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role of media in society


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role of media in society

  1. 1. ROLE OF MEDIA IN SOCIETY By- Anamika pandey
  2. 2. Introduction • The word “media” is the plural of medium. • In the world of today, media  as necessary as food and clothing. . Media is considered as "mirror" of the modern society
  3. 3. Media is in charge of: 1. Information 2. Education 3. Entertainment 4. Advertising 5. Correlation of parts of society
  4. 4. What can media change?  Our knowledge.  Our behavior.  Our attitude.  Our emotions.  Our political views.
  5. 5. Importance of media  * The word global village has been given to the world just because of media.  * Prevent society from isolation.  * Popular tool of communication.
  6. 6. Strength of media  Ability to bring the change both on a social and government level is the most powerful strength of media in any society,
  7. 7. Impact of media on society  POSITIVE IMPACT  Global village  Easy trade  Keep us updated  Provide information  Watchdog  Mirror of society  NAGATIVE IMPACT  News for sale  Cyber crimes  False Advertisements  Etc
  8. 8. Our responsibility  We should seriously think about the revolutionary changes in the media and work for the improvement and better future of this sector.