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Marine animals


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Published in: Education
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Marine animals

  1. 1. Mrs. Anabel Montes - English teacher
  2. 2. Octopus
  3. 3. Jelly fish
  4. 4. Sea horse
  5. 5. Dolphin
  6. 6. Shark
  7. 7. Whale
  8. 8. Exercises 1. Unscramble: a)hawle : b)oldhipn : c)ctoopus : d)esa rshoe: e)eljly isfh: f)arshk :
  9. 9. 2. Complete: a.Wh_l_ b.S_ _ h_rs_ c.D_lph_n d._ct_p_s e.J_ll_ f_sh f.Sh_rk