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I love impartiality.International Women's Day


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The story of American Orchestras and Women
Orchestrating impartiality, innovating in auditions
Lucky ideas, the "clickety-clack" of high heels a Homage to Women in Music and Women Conductors

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I love impartiality.International Women's Day

  1. 1. I impartiality Women´ Happy Women´s day to all women and men who believe in equality International Women’s Day March 8 th 2010 Ana Maria Llopis March 8th 2010
  2. 2. I impartiality I will tell you the story, not so well known as it should be, of Innovation in the American Orchestras and the key lucky idea on how more women started to be admitted Ana Maria Llopis March 8th 2010
  3. 3. I impartiality In the 70s the % of women musicians in the American orchestras was between 5-10% and relatively stable with no significant progress , this surprised some members of the Boston orchestra considering the growing number of available women graduates well educated in music that did not pass the initial orchestra screening auditions. Was there a gender bias?
  4. 4. I impartiality In their route towards democratizing the selection process, they had a lucky idea: it was thought that since music appreciation is mainly listening and not watching, if a blind selection process could be made, we would eliminate this gender bias that could be causing discrimination. Thus the jury would not be able to know the gender/identity of the candidates behind a blind screen, and would decide purely on listening to the music sound of them playing.
  5. 5. I impartiality What do you think happened ? EUREKA you got it: Women started to enter orchestras like crazy first Boston then Chicago, Philadelphia and the rest followed at the beginning women entering share was around 30% and finally closer to 50% for new hires A historical research study of this phenomena in eleven Orchestras was done in 1999 and published in 2000 by Goldin and Rouse (Harvard and Princeton respectively) Claudia Goldin y Cecilia Rouse (Harvard and Princeton Universities)
  6. 6. I impartiality
  7. 7. I impartiality
  8. 8. I impartiality The Results proved significant differences when first exercises were behind a blind screen “Among musicians who auditioned in both blind and non-blind auditions, about 28.6 percent of female musicians and 20.2 percent of male musicians advanced from the preliminary to the final round in blind auditions. When preliminary audits were not blind, only 19.3 percent of the women advanced, along with 22.5 percent of the men. Using data from the audition records, the researchers found that blind auditions increased the probability that a woman would advance from preliminary rounds by 50 percent. The likelihood of a woman's ultimate percent. selection is increased several fold, although the competition is extremely fold difficult and the chance of success still low” Marilyn Marks Princeton weekly Bulletin
  9. 9. I impartiality The Anecdote of the "clickety- "clickety-clack" of high heels EUREKA I found the source, I had heard the anecdote but was not sure of its veracity Anecdote: In some instances if candidates were wearing high heels Anecdote: they were asked to remove them because of their sound while walking. Hence gender could be identified and anonymity destroyed for first audits Source: Florence Nelson American Federation of Musicians. Flute Source: and piccolo player at major orchestras “I remember being told in the 1980s to remove my shoes while walking to center stage behind a screen, so the judges would not hear the "clickety-clack" of a woman's high heels.” from Marilyn Marks
  10. 10. I impartiality Mary Astrop the first woman Conductor of a major Orchestra. Maestro of Baltimore orchestra 2005 It is important to see how more women are Directing orchestras. “The 50-year-old Alsop is not the first woman to conduct a major orchestra. Before her were Nadia Boulanger and Antonia Brico in the 1930s; Sarah Caldwell, Iona Brown, and Jane Glover in the 1970s; and beginning in the 1980s Sian Edwards. But on September 28, when she gives the downbeat for John Adams' Fearful Symmetries, she will inaugurate her first season as the first woman ever appointed music director of a major American orchestra. In June 2005. from Dale Keiger Johns Hopkins magazine Her appointment to the role of maestro in one of the world's top orchestras means she has broken through what has traditionally been a male preserve. But it has not been without opposition from some of those who will be working under her. When it became clear she was going to be appointed, a statement from the musicians said a "vast majority" wanted the search to continue. “ From Oliver Conway BBC
  11. 11. I impartiality The Venezuelan Natalia Luis- Bassa was named July Luis- 2009 professor of Orchestra Direction of the prestigious Royal College of Music in London. London. She is 42 and comes form Maestro José Antonio Abreu’s School of young musicians who has revolutionized massive musical education producing some of the best Conductors of the world. Photo From facebook Her Blog
