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  1. 1. Research Title - Mobile CommerceAuthor – Anamika PundirResearch Id – ICBT 368
  2. 2. M-commerce, or Mobile Commerce, is the nextgeneration of E-Commerce.This allows the buying and selling of goods throughwireless hand-held devices such as mobile phones andPDA’s.
  4. 4. HISTORYBorn in 1997 when 2 mobile phones enabled Coca Colavending machines were installed in Finland relying onSMS messaging to send payment instructions.1998 – first digital content sales as downloadableringtones in Finland1999 – first national commercial platforms using m-payment systems – Smart Money in the Philippines & I-Mode mobile internet platform by NTT DoCoMo Japan
  5. 5. WORKINGM-commerce is enabledby using the mobilephone to access theInternet to surf for andmake purchases - justlike e-commerce.This means that youneed to use WAP-enabled mobile phones.WAP, of WirelessApplication Protocol, isa technology that allowsmobile handsets toconnect to the Internetand read specifically-coded pages (coded inwml, rather than thehtml of normal webpages).
  6. 6. Payment Mechanism Software Electronic Coins ( money in file format ) Hardware Electronic Coins ( money on smart card ) Background Account
  7. 7. USE OF MOBILE DEVICE & MOBILE COMMERCE (in various departments )PRODUCTION FINANCE MARKETING HUMAN RESOURCEOrder place Bank Alerts Advertising Vacancies IntimationOrder Intimations of due dates Customer Check onConfirmation Relationship employeesCheck Status Updating from Various Free Assistance Provide Departments InformationOrder Review SMS Alerts Various Offers & Meeting Calls SchemesProblem Reminders Reminders Task DetailsIntimationInventory Updates Progress Report/Market Target Status Performance Reports Review
  8. 8. Common Uses Mobile Ticketing Mobile Vouchers & Coupons Content Purchase and Delivery Location-Based services Information Services Mobile Banking Mobile Brokerage Auctions Mobile Shopping Mobile Marketing and Advertising Mobile Entertainment
  9. 9. USES OF MOBILE COMMERCE Mobile AccountingMOBILE BANKING Mobile Brokerage Mobile Financial Information Mobile Gaming Download of Music and Ring TonesMOBILE ENTERTAINMENT Download of Videos and Digital Images Location-based Entertainment Services Current Affairs (Financial, Sport and other News)MOBILE INFORMATION SERVICES Travel Information Tracking Services (Persons and Objects) Mobile Search Engines and Directories Mobile Couponing Direct (context-sensitive) MarketingMOBILE MARKETING Organization of Events Mobile NewslettersMOBILE SHOPPING Mobile Purchasing of Goods and Services Public Transport Sport- and Cultural EventsMOBILE TICKETING Traffic Mobile Parking Remote Diagnosis and Maintenance of VehiclesTELEMATIC SERVICES Navigation Services Vehicle Tracking and Theft Protection Emergency Services
  10. 10. APPLICATIONS OF M COMMERCE B2C BUSINESS TO CONSUMERAPPLICATION Advertisement of product Promotion of product Store location Information & Extended packaging Coupons & other scheme Recall Catalogue B2B BUSINESS TO BUSINESS APPLICATION Business Proposal Ordering Delivery Confirmation Stock control Supply chain information
  11. 11. C2B CUSTOMER TO BUSINESS APPLICATION This category includes individuals who sell products and services to organizations For example; is a Web site on which a consumer can post his bio-data for the services he can offer. Any business organization that is interested in deploying the services of the consumer can contact him and then employ him, if suitable. province of large companies. Elance was one of the first web sites to offer this type of transactions. It allows sellers to advertise their skills and prospective buyers to advertise projects. Similar sites such as Peopleperhour and Guru work on the same basis. C2C CUSTOMER TO CUSTOMER APPLICATION The C2C model involves transaction between consumers. Here, a consumer sells directly to another consumer. In case of E-MOBILE COMMERCE eBay and are common examples of online auction Web sites For Example Mr. X has a laptop and he want to sell it then he use his
  12. 12. M-Commerce Services Portal Services Entertainment Services Financial Services E-Tailing Services Directory Services Information Services Distribution Services Monitoring Services Social Services Security Services: Emergency Services: Micropayment Services Access Services
  14. 14. EASY Simple connectivity Flexible accessibility Location based sale Easy Internationalization of product ( No language problem) Online tracing Location based marketing Recall / Reminder User friendly
  15. 15. EFFECTIVE Time efficient Personalization Strong relationship Convenience Direct Sell Customer satisfaction Instant messages (solution giving) Accessibility (24*7) Environment friendly (no paper wastage)
  16. 16. ECONOMIC Eliminate third party cost Prompt payment Low development cost More business opportunities Competitive edge Online services ( assistant to customer) Unlimited shelf / place for products Low operating cost (international market)
  18. 18. HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYMobile boarding passesMobile bar-code hotel room activationMobile payments for on-site chargesReal time weather update on arrivalMobile valet serviceMobile airport pick-upsDiscount couponsReservation confirmationInquiriesSpecial weekend events or offers announcement
  19. 19. BANKING INDUSTRY Mobile Accounting Mobile Brokerage Mobile Financial Information Branches and ATM locations Helpline and emergency contact Information on the completion status
  20. 20. RETAIL INDUSTRY Advertising & Promotion Store Location In-store Navigation Comparison Shopping Information & Extended Packaging Authentication Payment Coupons Catalogue Shopping
  21. 21. M-COMMERCE NEWS The mobile phone, using a technology called Near field communication (NFC), communicates with a device in the bus and the amount is debited from your bank account. Bharti Airtel launched prepaid cash cards in India, the Airtel Money service. The service, which allows customers to use their mobile phones to make payments, is now available in Gurgaon and Airtel plans to launch it across the country. Approximately 72 per cent of the world’s population is estimated to be “unbanked”. The mobile phone, which is becoming ubiquitous even in the developing countries, offers an excellent platform to take banking to them. Eko, a mobile banking technology provider, has tied up with SBI and ICICI banks. It helps people create a bank account and perform basic transactions at local Kirana shops.
  22. 22. HURDLES IN M-COMMERCE Security Issue No Physical Experience Small Screen Technical Issues Non Friendly User Limited Graphics Legal Formalities Changing Technology
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONMobile phones have a higher penetration rate than theInternet in India and majority of the population are readyto accept m-commerce in a big way.The mobile penetration is at ten times of the PCpenetration and is expected to become 1 bn by 2014.In India, Mobile Commerce is still in the developmentphase as the use of mobile phones for carrying outtransactions is very limited.Security and knowledge are the key word for successToday mobile phones have become a powerful real-time tool to expand the reach of your business, improveyour communications, and maximize profits.It is a dual A concept – Anywhere & Anytime. So thefuture of M-commerce is very bright in India ascustomer save time and money both .
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  25. 25. THANK YOU