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Question tags & echo questions


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Question tags & echo questions

  2. 2. Use question tags to check your info is right. It’s really warm, isn’t it? We are going to wait for him, aren’t we? It was a great time, wasn’t it? Terry lives near here, doesn’t he? We had a good time, didn’t we? You have been to Paris, haven’t you? You can’t come with us, can you? You won’t be late, will you?
  3. 3. Special cases Let’s start, shall we? Pass me the salt, will you? I’m late, aren’t I?
  4. 4. American English • They simply use right. You’ve already been to Paris, right? It’s cold in there, right? You wouldn’t do that, right?
  5. 5. Echo questions • To show interest or surprise. I got a full mark in my last test. Oh! Did you? I’m going to Turkey this summer Are you? That’s great They live in this enormous house in right in the centre. Do they?!
  6. 6. YOUR TURN
  7. 7. Practise responding with echo questions. Add follow up questions 1. Paul didn’t pass his exam again Oh, didn’t he? Is he going to try again? 2. Jane’s going to Morocco next spring. 3. Her brother’s a famous sportsman. 4. I couldn’t do the exercise. 5. They live in a tiny flat with their 5 children. 6. She had a bad fall when she went skiing. 7. The postman hasn’t been here yet. 8. It’s the biggest waterfall in the world.
  8. 8. Add a question tag to these sentences. React with a short answer to show you agree or with an echo question to show your surprise and disagreement. A: Men are more worried about their appearance than women, aren’t they? B: Yes, they are (agreement) Are they?! (surprise, disagreement) 1 Men and women can do most jobs equally well. 2 Women are safer drivers than men. 3 Men have a better sense of directions than women. 4 Men and women have different standards about housework: 5 Women need to talk more than men do. 6 When sthg is missing, it tends to be a woman who finds it.