  12. 12. I impartiality The American Cuban born Tania León one of today's most relevant music figure. She is a composer and figure. conductor. conductor. Most recently directed Dance Brazil, 2009 Chicago Sinfonietta, 2008, 2008, Purchase Symphony Orchestra, 2008 Orquesta Sinfonica de Asturias, Spain. 2006 Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, ND, 2005 Spain. Fargo- "Samarkand". Soyinka. "Samarkand". Multi media production with Wole Soyinka. Shaw LA. Center for the Performing Arts, Baton Rouge, LA., 2005 "Shangri La". La". Opera by Susie Ibarra, Her honors include the New York Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Honorary Doctorate degrees from Colgate University, Oberlin College. 2007, and Purchase College. In 2007, The New York City Council presented a Proclamation to Ms. León for her personal achievements. Ms. achievements. León has been Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University, Visiting Professor at Yale University, the University of Michigan, the University of Kansas, Purchase College and the Musikschule in Hamburg. Hamburg. In 2000 she was named the Claire and Leonard Tow Professor in Music at Brooklyn College, and Distinguished Professor 2006. of the City University of New York since 2006. Her site
  13. 13. I impartiality The Community Women’s Orchestra now in its Orchestra, 25th season, is an all volunteer, all female orchestra. The orchestra provides a unique opportunity for women musicians to play seldom-performed works seldom- by women musicians while giving Bay Area musicians, audiences a rare opportunity to attend performances of those works.
  14. 14. I impartiality Spanish Conductor Inma Shara one of the youngest of the World. From her site
  15. 15. I impartiality Innovation in Music equality= Orchestrating Impartiality ALL these orchestras in the 70s where innovating doing innovating, things differently “out of the box“ from what was the usual out way. They had a lucky idea that worked, with the blind screen auditions they changed the World of Orchestras towards equality. The World should learn from them Orchestrating impartiality gives women the opportunity to succeed and this can happen n most fields . Help orchestrate impartiality in your countries, your markets, your institutions, your lives and not just in music, help construct those blind screen equivalents that will bring discrimination and bias barriers down
  16. 16. I impartiality What´ What´s equality? My definition: To be equal. But we men and women are not equal. However when we talk about women equality we mean equal rights and equal opportunities to develop our projects, our professional careers our personal lives and our dreams without additional barriers than those encountered by men. Thesaurus Definition similarity, balance; egalitarianism Definition: Synonyms: Synonyms: adequation, civil rights, commensurateness, coordination, correspondence, equal opportunity, equitability, equilibrium, equipoise, equivalence, evenness, fair play, fair practice, fair shake, fairness, homology, identity, impartiality, isonomy, likeness, par, parallelism, parity, sameness, tolerance, uniformity
  17. 17. I impartiality What´ What´s impartiality? My definition : To be impartial, not being biased. Eliminating the barriers whether conscious or unconscious, the cultural, economic, image barriers as well Thesaurus Definition evenhandedness Definition: Synonyms: Synonyms equality, fairness, justice, neutrality, probity In our story of orchestrating impartiality, Music can be judged blindly and that helped
  18. 18. I impartiality Who can be impartial? We all can and must, we just have to make an extra effort and realize when our stereotypes start working subconsciously in order to stop them Everyone, we All, Yes we can
  19. 19. I impartiality Where can musicians come from? Everywhere, The World, they are Global Universal men and women Music students Dah Kyung Kim Alondra de la Parra Founder of the Philharmonic USA California Orchestra of the Americas . Mexican
  20. 20. I impartiality How orchestras impartiality was created? By means of implanting anonymity for the first rounds of the audition process. Anonymity has proven a fundamental rule to abolish discrimination. The blind screen provided for the needed anonymity and resulted in a spectacular 30-40% of women new entrees
  21. 21. I impartiality Where did women enter ? Everywhere in most American orchestras, achieving in the 90s (20 years) after the innovative change was originated by the lucky idea 40% of share , 4 in 10 in most of them 1 2 3 4
  22. 22. I impartiality go- ideas make the World go-around And are a great help at Women's International Day Everybody needs ideas and innovation specially on women's discrimination. Help build impartiality lets all orchestrate impartiality in our working and living space. Be creative and innovative give it some thought. From very many ideas, big ideas surface out of the box they are box, usually disruptive enough to change the World.
  23. 23. I impartiality, and you ? Why not send your Impartiality greeting to the World, sharing one of your women impartiality ideas with all. We would all thank you for it
  24. 24. I ideas In the age where music is everywhere and relevant, the age of collective collaboration, wikis, open innovation, social networks, be part of the Wisdom of Crowds & the Global Brain Come and share your ideas on impartiality in Send the World impartiality ideas you will love them too
  25. 25. I impartiality and you? Happy women’s day to you ideators of the world and to impartiality ideas ideas ,ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas , ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, Thank you for your ideas, ideas , ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas attention and ideas ideas