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Business Planning Forecasting Software Online | Anamind


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Planamind is a business planning and forecasting analytics software which helps, organizations build business planning and forecasting capability.

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Business Planning Forecasting Software Online | Anamind

  1. 1. Features  and  Func,onality   PLANAMIND  
  2. 2. ABOUT US SOFTWARE     ANALYTICS   TRAINING   Anamind  is  a  planning  and  forecas>ng  analy>cs  company  which  helps,  organiza>ons  build  business  planning   and  forecas>ng  capability.  With  simplicity  at  the  core  of  approach  Anamind  offers  a  world  class  planning   system,  process-­‐consul>ng,  outsourcing  services  and  training  for  business  planning  func>on.     Professionals  in  the  team  have  over  50  years  of  work  experience  in  planning  and  forecas>ng  with  the  top   corporates  across  the  world  such  as  Apple,  HewleQ  Packard,  Goodyear  etc.       We  have  undying  passion  for  planning  &  forecas>ng.  We  solve  related  problems  to  help  our  clients  achieve   desired  business  results.  Our  team  loca>ons  are  in  India  and  USA.
  3. 3. A cloud based software that provides powerful statistical forecast and brings out meaningful insights for a business. It further helps in reducing inventory and improving the customer service level. ABOUT PLANAMIND •  EASY to use system that is guaranteed to simplify your forecasting process •  Creates POWERFUL accurate forecasts with award winning Forecast Pro statistical methods •  Integrates INSIGHTFUL Business Intelligence reporting platform •  Facilitates online cross functional COLLABORATIVE forecasting process
  4. 4. PLANAMIND SOLUTION Forecast/Demand Sta>s>cal  baseline  Forecast   from  Planamind   Sales  /  Opera>ons  constraining   Final  Forecast  Genera>on   FG Requirement Finished  Good  requirement   calcula>on   Safety  Stock  calcula>on   Stock  imbalance  reports   Demand Sensing Customizable  Business   intelligence  reports  for  demand   sensing   Production Plan Raw  Material  Planning   Safety  Stock  calcula>on   Production Report Supply  Imbalance  reports   Produc>on     External Incremental  Data  Upload   External Opening  Stock  Data   Open  Order   Transit  Stock   External Opening  Stock   Safety  Stock   Transit  Stock   Lead  Time    
  5. 5. KEY FEATURES DESIGNED  BY  THE  PRACTIONERS  FOR  THE  PRACTIONERS   Powerful   Models   Data   Cleansing   Team   Collabora;on   Business   Analysis   Business   Intelligence   15+  Sta>s>cal   Methods   Best  model  pick  by     Expert  Selec>on   New  Product   Forecas>ng   Outlier   Correc>on   Events  Marking   Business   Overrides   Cross  Func>onal   Collabora>on   Role  based  Mul>-­‐ user  access   Hierarchy   Flipping   Unit  Conversion   Customized   Interac>ve   Dashboard   Business  Intelligence   Repor>ng  
  6. 6. PLANAMIND SCREEN Role  based  access   Time  based  planning  cycle   assistance     Historical  data  view   Easy  hierarchy   flipping  and  model   changes   Cross  func;onal   collabora;on  &   consensus  planning   YoY  and  Sequen>al   growth  tracking   UNIQUE   UNIQUE   Easy  data  Load   Inbuilt  quick   reports  
  8. 8. FORECAST METHODOLOGY Planamind  uses  the  highly  regarded  Forecast  Pro  sta>s>cal  methods  for  forecas>ng.  Namely  the  following  models  are   used  by  the  system.   Forecast   Pro   outperformed   all   other   soaware   entrants   in   the   M3   Forecas>ng   Compe>>on   by   aQaining   the   lowest   percent   error.   M3   is   the   largest   forecas>ng   compe>>on   sponsored   by   the   pres>gious   Interna>onal   Journal   of   Forecas>ng  (IJF)       •  Expert  Selec>on  (“best  pick”)   •  Exponen>al  smoothing  (12  models)   •  Box-­‐Jenkins  (ARIMA)   •  Croston’s  intermiQent  demand  model   •  Forecast  by  analogy  (“New  Product”)   •  BoQom-­‐up  &  top-­‐down     •  Event  models   •  Low-­‐volume  models   •  Curve  fikng   •  Straight  line   •  Moving  averages   •  Same  as  last  year   •  Percentage  growth   •  Outlier  detec>on  &  correc>on  
  9. 9. •  We  use  the  cloud  service  providers  that  are  used  by  government  departments  and  banks,  both   of  which  require  highest  levels  of  security  (namely,  go4hos>ng  or  microsoa  azure)   •  Cloud  service  providers  have  all  the  required  ISO  cer>fica>on   •  Cloud  service  providers  have  >er  3  data  centers  with  N+1  redundancy   •  Cloud  service  providers  are  commiQed  to  99.95%  of  system  availability     •  Cloud  service  providers  ensure  highest  levels  of  physical  and  virtual  security  environment   •  URLs  have  SSL  security  layer  with  HTTPS   DATA SECURITY
  10. 10. TESTIMONIALS SNIPPETS With Planamind, you get interactive dashboards and highly actionable business intelligence reports. The platform lets you do what you want with your data and present them in professional- looking charts during your presentation – FinancesOnline   ‪We have seen a reduced MAPE in Planamind vs Our existing Forecasted numbers. ‪In addition we have received BI reports and web access for our Sales team for their inputs, thereby getting them involved in the process of Demand Planning as a Bottoms up approach - Relaxo Footwear We were impressed with the flexibility of forecasting at different hierarchy levels and aggregate or disaggregate with such ease. We are sure that this will help us improve forecast accuracy and efficiency – Hewlett Packard
  11. 11. NCC  Urban  Windsor,  4th  Floor,  Interna>onal  Airport  Road,  Bangalore  560064,  India   YOU  THANK   ANAMIND  BUSINESS  CONSULTING  PVT  LTD   +91  97399  AMIND