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  1. 1. Company A Company B Company C Company A Company B Company C Will organic traffic make up for the loss of paid clicks? No. Paid Organic ?STOP Time Incremental Clicks Impact of Search Advertising. For full study, go to Company A Company B Company C Company A Company B Company C Organic clicks rise, but only slightly. Not enough to recover the lost paid clicks. 89%Average Lost Clicks Paid search traffic is incremental to organic Thinking search ads aren’t necessary when organic presence is high? Think again. Google observed what happened to organic clicks when paid search ads were paused in over 400 accounts. Using a statistical model, we estimated the incremental clicks attributable to search ads for each advertiser. Clicks Clicks Time Company A Website For some terms, users can find their way to a company’s website by clicking on organic or paid links. Organic Organic Paid Before ads are paused, traffic comes from both paid and organic listings. When there are no ads, clicks on organic rise slightly, but not enough to make up for lost paid traffic. On average, 89% of paid traffic to an advertiser’s site is lost and not recovered by organic clicks. What happens in the absence of paid ads? Average lost by industry: 94% Classifieds and Local 93% Healthcare 93% Business and Industrial Markets 90% Technology 89% Food and Beverages 88% Consumer Packaged Goods 88% Finance 88% Automotive 87% Retail