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I Love Ideas


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I Love Ideas

  1. 1. I ideas Happy Valentine´s day to them Valentine´
  2. 2. I ideas I really love them, so with my team, I have created a place to share them. It is our dream: ideas4all Ana María Llopis February 14th 2010
  3. 3. I ideas, and you ? Why not send your Valentine greeting to the World, sharing one of your ideas with all. We would all thank you for it
  4. 4. I ideas What´ What´s an idea? Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity. An opinion, a conviction or principle, a notion; a fancy. Thesaurus
  5. 5. I ideas What´s an idea? Philosophy • In the philosophy of Plato an archetype of Plato, which a corresponding being in phenomenal reality is an imperfect replica. • b. In the philosophy of Kant a concept of Kant, reason that is transcendent but non- empirical. • c. In the philosophy of Hegel absolute truth; Hegel, the complete and ultimate product of reason. Thesaurus
  6. 6. I ideas Who can have or has ideas? Everyone, we All, Yes we can
  7. 7. I ideas Where can ideas come from? Everywhere, The World, they are Global
  8. 8. I ideas How are ideas created? Most likely in collaboration with others and after very hard work from our brains to connect and join things, images, sounds, concepts, feelings together from pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which seems like floating in the cognitive space
  9. 9. I ideas Where do people have ideas ? In most common places and usually after waking up, in the alpha state and being relaxed In Bed Taking a shower In the bathroom Driving, jogging
  10. 10. I ideas What is the “alpha state” ? The alpha state of mind is one of the 4 different wave frequency states of the brain. Discovered by Hans Berger in 1920, the alpha corresponds to a state of mind of relaxation and receptiveness that enhances creativity and imagination. It helps the interconnection, focus and awareness of thoughts, images and concepts and the joining up the puzzle for the birth of ideas Creativity Imagination ideas
  11. 11. I ideas Do you think your ideas are wasted ? Most people do Research conducted by TNS in 2008 for ideas4all indicated that people think their ideas are wasted during their lifetime. They don’t have the time to execute them, implement them, or where to share them with others. And if such a space, site existed they would come to post and share them with the World Ideas are wasted in your life 85% You would share them online 75% waste
  12. 12. I ideas ideas make the World go-around go- And are a great help at crisis times Everybody needs ideas and innovation at economic crisis waves. It is ideas that make the world go around not money. Ideas of others . inspire always and make you build on them or create new ideas. We need many many ideas to filter the most effective and efficient ones to solve problems, progress in culture, music, art technology, education, equality, to improve products and services, and make them less expensive. From very many ideas, big ideas surface out of the box they are usually disruptive enough to box, change the World.
  13. 13. I ideas In the age of collective collaboration, wikis, open innovation, social networks, be part of the Wisdom of Crowds & the Global Brain Come share your ideas in Send the World your Valentine idea you will love them too
  14. 14. I ideas, and you? Happy Valentine´s day to you ideators of the world and to ideas ideas ,ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas , ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, Thank you for your ideas, ideas , ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas attention and ideas ideas