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  1. 1. Form of Present Perfect I have done my homeworkSubj.+ have / has + past part. + compl.I WeYou TheyHe The peopleShe EveryoneIt
  2. 2. N e g aI haven’t done my homework. tSubj.+ auxil. + past part. + compl. i Haven’t /hasn’t v e f o r m
  3. 3. I n t ehave you done your homework? r f rauxil. + Subj. + past part. + compl. o o(Have/has) r g m a t i v e
  4. 4. Present Perfectuses Experiences Verb Tense used to discuss experiences in the past and completed events and actions up to and including the present time
  5. 5. Three Main Uses of Present Perfect Use 1 Something that started in the past and still true nowExamples:
  6. 6. Three Uses of Present Perfect Use 2 Indefinite past action(time unspecified, unstated, or unknown)Examples: ?
  7. 7. Three Uses of Present Perfect Use 3 Repeated past actionExamples:
  8. 8. Past ParticiplesWhat is a past participle? For regular past tense verbs, the –ed form: liked, walked, worked, talked For irregular past verbs, memorize:been, seen, had, eaten, shown, written
  9. 9. Key words for present perfect Already = (adv.) before nowI have already finished my homework.Not yet = (adv.) not before nowScientists have not yet discovered a cure.
  10. 10. Key words for present perfect Never = (adv.) not at any timein the past, including nowI have never seensuch a beautiful sunset! Ever = (adv.) at any time, including the present** Used only in questionsHave you ever ridden a horse?
  11. 11.  With two verbs (auxiliary and main verb), place the adverb between themI have never eaten raw fish.
  12. 12. Key words for present perfect Before = at some time in the past behind the present timeI have been to Las Vegas before. Several times, many times, a few times, a couple of times, a lot of times = for indefinite or repeated past actions