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S.George Legend


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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S.George Legend

  2. 2. Narrator: Once upon a time there was a village wherethe entire villagers were afraid because of a big dragon.One day the King and Queen were in the castle.
  3. 3. Queen : I can seeKing: What’s something behindthat noise? the wall!
  4. 4. Queen: Look It’s adragon! Narrator: The dragon is big and green. It has got a big mouth and lots of teeth. It isn’t very happy.
  5. 5. KING: I want to fight it, QUEEN: but my back hurts. Go and KING: fight it! I want tofight it but QUEEN: Go and fight it! my back hurts
  6. 6. The knight: I’ve got my sword., Ive got my horse, I want to fight the dragon!Narrator: This is Roy. He is a knight!
  7. 7. Villager 1: Open the door! Villager 2:Hurray Roy!
  8. 8. Meanwhile...
  9. 9. knight: Where am I?Narrator: Ten minutes later, Roy rides back to thecastle. He isn’t very happy.
  10. 10. Female knight : Im not afraid, Ive got my bow and arrows, I want to fight the dragon!!Villager 4: Hurray Jill! VILLAGER 3: Open the door! Narrator : This is Jill, She is a female knight too!
  11. 11. Jill : I want togo to bed now! Narrator: Five minutes later Jill run back to the Castle..
  12. 12. Queen: Look at the dragon. It’s very angry Narrator: The king and Queen are afraid. The knights are afraid.
  13. 13. Narrator: But Princess Cloe isn’t afraid. She goes to the kitchen..
  14. 14. The cook: Yes, Here Princess you are.Cloe: Can Ihave a big knife, please?
  15. 15. Princess Cloe: Open the door!Narrator: Princess Cloe goes to the door. The king and Queen were really afraid…
  16. 16. King: Comeback, Princess Cloe!!
  17. 17. Princess Cloe: Oh! Save me!!Narrator: The dragon looked at Princess Cloe. It opened its big mouth. Cloe can see lots and lots of teeth. And then.. Suddenly appear a strong and handsome knight with a long lance.
  18. 18. Villager 5: Look ! He is astrong Knight, is Saint George!
  19. 19. Villager 7:Long liveSaint George! Narrator: Saint George killed the dragon with a lance. The blood of the dragon turned into roses. Saint George gave one of the roses to the Princess as a sign of love… Everyone was very happy.