Dracula Baennelin Erika


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Dracula Baennelin Erika

  1. 1. vampire
  2. 4. Born in 1428 in the city of transilvana Sighisoara (Romania), is the eldest son and the princess Cineajina a cruel prince, Vlad Draculea II, aka "Vlad the Great." There are different theories of the name Dracula, which said it was "vautizado" For the people of their land, those appalled by his actions, described as the son of the devil, Dracula can mean devil or dragon and the suffix that ea means son of the devil
  3. 6. castillo de dracula Castle Brasov in the Carpathian Mountains, which remains challenging but Vlad did not spend much time on it.
  4. 8. Dracula, the vampire from Transylvania, has plagued the world's imagination for nearly one hundred years. However, men sucking blood, which has emerged as awful boss, remained always lurking within the European legends from the ninth century.
  5. 10. This noble prominent fangs emerged from the shadows by the year 1897, thanks to the novel Dracula, the Irish author Bram Stoker. And it seems that Stoker based his character in an evil tyrant Romanian real and demonic, named Vlad. Vlad because of Empalador The nickname was also known as Draculaea, which in Romanian means son of the devil.
  6. 12. mordedura de vampiro Vlad ruled Walachia, belonging to Romania at present, from 1452 to 1462. It is said that in those ten years executed 40,000 people empalándolas long stakes. No one was free of his brutal sadism: prisoners captured in wars with the invading Turks, in his own court nobles, priests and people even revered.
  7. 14. Somewhere lies Transylvania Dracula, the monster, sleeping in his coffin and saving to fall overnight. As contact with the sun would cause death almost certainly remain in the dark in its satin-lined box that takes initial registered . chamber of the vampire
  8. 16. As you can see in the mirror reflects the image of Dracula Legend's image could not be reflected in a mirror.
  9. 18. Finally, before the rays of his great enemy, the sun, announced the new day, is quick to return to the security guard and his coffin was asleep while the cycle starts .
  10. 20. There’s rumour of a few Dracula films circulating at the moment, but Universal’s ‘Dracula Year Zero’ sounds the most interesting, and it’s just got ‘I Robot’ director Alex Proyas enlisted to helm the project.
  11. 21. end of the story of Dracula (vampire)