giving and receiving (Give & Take) • Guests are given kava to drink – to promote solidarity between relatives, friends, and acquaintances
  9. 9. THE COUNTRY: Lifestyle • Businesses are generally open from Monday to Saturday • Recreational activities of locals practised by Fijians • Family values in Fiji is high
  10. 10. THE COUNTRY: Economy • 4.6% growth in 2013 • Exporter of water, gold, garments, sugar and fish. • Fijian Dollar – 1.00 FJD is equal to 1.72 MYR • Agriculture industry – famous within the country which consist of sugarcane, coconuts, cassava (tapioca), rice, cattle and fish
  11. 11. THE COUNTRY: Climate • Oceanic tropical • 23°C to 25°C – During the dry season (May to October) • 26°C to 27°C – During the rainy season (November to April) • Rainfall ranges – 3,000 mm to 5,000 mm on the windward side – 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm on the leeward side
  12. 12. The Official Steps To Enter Business Registrar of Companies Office for Reservation of Company/Business name/s Investment Fiji for Foreign Investment Registration (FIRC) Registrar of Companies for Registration of Company/Business Name(s) Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority for Registration of Tax and VAT Department of Immigration for Work Permit Reserve Bank of Fiji for the Issue of Shares Local Town /City Councils for Business License to operate in the respective area. Fiji National Provident Fund for registration of the workers
  13. 13. Ways To Enter The Market • WHOLLY OWNED – A spa can be provided to Fiji tourist
  14. 14. The Do's & Don's While Doing Business • Dress appropriately – Business dress is informal – such as an open-necked, short-sleeve shirt – except when meeting with Government Ministers and officials, in which case a tie may be worn. • Mind our mannerisms – Be aware of your body language. Standing with hands on hips is a sign of anger or arrogance. Indigenous Fijians don’t like to be touched on the head. Pointing to a person when talking is deemed rude.
  15. 15. The Do's & Don's While Doing Business • Use correct titles when addressing people – Some indigenous Fijians have the title ‘Ratu’ (men) or ‘Adi’ (women) to signify chiefly status. It is important to use these titles when addressing such people. • Develop a strong rapport – Fijians, by their nature, are very polite and respectful. They will not ask questions in case they are seen to be rude or offensive. It is important to develop strong business relationships.
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis : Country • STRENGH – Become tourists attraction – Low currency – Have hundreds of island in Fiji itself – Rich in natural resources – low cost of living
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis : Country • WEAKNESSES – Small size of country – Majority people live in moderates
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis : Country • OPPORTUNITIES – Increasing number of tourism by years
  19. 19. SWOT Analysis : Country • THREATS – Cyclones are a major weather concern. – Floods. Particularly in Nadi.
  20. 20. SWOT Analysis : The Product • STRENGTH – Zarraz products was 100% made from natural resources without chemical material. – Have Great Manufaturing Practices certificate. – A complete skin care set which is suitable for all skin types. – Zarraz product has combines elements of ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy and anti-aging treatment. – Have a high level of competitive advantage than other competitor.
  21. 21. SWOT Analysis : The Product • WEAKNESSES – The price is expensive as the raw material is imported from high currency country. – The price of Zarra Paramedical product would be expensive in Fiji. – Intense rivalry in skin care product industry.
  22. 22. SWOT Analysis : The Product • OPPORTUNITIES – Women and men are still finding a skin care product that is safe to be used. – Skin care product has become the communities need regardless of age. – Development of internet marketing
  23. 23. SWOT Analysis : The Product • THREAT – Cost of raw material will increase by years.
  24. 24. Marketing Strategy & Promotion • Price: – If Zarra Paramedical want to penetrate the market in Fiji, Zarra Paramedical need to capture economies of scale to promote cheaper spa services than its future competitive in the Fiji. • Product: – Use colours more natural to attract foreign tourists as well as locals in Fiji itself. • Place: – Yasawa • Promotions – Internet Marketing, Flyers & Booklets.
  25. 25. CONCLUSION • DO NOT ENTER THE MARKET – catastrophe – Product price
  26. 26. thank you