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  1. 1. MICRO-TEACHING __2_ I. DESCRIPTION LEVEL: Advanced TOPIC: The need for solidarity DATE: 29/04/ 2012 TIME: 15 minutesII. AIMS MAIN AIMS: Read the text “the need for solidarity” and express their point of view about it. PERSONAL AIMS: learn vocabulary and learn to be solidary people.PROCEDURES STAGE ACTIVITIES TIMING  The teacher introduces San Suu Kyi. PRE 5  Teacher asks students what solidarity is for them.  The teacher organizes students in three groups to give each one a reading “the need for solidarity”. WHILE 5  The teacher gives each group a photocopy to answer some questions about the reading.  The teacher says to students to write the principal ideas about the reading on the notebook and they read them. POST 5  The teacher organizes students in of U shape to play the game tingo tango in order to answer questions.