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Phonetic sounds i


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Phonetic sounds i

  1. 1. Álbum de fotografías por Anabel Future probability Mrs. Anabel Montes - English teacher
  2. 2. This is found in the word tea. The lips are spread and the sound is long Pure vowels usually come in pairs consisting of long and short sounds : /i://i:/ Examples:Examples: • Beef • Tea • Cream • Me
  3. 3. This is found in the word hip. The lips are slightly spread and the sound is short /I//I/ Examples:Examples: • Ship • Mill • Hill • ship
  4. 4. EXERCISE a. Pronounce these words and write them in the correct place:
  5. 5. /I/ /i:/
  6. 6. b. Write 4 new words with the sounds of class: /I/ /i:/